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Chapter 8

"Kate, why haven't you told anyone that you are pregnant yet? You're going to start to show and the jackass might be able to help you."

"Sawyer, I told you I don't want anyone to know for as long as possible. Besides if any one gets suspicious we will tell them."

"No, we have to tell them."

"Sawyer, I am the one who will have to give birth to it, so as long as possible it will be kept a secret."

Sawyer just stared at Kate wonder why she just went off. Hormones.

"Ok, but I don't like the fucking idea."

Later at the caves

"Sawyer I didn't expect to see you here."

Jack said walking up behind Sawyer as he filled his and Kate's and his water bottles.

"Hi ya, Doc," quieter "Jackass."

"Sawyer don't be rude."

"Sorry Dr. Jackass. So what are you doing here?"

"I believe the real question is what are you doing here?"

Wasn't it obvious?

"Well if it is any of your business I am filling up water bottles, and I came here to think about a few fucking retarded things."

"What kind of things?"

"No that isn't any of your fucking business."

Jack left the caves like the nice person he is and he headed to the beach. Sawyer sat on a rock and started to think about the problems that he is facing out loud.

"Why did I have sex with her, oh wait, because she is so fucking sexy. Then, why did she have to get pregnant? Oh well nothing we can do about it now. How are we going to tell everyone, I mean there is already a baby, Aaron, Sun is having a baby soon, and now Kate and I have one."

As Sawyer sits thinking about his dilemmas, Kate walks into the cave's entrance. She stood there looking at Sawyer waiting for him to notice her. Five minutes later he still didn't notice her so she stepped in to the caves and started talking.

"Hey Sawyer." Kate started out. " Jack said you seemed depressed or just had a lot on your mind."

"No, I just don't like the idea to have to lie to everyone about the baby."

"Sawyer you always lie. This is no different."

"I do not lie!" Sawyer said getting angry.

"Sawyer you conned people, big lie, you even lied about your name, that is a huge lie." Kate smiled because she knew she was right.

"Well fine, but we should tell everyone because then Jack would be out of your hair and wouldn't kiss you anymore because I would beat the living hell out of him."

"Sounds like someone is jealous." Kate smirked.

"Well at least I would… wait no I wouldn't, but you should have pulled away from Jack when he kissed you."

"Sawyer, I didn't mean to it just happened. When a girl first kisses someone they won't pull away because it is different from the last person you kissed. It's a girl thing."

Sawyer and Kate got up and took a walk in silence before returning to the beach, which was around dusk. When they arrived at the beach Kate went to Claire's tent to talk about what her pregnancy was like.

"Claire, so when you were pregnant did your emotions snap a lot?" Kate asked

"Yeah all the time." Claire answered back.

"Ok then that proves that I am pregnant."

"You're pregnant? How exciting." Claire said ecstatically.

"Don't tell anyone, only Sawyer and you know."

"Ok I won't."

Claire smiled at Kate who gave her a big hug for being such a good friend.

Later at the caves…

Sawyer is filling up his and Kate's canteens. Jack walks into the caves to fill up his canteen and spots Sawyer. Jack just starred at him for a moment before kneeling down and drowning his canteen under the water.

"So Sawyer…" Jack started out.

"So Doc…" Sawyer said in a mocking tone.

"How long has Kate been pregnant?"