To let the readers know Jin can speak fluent English. Chapter 1

"Charlie," shouted Claire, "I need help Aaron is ill." Charlie ran over after talking to Sun of why she was talking to Sawyer. Charlie ran over to Claire and took a look at Aaron. Charlie yelled at the top of his lungs, " Someone get Jack, Aaron is passed out." Jack heard the call and rushed over to aid the young child. As he ran passed Sawyer and Kate, talking, he asked the to maintain the button.

Sawyer looked at him with a glare, " Can't you see were busy!" Jack rolled his eyes and ran off to the need of Claire. Sawyer and Kate redressed and hurried to the scene as well.

Jack noticed and exclaimed, "What about the button?"

Sawyer sassed, " Jack you go screw with the button."

Jack angrily, " I am busy and you have to push the button or we could all die."

Jack calmly stated to Claire, " Don't worry, Aaron is just sleeping and is cold because he needs a blanket."

Sawyer with a smirk in his eye, " Well wake him up. Hey thing WAKE UP!."

Aaron with a screeching cry angrily wakes up.

"Sawyer, now look what you've done!" screamed the angry crowd.

"Well I make every ones fucking day don't I."

" Hey Freckles, you aren't mad at me so let's go somewhere quiet."

"Oh Sawyer you know how to make a girl feel special don't you," she sassed back.

"Damn right, I do because I fucking practiced. Should we tell everyone about are little waterfall, baby?"

"What am I your play toy? You pretty much throw me around anyway."

Sawyer pissed, " Fine then you missed a perfect chance to have sex. Maybe Ana Lucia will have sex with me?"

"Sawyer you know I like Jack better so I am his girl." Replied Ana Lucia.

"Fine I will go find a vibrating doll." Stated Sawyer.

"Sawyer don' t be like that. You know we can't tell anyone about the waterfall because it is our little secret. Aaron is kind of upset and I want to help settle him down."

"Oh all right Belle of the Ball but don't be expecting to much from me now."

Jack questioned, " What did Sun tell you?"

Sawyer with his dimply smile stated, " Oh that. She needed a pregnancy test."

Everyone, "WHAT?"

"Well a week ago her and I hit it off and ever since she has been feeling a little different than her usual self," Sawyer explained, "Oops, her and Jin hit it off."

"Well then I guess we will have a new addition to our Jungle family!" shouted Claire.

"Well me and Sun decided if we wanted a family we might as well start now because we aren't getting off the island any time soon," remarked Jin felling uncomfortable to the statement before.

Kate pulled Sawyer to take him to the hatch for the button. The pasted the ones maintaining the baby as they left the shore.