The Sun and Moon of House Lyon 9

Lancelot, Arthur, and the other Knights of the Round Table were watching on helplessly as Cordelia cried herself into an exhausted sleep. They watched Enys, Alma, and Ula stare at one another and shake their heads sadly.

Emogen was near tears herself and Lancelot found himself to be fighting the instinct to protect his very pregnant mate and wife from the demons that were hunting her. Unfortunately, this hunter, this demon, was something he could not fight. Cordelia, herself, was the only on who could fight this particular demon-her own internal fears.

Enys, with her hand on her lower back to help alleviate the pressure that her own six and a half month old child was putting on her, stood up straight and said, "There is nothing we can do, Arthur. The stress her body is under is from her own consciousness. Only she can make this danger pass. But, if she continues much longer…"

There Lady Enys Tranquil of the House of Wolfe stopped, bit her lip, and ended in a voice reserved for her station as Senior Lady of Medicine, "…she WILL lose the baby, and this time-it'll be her fault."

Lancelot bit his lip and glanced at his best friend. Arthur's naturally olive toned skin was pasty white and his eyes seemed larger than normal. His friend was deathly afraid for his wife and unborn child. Lancelot was so mad! He wanted to DO something for his friend, but he was unable too.

Galahad growled and asked roughly, "Isn't there ANYTHING you all or Merlin can do to help her?"

Ula glared at him and replied hotly, "No! Only Delia can help herself now. The problem is she doesn't believe she is safe in her dreams. She's afraid of the Bishop that lives in her dreams, even though she KNOWS he's dead in real life!"

As Emogen waddled up to him, he leaned down to pick her up, and she said softly yet everyone heard her easily, "Cordelia's problem is that she doesn't know if she'll be a good mother. She failed to protect her first child, and she's afraid that if this child is removed from her body, she'll fail again. So…"

Merlin's voice, from behind them all, ended somberly, "So she's putting a strain on her body attempting to, subconsciously, keep the baby within her womb. The problem here is, she has reached nine months already. Actually, if you want to be specific about it, nine months was a week ago. The baby is straining to get out, and she's straining to keep him or her in. It's not supposed to work that way, but I guess the WILL of a truly scared and protective mother is stronger than nature it seems. Arthur, you HAVE to make her understand that the danger she thought she was in has long passed. She HAS protected her child this time. You have to make her understand that she didn't fail! Also, if she continues this plan of hers, she and the babe WILL DIE."

Lancelot turned to the others. Their horrified faces, matched his own he was sure. He gently shifted his sleeping wife in his arms and said softly, but commandingly, "Let's leave Arthur and Delia alone. They have enough to worry about without us all here crowding their chambers. I know we all want to be here to support her, but I think she'll feel better if we come to her one at a time to offer our support."

Arthur threw him and grateful smile and silently the Knights exited the royal chambers. Merlin went in the opposite direction back towards the Great Hall. Lancelot smiled. He and the other Dukes were holding court today in their stead because of the current situation.

As he entered his own chambers and placed Emogen in their bed, he placed his large skilled-in-the-art-of-war hands over his children. He couldn't even comprehend how it would feel to be in Arthur's position. He NEVER wanted to find out either. This was a type of torture he would never wish upon any of his enemies-INCLUDING the Saxons (Cerdic of Cynric) or Huns!

He sat down and sighed. It is like Merlin said; Cordelia doesn't want to fail her child and she's protecting it the best she can by keeping the baby inside her own body. But, the child is ready to live on it's own, how are we going to reassure her enough to let the birthing process? She's made it to the ninth month with a healthy child. WHAT IS SHE SO AFRAID OF?

He sighed again only this time in exhaustion. He lay down next to his wife and thought as he fell asleep Never again will all FIVE of them be pregnant at the same time! NEVER, my promise to God!

He shot up into a sitting position and blinked stupidly at the tapestry-covered wall. He did it again. He spoke of the Christian God as his own-like Arthur. He shook his head. Since he had been doing that more and more lately, he'd think about the ramifications of all the religious stuff later. Right now, he just wanted to sleep for the next five months.

"AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!" shrieked a voice. The very echoes of the voice made Lancelot and Emogen jump out of their bed and onto the floor. Luckily, Emogen was able to catch herself on her hands and knees. Lancelot was not so lucky. He crashed into the stone floor –face first. They rushed to the door just in time to hear a painful scream cut through the castle halls again.

Emogen gasped and exclaimed as she waddled as fast as she could down the hall, "CORDELIA!"

Lancelot paled and rushed to his wife's side and together they raced to the royal chambers. They met the others there at Arthur and Cordelia's door. Lancelot swung open the door and they saw Cordelia sitting up and red faced. Arthur was standing at her side fretting like an over-grown chicken with it's head cut off.

The Ladies of Camelot rushed into action. As Vanora grabbed as many blankets as she could find, Fulucina and Alma started to push the men outside the door.

"What's happen'?" demanded Bors.

Alma looked at him in disbelief and then turned to Vanora.

"What's he talking about? He's got eleven children…he should know all about this by now!"

Vanora rolled her blue eyes and said as she shut the door in the Knights' faces, "They were always gone when I gave birth. They don't know about this part. Oh sure, they know academically about labor and stuff, but they've never witnessed the pain of one, I believe."

The Knights stared at one another with wide eyes and white faces. The scream that emerged from Cordelia was one that would forever scar their hearts and minds. That couldn't be apart of birthing-it just couldn't be!

Emogen, who had rushed to her cousin and Arthur's side, gently removed Arthur's hand from Cordelia's and said loudly, "Arthur! Leave the birthing to us. Go outside and wait."

He stared sightlessly at her and she sighed.

"Lancelot!" she screamed.

Immediately the door burst open and her savior was there with wide eyes searching for any dangers.

Lancelot saw his wife's smile and knew everything was fine. She pushed Arthur forward uselessly and said, "Can you remove him please? He's not being of any help to us, and we need the room to work."

Lancelot sighed in relief and automatically moved to forcefully move his friend. When they were once again in the hallway, Fulucina slammed the door on them and said shortly, "And stay there!"

The Knights stared at one another helplessly as the screaming started once again.

Inside the royal chambers, Emogen sat at her cousin's side and gently patted her cousin's warmed brow. Her face was red with the exertion she was using to push her child out, and her hair was matted down by sweat. Her eyes though, that was what amazed her the most. Cordelia's face showed determination and love.

"Cordy, what happened in between the time we left and your screams?" she asked softly as the screaming died down and Cordelia relaxed against her pillows.

Cordelia looked into her cousin's eyes and said, "For the first time since my nightmares started Emmy, I listened to my husband. I know the Bishop's dead, but in my heart he was always there, in my dreams, to kill my baby. At first the dreams were about Etain, my first, but as the eighth month moved into the ninth month, the baby changed to this one. I reacted on instinct. I wanted to protect him so badly, that I forced myself to slow my entire body down. To me, it seemed as only a week or two had passed, but truthfully a full month had passed."

Then her eyes filled up with tears, "I nearly killed him in my attempt to save him Emmy, I…I don't think I can do this!"

Emogen hugged her tightly to her and said strongly, "Yes, you can! You have to! This babe depends on YOU, Cordelia, you! You can't fail him. I know you won't. You love him to much to fail him."

Cordelia smiled at her and her eyes grew determined again as Vanora and Enys came to stand at the end of the bed ready to take the child as he was pushed out of his mother's womb.

Enys smiled at her friend and said as Vanora knelt down, "Since I'm to big to be doing any kneeling, Vanny here will be doing so under my commands. Don't you worry, this little Princeling will be here in no time!"

Cordelia smiled at their attempts to cheer her up and said as another contraction hit her, "Let's get this over wITTTTTTHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The Knights literally jumped out of their skin when they heard the screaming again.

Arthur, as well, jumped out of his stupor, and exclaimed, "Cordelia!"

Lancelot grabbed his shoulder and said fiercely as his friend and King tried to open the door, "You can't go in there, Arthur! She'll be fine! They will not let her OR the babe die!"

Hours later, Lancelot had to bite his lip again as the screaming from the royal chambers reached an all knew crescendo. Cordelia sounded like she was dying in the most awful way imaginable-and as shocking as it sounded to him-he couldn't even think up such a torture device!

The Knights watched worriedly as Arthur paced up and down the hallway in front of his chambers. They had been there for hours when the door burst open and revealed Fulucina and Alma. Both looked a bit disheveled and flushed. They heard Enys and Emogen's voices inside the room blending together, "Get more warm water and towels!" "Push just once more Delia, you can do this!" And then Cordelia's pain filled scream of, "I AM PUSHING! AAAAAHHHHH!"

As the door slammed shut, Fulucina said, "Don't worry Arthur, all is going fine. Both baby and mother are healthy and well."

Galahad looked even paler than Arthur did earlier and asked a bit shakily, "Are all births like this?"

Alma turned to him and said reassuringly, "Oh no, no two pregnancies are the same."

Then she added with a smirk as they rushed to the storage rooms below them, "Sometimes, they can last for days!"

Galahad blanched and 'gracefully' (more like fainted) fell to the floor. Then the screaming started again. It was so loud; it jolted Galahad from his blackout. It was so loud this time; they could hear ever little word Cordelia said, "THAT MAN IS NEVER TOUCHING ME EVER AGAIN! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THIS TO ME! I'LL KILL HIM! NO, I'LL CUT OFF HIS MANHOOD AND DISEMBOWLE HIM! GREAT GODDESS….THIS FCKING HURTS!"

Arthur and the other Knights winced as a servant came up to him and said cheerfully, "Ah, all is going well then? Shall I inform the staff that the new prince or princess is coming, My King?"

The Knights spun around in shock. Out of the corner of his eye, Lancelot caught Tristran mumbling to himself and slapping himself on the head. Despite the situation, he had to laugh quietly at the scout. Tristran had been so focused on his friends and leaders that he had totally ignored to outside world. What a scout they had!

There before them was an older female servant. She was holding a basket full of vegetables ready for the kitchens and smiling warmly at them all.

Gawain said, "Woman, how is this all right? The Queen's in pain!"

The woman frowned at them and said, "Well of course she is, My Lords, she's in labor."

Tristran said, "But all women have to do is push, how hard is that? Why is it so painful to them?"

The old lady stared at them in shock. Then she shook her head and mumbled to herself. Lancelot was luckily enough to be close enough to hear her, "Of course, the bloody boys were always away when a birthing occurred. I bet they've never seen or heard a birthing."

"Lady," he began charmingly, "while we know how the birthing happens, we do not know all the intricacies, apparently. Tell us, why do women experience such pain?"

The woman smiled at him and said with a flattered tone, "Oh, well it's quite simple. It's like trying to push one of your saddled bags through a whole the size of two nail tops. It's quite painful, but that's women's lot in life."

A tiny voice piped in tartly as Fulucina and Alma rushed back into the rooms, "Then what's men's lot in life?"

Before they doors closed, Fulucina ordered shortly, "Caoimhe and Dierdre found us in the storage rooms, and followed us. We did not have time to take her to Lady Sera. You watch them."

Lancelot couldn't help but smile as the old woman's eyes widened in panic for a split second before they calmed and she said smoothly with challenging eyes in his and the other Knights' direction, "Their eyebrows grow together."

The Knights' withheld their chuckles in their throats and the twins crossed their arms and said, "We're not lettin' no boys touch us, EVER!"

Bors beamed at them and said, "Good girls! I knew you two were smart!"

Lancelot winced at Bors' choice of words. To be truthful, ALL the Knights winced. Sometimes, Bors just doesn't get it. Thought Lancelot as the twins frowned darkly at their father and stomped down harshly on his booted, soft leather booted, feet. The Knights, including Arthur this time, burst out laughing as Bors yelped in pain and began to hop around on his feet alternating them to this hands to comfort them and to the floor so as not to trip. To Lancelot, Bors looked like he was attempting to dance one of the Pict ritual dances, and failing horribly, or should I say hilariously?

Caoimhe glared at her father and started, "And you da! How dare you put mummy through this kinda pain! Not ONCE, not TWICE, not even THREE times! Nooo, you had to do it ELEVEN TIMES!"

Lancelot watched Bors freeze at his daughter's words. The other Knights did too. Dierdre continued with a superior look and crossed arms, "Shame on you daddy! You're lucky mummy isn't dead!"

Lancelot shook his head as Bors shakily lowered himself to the ground and said in a whisper, "You're right, Vanny has done this eleven times. And I never knew the pain she went through. She was alone all those times."

The old woman barked a laugh and said sharply to the twins, "Now you listen here little Ladies, it isn't all ye da's fault ye mum ended up birthin' eleven babes. She had a hand in it too. But, any woman would gladly go through the pain to hold and see the child born from her body. It's all a part of life, children. Now, come, I'll take ye to Lady Sera."

She curtsied to the Knights and said, "I'll be takin' my leave, My Lords. I'll also be tellin' the staff about the heir."

Then she was gone. But the Knights didn't hear her. They were all thinking about their own wives and the pain they will have to endure in the future. Lancelot most of all since his twins were due in two weeks, at the most! As the time stretched on, Lancelot's brows furrowed. Something was missing.

Then he realized, "Arthur, Cordelia's not screaming anymore…"

As Arthur shot to his feet in panic, the door opened to reveal a tired but proud and awed Vanora. In her arms, wrapped in a soft blue blanket, was a tiny head with thin black hairs and red skin.

As she handed the baby to Arthur she said, "Say hello to your new son, Prince Mordwen Pendragon Camelot, of the House of Camelot, My King. Queen Cordelia named him as you agreed."

Lancelot smiled as his godson was held lovingly in his brother's arms. He almost laughed when he realized that this was the first time Arthur had ever held a baby as young as the newly born Mordwen, and when he did realize what he was doing-he'd panic. But to his surprise, Arthur didn't panic.

He simply held his son and said, "Hello, my son. I'm your father, Arthur."

Arthur tilted Mordwen slightly towards him and said just as softly, "This is your Godfather, Lancelot. He and I will teach you all you need to know, I promise."

Vanora smiled, snorted, snatched the baby away as skillfully as they worked their weapons, and said, "Yes, well Mordwen needs to be fed and then he needs to sleep. So, Arthur, Cordelia is awaitin' ya, get in here!"

She spun around and walked back to the bed where the Knights could see Cordelia sitting up propped against the large headboard. She smiled serenely as Emogen ran her hands gently through her locks of sweaty black hair.

As Arthur handed his son back to Cordelia, they watched as the new mother pulled down her shift to reveal a plump white breast. Mordwen snatched it up quickly and the Lords and Ladies of Camelot smiled. It was touching.

Lancelot walked forward, placed a kiss upon Cordelia's crow, and said, "He's beautiful my queen."

Cordelia's sapphire eyes shimmered with happy tears as she placed a kiss upon his cheek and said in a whisper, "Thank you."

He nodded and said, "As much as I want to be here…"

Enys turned to him and said with her hands planted on her hips, "Yes, you had best take Emmy back to her bed. She is exhausted since she had to support Delia. I'll be by to check on her in a hour or so."

Lancelot nodded and gently picked up his sleeping wife. As he left Arthur said, "Wait, I'll come with you, Lancelot."

Lancelot waited by the doors. When Arthur reached his side, he said, "I must speak with you about something. We can do this in your study."

He nodded and watched Arthur close his chamber door. He sighed. The picturesque scene with all the Knights kissing Cordelia's brow would be forever seared into his memories. It just seemed like the best thing to do with such a memory.

When they reached his chambers, Arthur gladly opened the large oak door and waved Lancelot, with Emogen still in his arms, through first. Lancelot smiled and nodded at him. Very quickly, Lancelot had his wife settled. He smiled at her pale visage and kissed her lips softly. Emogen sighed and shifted slightly to get into the bed deeper.

Lancelot turned back to his friend and waved him to another door. Once through, Arthur saw the dark oak of Lancelot's Study.

When they were seated, Lancelot asked, "Well, what is it you wanted to ask me?"

Lancelot watched Arthur take a deep breath and said, "I want you to go back to Sarmatia Lancelot."

Lancelot felt his mouth drop open as he stared at his friend in disbelief. Before he could get mad and rage at him, Arthur interrupted with an ease that spoke of just how much experience he has had doing this, "I want you to go back to see your family. You did promise them that you would return, Lancelot. I've never known you to break your word for any reason. Somehow, someway, you ALWAYS keep your promises. I, I just don't want you to break this one. Especially, when I know you still DO want to go and see them."

Lancelot felt his rage be extinguished as he listened to his friend's reason. It was true, he DID want to go back and see his family. But, Emogen could not travel now, and he wasn't sure about leaving the position of Knight Commander to his Pict second-Godrerik. The younger blond man was always flirting with his wife AND he wanted to have the glory of battle to quickly to safely protect himself and the army in battle. He didn't trust him to hold the position for three months by himself, let alone the near year he would need to travel to Sarmatia, stay for a while to visit, and travel back home to Briton, alone.

Lancelot sighed and explained this to his friend. Lancelot watched as Arthur thought about his words, and saw his eyes darken at his analysis of Godrerik. It was true that he had been placed into the position because Merkin wanted to have a Pict loyal to him in a place of power, but he craved the taste of blood to much to be an effective Knight Commander.

Arthur sighed, nodded, and said softly, "You're right Lancelot. I just hate to be the reason you have broken your word to your family."

Lancelot shrugged and said easily, "Arthur, they probably think I'm dead anyways because I should have been there nearly a year ago. Sure, I'd like to go and see them; to tell them that I'm alive and well at least. But, the honest truth is, this is my home now. You, Emmy, the other Knights, you're my family now. I wouldn't trade any of you for all the gold or freedom in the world."

Arthur smiled brightly at him, gave him a hug, and as they left the Study through a second door that lead into the Lyon Hall, exclaimed happily, "I'm a daddy!"

Lancelot laughed loudly and cried back as his friend vanished around a corner, "Go to bed you old Cad!"

Arthur's resounding laugh was his only reply.

Lancelot smiled to himself as he thought it's been two weeks since Cordy gave birth to Mordwen. The Kingdom's been celebrating non- stop since then, November 6, 469AD. I think we've played host to a total of hundreds if not thousands of Britons, Scots, Gauls, and Saxons in these last two weeks.

A slight groan of pain caught his attention and he turned to Emogen sitting on their bed. Her face was flushed and screwed up in pain.

"Are you all right Emmy? Should I get Enys?"

Emogen glared at him and said, "For the last time, I'M FINE! The one on the left is just very active and he or she is kicking and pushing against me harder than normal."

Lancelot gulped and raised his hands in defeat. He shook his head and grumbled softly, "I was just asking, good Lord."

His eyes screwed together as he exhaled and thought to himself from the window where he was sitting staring out into the clear Briton dawn, She's gotten worst as the time for our twins birth draws nearer. I know it's not her fault, but I worry. I can't help it! FOCUS LANCELOT! You need to come to terms with this religion thing. So, do I. or do I not believe in God? Or is it that I DO believe that SOMEONE is up there, but I'm just not sure it's God and have just placed the title of God on to that divine person? Or perhaps, I do believe in him after all thanks to Arthur and his lectures of how good and attentive God is? Or, I don't and I just say these words because I've heard them so long that I've come to mimic them in times of great distress? Oh, I really don't know! But…I suppose if I were to be honest with myself, I do truly believe in someone up there. I'm just not sure if it is God, the Goddess and the Green-Horned Man, or the Gods of Sarmatia…and another thing, can I still pray to the Sarmatian Gods if I no longer consider myself Sarmatian? I did renounce that heritage more than a year and a half ago…okay, so whoever is up there certainly isn't the Gods of Sarmatia. At least I've scratched them off my list. So, is it God or the Goddess…the problem here is, I believe in both of them, I think. And they are so different that, that is a conflict, but at the same time they are similar in philosophy. I JUST DON'T KNOW!

Emogen groaned even louder this time and whimpered, "Lance…get Enys…my water just broke."

Lancelot looked at her wide-eyed not comprehending what she had just said. He distantly saw her roll her eyes and shout, "LANCE WAKE UP!"

He blinked and said in a daze, "Enys…right…water…broken…okay."

He stumbled out of their rooms and into the Hall of Lyon where his family's Coat of Arms, a lion ready to pounce with his jaws wide open in a roar with two identical swords crossed behind it, could be seen engraved into the very stonewalls of the castle. Emogen's screech of pain jolted him out of his stupor. He took off in a flash.

When he reached Galahad's and Enys' rooms, he pounded on the door and again distantly thought I hope she's awake, it is awfully early.

A few minutes later, and to him that seemed eternally long, the door opened and Galahad's disheveled appearance was revealed.

He rubbed his eyes and said darkly, "You have better have a good reason for waking me and Enys up at four bloody o'clock in the bloody morning."

Lancelot glared at him and said loudly, so Enys could hear him as well, "It is, Emmy's water just broke!"

"WHAT?" shouted Enys' in a slightly worried tone as she waddled up to him in her light blue night gown.

He nodded and said, "Emmy's water broke. She sent me to tell you this."

Enys let loose a string of explicit words that made even they, the battle hardened Knights of the Round Table, flush in embarrassment, and said shortly, "Go wake up the others Lancelot. Tell Vanora to bring as many warm towels as she find and Fulucina to grab a needle and thread from my Healing Chambers."

Lancelot blinked at her in confusion. She sighed and said as she pulled on a cover robe, "She's in labor…a bloody month early!"

He paled and raced away.

Galahad paled as well, but he quickly helped his wife to Lancelot and Emogen's chambers and said as they reached the Lady of Peace's side, "What can I do?"

His wife looked at him and said, "Help her to get comfortable. Lean her up against as many pillows as you can before she starts to complain to badly."

Galahad nodded and smiled tightly at Emogen as he helped her into a sitting position. She smiled back, but her smile was filled with fear.

Galahad placed a kiss upon her brow and said softly as the other Ladies of Healing, Ula and Alma, and the other Knights arrived, "It'll be all right."

She smiled bravely at him and nodded. Within minutes, Vanora and Fulucina arrived with Lancelot right behind them, and Alma was forcefully removing them all from his chambers.

"But…" he protested.

Alma gave him a hard stare with her brown eyes, so like his own, and said flat out, "You cannot be in there with her Lancelot. Enys, Ula, and I might have to remove the babes from her womb ourselves because she is very early. You being there will be a large distraction we cannot have."

Then her voice softened as she ended by closing the door, "Don't worry, she and the twins will survive, I promise."

Lancelot found himself staring at the door, and said to himself as he flung himself at Arthur, "I'm afraid that's one promise you can't keep, Alma…only Emmy has that power."

Arthur gave him a hug and said, "Emmy, is strong. I bet she'll deliver your babies naturally and all will be well."

Lancelot gave him an exasperated look and said wistfully, "I wish I had your faith Arthur! If I have it, perhaps I won't be so pessimistic?"

The others didn't know what to say to that, he saw, so they did all they could: smile and sit with him to show their support and loyalty to him.

From behind the door, a loud wail was heard along with the words "I'M GOING TO BLOODY FCKING KILL HIM! IIIIIIIEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!"

Lancelot cleared his throat nervously as the others chuckled a bit and Bors said uselessly, "Well, if she's that loud, all must be well, right?"

Lancelot just smiled sarcastically at him and waited for the next round of screams that would reassure him that his wife was fine. But all they heard, for a long time, was silence. Not exactly silence, but more mutterings to be precise. It was all meshed together because they were so far away and had to listen through a large, thick oak door.


"PUSH EMOGEN!" shouted Cordelia's supportive voice.


Then they heard Enys' voice, "Come on! I can see the head!"



"I have her!" Came Enys' happy voice through the door.

The Knights all jumped to the feet in shock and fear as a loud wail reached them all through the door and walls, like it was trying to reach the very heavens themselves, "WWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Lancelot swayed as Arthur hugged him and said, "You have a daughter Lancelot!"

"A daughter…" he whispered in a dazed, awed, happy tone.

Lancelot was so deliriously happy that he started to dance a jig he had learned from some visiting Scots a week earlier. He even went around his fellow Knights and friends and gave them each a big kiss upon the lips. The Knights growled at him, but they didn't have the heart to yell at him. Even the stoic Tristran couldn't. Even he had a large smile on his face because he was happy for his friend and attempting not to burst out laughing at Lancelot's actions.

"Come on Emmy, just one more time!" shouted Cordelia supportively making them all quiet down and listen anxiously yet excitedly.

They heard a soft murmur that sounded tired and weary. It made the Knights' happy feelings crumble because it sounded so different from Emogen's normal tone of voice. Lancelot bit his lip and stared at the door worriedly.

Ula's voice was heard next followed by Vanora's, "You can do this Emmy!" "She's right lass, and just think, you'll have another child to hold when you're done!"

"Okay." Exclaimed Enys proudly as she added, "Now, PUSH!"


"I can see the head! Come on! Just ONCE MORE and you're done Emmy!" encouraged Fulucina excitedly.

There was a chocking laugh and then….

"GET THIS BABY OUTTA ME RIGHT NOW!" roared Emogen much to the shock of the Knights. This was something they had not expected from their Lady of Peace. Lancelot grinned. His wife was perfectly fine.



"It's another girl!" exclaimed Ula happily as his rooms became a flurry of voices and cries of happiness. Lancelot couldn't stop grinning, as interspersed with the Ladies voices', baby wails could be heard.

After many long and difficult minutes-nearly an hour he was sure!-, the door opened to reveal Fulucina and Vanora each holding a baby wrapped in warm soft woolen pink blankets.

Vanora offered the child in her arms first, "Lancelot, meet your eldest daughter, Lady Erlina Lyon of the House of Lyon."

Lancelot gulped as his arms cradled the tiny life he had help to create with the love of his life, his wife.

He leaned down and kissed her still reddish tinged head and said as her tiny black hairs tickled his lips, "Hello my Erlina, my princess. I am Lancelot, your father. I've been waiting eagerly for you and your sister to arrive, you know."

His eldest daughter simply cuddled into his chest and continued to sleep on. He smiled.

Fulucina added as she handed him his second daughter, "And this is Lady Enid Lyon of the House Lyon, My Lord."

Lancelot roughly had to swallow the sudden lump in his throat. It suddenly didn't matter to him that he didn't get the son he had wanted. By just holding these two treasures, all his dreams flooded his thoughts, and he smiled largely as the dream with Emogen and a pixie-like girl appeared. Only this time, another identical pixie-like girl was added into the dream. His daughters; his princess and little emerald. He gasped as Enid twisted slightly in his hold, and her tiny foot lightly thumped his chest. She had to be the acrobat that Emogen had been complaining about during the last few months. He chuckled. He knew he'd have long talks with her already about the right time to be active and the wrong time to be. When you are outside dancing-Good. When you're inside your mummy-Bad.

He cleared his throat again and said, "Hello, Little Enid, like I told your sister, I've been waiting to meet you both. My emerald, I'll have to fight the boys off with swords of the strongest steel-I can already see it. You both will be the Sun and Moon of this entire Kingdom."

As Arthur came to his side, he said, "And, this man beside me is your Godfather and King, Arthur. He's also my best friend and your uncle…you two will have so much more than I had, my loves. This I promise…"

He stopped and asked, "May I go in?"

Vanora and Fulucina smiled and nodded. Quickly, Lancelot, with the other following close behind, entered his chambers and found Emogen already asleep with Cordelia running her hand through her thick black curly sweaty locks.

"How…?" he asked fearfully.

Enys smiled up at him and said, "She is fine. Erlina and Enid are too. Emmy fed them before Van and Cina brought them out to you. They'll all sleep for a few hours before the twins will be in need to another feeding. For now, just get to know your daughters, Lance."

With that she placed a kiss upon Emmy's forehead and one upon his cheek. She lovingly caressed the babies she had helped to birth and walked into Galahad's embrace. The others did much the same, but Arthur and Cordelia also placed kisses upon his daughters' foreheads.

Lancelot smiled as he heard Arthur say, "You will be our Kingdom's Sun and Moon. I know you will be to your family-this includes me as well Little Ones."

He smiled at them. His daughters-that sounded so nice! He couldn't get over how proud he was of them and they weren't even an hour old yet.

When the others cleared their chambers, Emogen asked, "Are they gone?"

He laughed slightly and said, "Yeah, they are."

"Good, I thought they'd never leave. No offence to them, but…I want time alone with our little ones." Hastily added Emogen as she tiredly sat up.

He smiled at her in understanding and handed Enid over to her.

When he settled into the bed beside her, she leaned lovingly into his open side and said, "Can you believe it? They're here! We're parents, Lance!"

As they gazed lovingly at their children, Lancelot said rather than asked in a voice full of emotion, "They'll be the very sun and moon to us, won't they?"

Emogen smiled, nodded at him, and echoed strongly, "Yes, they'll be the Sun and Moon of House Lyon!"

He smiled-It fit.

It's FINISHED! If you want to know what Arthur said to Cordelia-tough! I'm not writing it. Perhaps, in the far future, I might. But that'll be after all the other fics are finished. Cordelia's birth was long because of her trauma. Emogen's was faster because she wasn't forcing her body to do anything but what it was made to do. Plus, she is one of those women that give birth quickly-LUCKY!

The next story is called Reunion and deals with some Sarmatian visitors to Camelot's doors. The Knights will once again be in the crossfire of emotions that they'd rather stay far away from but knowing their luck (or me as the case may be!) they'll be right smack in the middle!