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Chapter two

Please just tell me what is wrong

"I wonder how much it happens." Megan pondered out loud to Jazmen. They were talking over the phone.

"Are you sure he was crying Meg?" Jazmen answered. "I mean, don't you think you are going a little overboard? Everyone cries sometime right? And besides, it's been three days; I thought you'd have forgotten about it by now. But it's all you ever talk about!"

Megan frowned on her side of the phone. Jazmen just didn't understand. She was an only child. She didn't realize how much even the thought of Drake crying made her skin crawl. Older siblings are always supposed to be strong, they aren't supposed to break down. "I dunno Jazmen. I just don't understand what Drake would have to cry about."

Jazmen thought for a moment and then replied." A girl? Maybe he got dumped or something."

Megan had to scoff at this. Girls were not worth very much to Drake Parker. One night flings were his specialty. "Maybe…" she said, brushing off her friend's ridiculous answer. "Listen Jazz, I gotta go. I got homework to do. I'll talk to you later k?"

"Sure Megan." Jazmen replied worriedly. "Talk to you later." She hung up.

As soon as Megan hung up she got to work on her plan. I'm gonna find out what's wrong with you Drake! Even if you end up hating me for life. She quickly prepared her surveillance equipment; both of her brothers were at a movie. Josh was with Mindy and Drake was with his latest date. The first step to finding out what was wrong with her brother was to find out if anything was wrong at all. You better look out Drake. I'm gonna watch you like a Hawk.

"Hey Drakester,"

A man with dark brown hair and eyes that matched reached down and ruffled the head of his younger version. "Did you have a good day at Kindergarten?"

"Yes daddy." The boy answered. His mother smiled at her husband and they kissed lightly. The father looked down at the mother's protruding belly and grinned. She held her stomach in one hand and his hand in the other and the walked into the living room to cuddle. The little boy stared after them and prayed with all his might that his mommy wouldn't tell his daddy about what happened at school.

Drake Parker, even at the tender age of 6, had a thing for cute girls. Natalie, a little girl in his class, was a very cute girl. Drake liked everything about her, from the way her blond pigtails bounced when she giggled to the way that it sounded when she did. All he wanted was one little kiss. So he took it, and Natalie apparently did not enjoy it because she smacked him in the face. Drake was so stunned that before thinking he had smacked her right back. Both kindergarteners had gotten a time out and their parents notified.

Drake just didn't understand, it was only a little kiss.

The next morning Megan got out of bed early and reviewed her tape of the previous night. Nothing much seemed to happen for the first few hours. Megan had to fast forward through most of it. Josh fell asleep within the first hour, but Drake seemed restless and just tossed and turned a bit. Then every once and awhile he would sit up and write something on a piece of paper at the end of his bed, humming a bit while he did.

Halfway through the video something made Megan stop. Drake had been writing on the piece of paper when suddenly he sat up straight and his eyes got big. Megan rewound the tape and then pushed play again. A boom noise came from the hall and then came the instant replay. Drake's eyes glassed over and a tear rolled down his cheek. He lay down on his pillow and started to sob. "Why dad?" he cried out. "Why?" This disturbed Megan greatly. There was no question about it now. Something was definitely wrong with her brother.

Little Drake sat at the counter in his kitchen, coloring in his coloring book. He was putting the red crayon back in the box when the door between the kitchen and living room opened. The boy shuddered at the smiling face in the doorway. That chilling smile seemed to reach into his stomach and squeeze everything inside, tight.

"You're mother says you got into trouble at school today." Fake fatherly wisdom shone through the voice. Drake just nodded, what else could he do. His daddy strode across the kitchen and poured himself a glass of grape juice. The glass in his right hand, he passed his son on the way to the living room, and pinched his side hard with his left hand. "We'll talk about it tonight while mommy is at yoga class." And then he left to spend more time with his young wife.

Drake cringed, not only for the pain that was shooting up his side, but for the pain that he knew was sure to come.

"Get in." Drake growled at Megan. Josh had already left for school. He had some extracurricular project he needed to work on or something like that. So Drake was left with the job of driving his sister to school. Megan hopped into the driver's seat and grinned at him evilly. She knew he didn't want her in here, asking questions and digging into his past.

Silence reigned in the car for what seemed like hours. Of course Megan's school was only 10 minutes away so this was impossible. The young girl tapped the floor in front of her with her sneaker. She looked over at her brother, his face was hard and his jaw was set tight. He stared intently at the road ahead of him, as if it was his means of staying intact. Megan looked back down at her feet and then at her hands. She took a deep breath, preparing to ask the question that had been bugging her for days.


Her brother's grip on the steering wheel relaxed a bit and he seem to let out a breath of relief. "Yeah Megan?" He said.

"What was daddy like?" She dared to look over at her brother once more. He was gripping the steering wheel again, tighter than before. His knuckles had gone completely white, his face even whiter.

Snap! The belt came down on little Drake's fragile back. He whimpered in pain from where he lay sprawled out on the kitchen tile. He hated how weak he felt when his dad punished him. He hated how vulnerable he was to the searing pain.

"Why! Why was I cursed with such a stupid son?" His father screamed, and then brought down the belt again. The words burned in the little boy's heart like the stripes did on his back. "You're always making me look bad! In front of my friends, in front of the parents of the kids in your class! Your always getting into trouble!" He snapped the leather and Drake gritted his teeth.

Then the man threw his belt aside and kicked the boy a few times in the stomach for good measure. "Get to bed! NOW!" He screamed. Drake scrambled to carry his aching body up to his room, the cruel words still ringing in his ears.

"Drake? Are you gonna answer my question?" Megan looked at her brother's stony face and raised and eyebrow. Drake blinked a few times and looked back at her. "We're here Megan."

It took her a few moments to even realize that the car was stopped, much less that Drake had finally spoken. "But what about-" Megan started.

"Just get out of the car. You're gonna make me late for school." He answered. The girl just nodded and got out. She didn't even bother with pointing out that being late had never mattered to Drake before now.

"I'll pick you up after school ok." He told her, then closed the door and drove off. Megan just stood there staring at the disappearing image of the car. Great. Now I'm back where I started. She thought sullenly.

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