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"Nooo!" Helena woke up screaming and lined up against the post of the bed she was sleeping in.

Helena was sweating all over, and her shirt was soaking wet. It was only a dream.

Helena got up and headed over to her bathroom, in her apartment she was living in. Helena splashed water on her face. It felt so real. Helena had taken off the wet shirt she was wearing, which was when she noticed there was blood on the shirt she had taken off. What? Blood? Why is there blood on my shirt?

Helena looked up in the mirror, that was when she saw a huge cut across her cheek. Oh god, what the hell! Helena took one of her hands and put it on the cut. How the hell did I get this? No, it can't be? It was just a dream?

Helena took her hand away from her face, she then headed back to her bedroom. She grabbed a clean shirt and put it on, she then walked over to the window and opens it.

Helena then jumped out, into the night, heading to the Clocktower.

Later Helena had arrived at the Clocktower, and was sitting with Barbara telling her everything that had happen in the dream she had that night, and showing her the cut that she had on her face, which was now bandaged up. Dinah had just walked into the room.

"What happened to your face?" Dinah said looking at Helena.

"Nothing that you need to worry about."

"I was just asking." Dinah turned and looked at Barbara, which looked at her, giving her the not-right-now kind of look. "Alright… I'll just head to school."

Dinah walked to the elevator, and stepped in.

Later that day at New Gotham High School, Dinah had fallen asleep in her fifth period class.

Dinah was on her bed, the bed that was hers when she was little, Dinah turned her head hearing a banging sound on the door. In walked Mr. Redmond with a knife in hand.


"You have been a bad girl!" Mr. Redmond yelled, walking up to Dinah, who was now off the bed and backing away.

"You must learn!" Mr. Redmond said, pinning Dinah against the wall.

"Daddy… please… no!" Dinah gasped.

She couldn't do anything as her father had a strong grip on her.

"Sorry, freak… but you need to learn!"

Mr. Redmond raised the knife, then plunged it into Dinah.

"Nooooo…!" Dinah screamed waking up.

All the students in the class had turned their heads to look at Dinah, who had fallen off her chair, and was on the ground unconscious. The students started screaming when they saw blood coming out of her stomach.

The teacher ran over to Dinah as quickly as she could. She knelt on the ground, checking her over. She turned to one of the students.

"Go call the ambulance… now!"

The student ran out of the room to call for help.

There is a bright light… Dinah heard voices.

"Dinah, Dinah can you hear me?"

Dinah couldn't tell who was calling her. She opened her eyes, but closed it again as the light was too bright for her.


Dinah felt someone gently shaking her. Dinah opened her eyes again and this time, the light was gone. Dinah saw Barbara sitting down on a chair next to the bed she was lying on. Helena was standing behind Barbara.

"Barbara…? What happened?" Dinah did not really understand. All she could remember was being in her fifth period class… and… that dream… she had… what was it?

"I should be asking you that." Barbara said, holding Dinah's hand and rubbing it.

"I really… don't know."

"I talked to your teacher, who said you had been sleeping in her class and in the middle of it you woke up screaming, and had fallen on the ground unconscious, not to mention that you were bleeding as well. Want to tell me what happened?"

"I had a dream… it was weird."

Dinah looked down and could see that her stomach was wrapped up.

"A dream?" Barbara turned around to look at Helena, and then she turned back to look at Dinah. "Do you remember what happened in your dream?"

"I was on my bed, when I was little and my foster father came in with a knife. He came up and…" Dinah started crying.

"Its okay, Dinah, you can tell me when you are ready."

Barbara placed her hand on Dinah's forehead. "Why don't you rest a little?"

Barbara could see that Dinah was getting restless.

"Okay." Dinah closed her eyes, but opened it remembering the dream. She didn't want to have something happen to her again, definitely not another dream about her foster father.

"Its okay, Dinah… just get some rest."

"I don't… want to… I don't want… to have… another…"

"You need to rest, Dinah."

"I can't." Dinah said, as she started to cry. "I don't want to… see…"

"Please… Dinah." Barbara had pushed the red button next to the bed when Dinah was not looking.

Dr. Bennett rushed in with a nurse a few minutes after Barbara had pushed the button. He assessed the situation and barked orders to the nurse to get preparation for an injection so that she could sleep.

"Barbara?" Dinah said with teary eyes.

Dinah tried to get up but Helena came over and held her down so that she couldn't get up.

"Yes?" Barbara said trying to calm Dinah down.

"Please don't let them put me back to sleep again…" Dinah said crying.

"Honey, you need that right now."

Dinah shook her head vigorously. "No… please!"

By then, a nurse had held down Dinah's left arm for the doctor to administer the jab. "Miss Dinah? I need you to relax, I can't inject when you tense up your muscle like that."

"Then don't do it…"

Barbara touched Dinah lightly on her face, moved nearer to her and made sure Dinah focused on her, all along with Helena right behind holding her down and looking as anxious as Barbara. As softly as she could, Barbara whispered into Dinah's ear…

"Dinah… look I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Please… you need to rest… this thing will help you to relax."

Dinah had relaxed a bit, which gave the doctor time to inject her.

Later Helena and Barbara were back at the Clocktower, Reese was staying with Dinah at the hospital, and he was to call them if anything was to happen. Barbara was on the Delphi and Helena was next to Barbara standing.

"I just don't get it first me, and then Dinah. Is there any kind of meta-human that has the ability to actually hurt someone in their dream?"

"Yes, there is a meta-human with that ability." Barbara said looking at the computer screen, which had just pop up. "Name… Destiny?"

"Destiny… what kind of a name is that?"

"According to her records, She had killed her family when she was young, she had been put into a mental institution ever scenes, until she escape two day ago."

"Great another insane lunatic. But way would she go after use… we didn't do anything to her."

"She could be working for someone."

"Yeah… but who?"

"So… did you do what I wanted!" said Dr. Harley walking into the room of a rundown apartment.

Destiny was sitting down at a desk looking at three pictures, one of them was face down and the other two, which had a picture of Barbara on one and Helena on the other. She looks up a Harley.

"Yes… I have done what you ask me to do."

"Good! Very good! Now the real fun is going to being!" Harley walks up to Destiny. "Now this is what I want you to do next."

Early the next morning, Dinah was released from the hospital. The doctor had told her that she needed to stay in bed and rest for another couple of days. Barbara, Helena and Dinah returned to the Clocktower and the young blonde was sent straight to bed. Barbara and Helena were at the Delphi looking for and information to where Destiny could be hiding.

Meanwhile, Dinah had fallen asleep but she was corrupted by another dream yet again.