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Original Title: Melts Academy



Melt My Heart Away



Chapter 1: Announcement on the Wall …

It was still early but voices are already buzzing in the corridor of MELTS Academy, School for Advance Witchcraft. Girls are gathered up busily peering on the announcement posted on the Wall of the latest (Can be compared to a bulletin board but as I have said, announcement are posted on a certain wall). Some of the said girls were Haruno Sakura and her friends.

Mei Lin squealed as she read the announcement. Ino and Ten Ten clasped their hands together and squealed louder than Mei Lin. Hinata's eyes gleamed as she absorbed every word written in the front. Tomoyo and Cherry ( Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura, that'll be her nickname) were discussing the matter. Haruno Sakura on the other hand re-read the announcement.

To all students of Melts Academy,

We are informing you that tomorrow, students from different schools will be arriving in our humble place. These schools are Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Dumstrang and last but not the least, Ryokun Academy.

And due to that reason, students are required to help the teachers to prepare the school for tomorrow's special event

(The rest of the announcement followed).

Sakura smiled as she finished reading the short announcement that might be short, but was really meaningful to most, if not all.

"Yay!" Mei Lin exclaimed. "I'm so excited!"

"You surely are." Haruno Sakura said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Ei Meilin," Ino Yamanaka called her.

"What is it Ino-chan?" she dreamily asked.

The blond haired girl paused before talking. "If I'm not mistaken you have a cousin in Ryokun Academy (located somewhere in Japan) as well as in Hogwarts (I guess you got the slightest idea where this school is located). Am I right?"

"Yup! Yup! Yup!" she giddily confirmed. "Oh, and did you know that they are -"

She was immediately cut off when their friend Cherry covered her mouth to prevent her from speaking. It was as if they she was not supposed to share whatever she intended to say that time.

"Well, well, well…" Ino began. "Is there something we ought to know."

Cherry Kinomoto blushed bright magenta, unable to form a coherent response. Her ever knowing and eloquent cousin, Tomoyo Daidouji, was kind enough to help her with an answer.

"It's definitely something that will interest you my dear. But for now, we'll have to leave it to your imagination."

"Mou, no fair!" Ino piped in.

"Life is unfair after all." Was the raven haired girl's reply.

The conversations about the arrival of foreign students did not cease even when they reached dining hall. Tomoyo and Sakura did their best to prevent Mei Ling from spilling the beans. After minutes of fruitless effort, Ino gave up. Whatever it is they were hiding will have to wait for another time. Sakura Haruno enjoyed observing them having their 'It's-for-us-to-know-and-for-you-to-find-out' game.

As they began eating, Tomoyo began savoring their delectable breakfast. She daintily handled her utensils. Her and her etiquette classes during her childhood years very much apparent. Across her were Ino and Ten Ten still busy with the relentless chatter. Whatever it is they are talking about, one could care less at the moment. Hinata was sitting beside them. Still the shy, timid and quiet girl. On Sakura's right, Mei Lin was staring dreamily, her eyes looking on the ceiling. Her fork was left hanging on the air. Her food, totally forgotten.. Cherry (Let's call Sakura Kinomoto Cherry to prevent further confusion) was not around yet for she needed to get something from her room.

Teachers were roaming around to see what the students are doing. Professor Peacock (potions teacher) popped from behind (something like apparating but more silent than the usual apparating).

"Ahem!" cleared out her throat. " I think you should give that topic a rest and start eating your food." She told Ten Ten and Ino.

"Yes Professor." They stopped chatting and began eating.

Professor Peacock then approached Mei Ling and began to snap her out of her daydream.

"I don't think that fork will be pleased to leave it suspending onto mid air." She held Mei Ling's hand and placed the fork gently on the plate without producing a clatter.

Mei Ling finally acknowledged her Professor's presence.

"Hai." She nodded in agreement. She was rather embarrassed to say anything.

Professor Peacock grinned and continued walking around the table. Just as then, Cherry came with her mini computer. She sat next to her best friend, Tomoyo.

"Why are you bringing that for?" interrogated Tomoyo.

"Isn't that your computer when you're still a witchlet? I mean when we're still a witchlet." She corrected

"Yeah." She confirmed. "Is there something the matter?"

"Should you still use that?" her eyebrow furled. "You could cast spells without that thingy." She pointed out. "So why bother?"

Cherry stared at her for a while before answering. "I just found this computer very handy when I don't know what kind of spell or potion I'll need. I'm not as good as you and you know that."

Tomoyo did not protest but instead, nodded with full in understanding. Cherry also smiled knowing her friend finally understood why. They remained silent for some time until Ino broke the silence.

"How much memory capacity does our witchlet computer have?" she asked her friend.

Her friends couldn't answer her question, much to her disappointment. Lucky for her, Professor Peacock appeared out of nowhere to answer her.

"Enough memory to store all the things written in all your books in every class." She certainly said

"Hontou ni?" the girls couldn't believe what they've just heard.

"Yes." Professor Peacock confirmed.

"That's cool." Sakura (Haruno for I call Sakura Kinomoto Cherry or if not, Kura-chan. So don't be confused) couldn't help but admire.

"In such a teeny tiny computer, we could write everything in it. That was way too cool." Ino said. "Why won't we just write everything in it. Or take a photo of the pages that we need to discuss. Or create E-book copies for it." Came her suggestions

Headmistress Severina Blight wasn't far from them and she managed to overhear their conversation. She apparated (silently without any crackling noise produced. Keep saying this for the nth time already. haha) to their table.

"I think that surely is a great idea." Headmistress Blight told Ino. "But I think that's a difficult task to do." She paused for a while. "So I guess I'll convince the teachers to tell you what are the lessons they are going to discuss in advance so you could jot down the info on your computer. Of course, you can't take a picture of the book chapters to make it easier. Well, until we get to convert your books to electronic copies. We'll do a trial tomorrow. I'm sure your professor already prepared tomorrow's lessons" She finished off with a smile.

"Yippee!" the group rejoiced.

"At least we don't have to bother carrying heavy books every day!" Ino happily exclaimed.

Some students who overheard about it silently started rejociing upon hearing the good news. Some simply smiled at the thought of walking to their classes with no books slouched with them for a mini computer got today's lessons.

Headmistress Blight went back in front to formally announce the paperless trial. The crowd cheered as they heard it. Starting tomorrow , everything will change for the better.

When breakfast time was over, students grabbed their bags and headed to their first class. A fellow fifth year named Licka Drance came across Sakura's crew.

"Hi Licka!" Mei Lin cheerily greeted

Licka's light blue locks swayed as she spun around to see the person who called her name.

"Hi Mei." She greeted the ruby eyed girl. "Hi girls." She acknowledged the rest of the group's presence.

"Would you like to join us in our way to class?" asked the very modest Tomoyo.

"I would love to." she replied with a smile

Licka Drance was immediately dragged along by their group. They made their way for their flodynamics class.

"Your hair is so soft!" Ten Ten exclaimed as she tangled some strands of her light blue strands into her fingers.

"Thanks….." Licka blushed with her compliment.

As they reached their classroom, they hurriedly went to their seats as they saw that Professor Sheng waiting for them at the entrance.

Professor Sheng waited for students to settle down before conducting her classes.

"Turn your books to page 43." She ordered.

Students began flipping the pages. Professor Sheng waited for them to open their books.

"Before we start our lesson, I would like to know about our previous lessons for the past 3 months?"

Tomoyo's creamy hand shot into the air (let's compare her to brainy Her-my-own-nee…only that she's not a muggle.) before anyone else does.

"Yes Ms. Daidouji." She acknowledged her raised hand.

"For the previous months we just focused on practical floating and navigating. It's the Level 2 skill of flodynamics. We discussed the 1st level which floating/ levitation when we were on our 3rd year." She finished off with a smile.

"Well said." Professor Sheng gave her an approving nod.

The professor continued walking back and forth in front of the class.

"Why did you think we didn't proceed to the main study of this year? You're clearly aware that it's your intermediate flodynamics year but it was like we studied floating, navigating and nothing else. Who could give me a wild guess?"

No student complied immediately (Tomoyo's thinking….). It was a minute or so before someone raised her hand.

"Yes Ms. Haruno." She called her secretly thankful that it wasn't Tomoyo.

"I'm not sure if I'm right but I think, you are preparing us and making sure that we are ready for the next level in flodynamics." She said with a mixture of uncertainly.

"That is correct!" Professor Sheng beamed. "Well, we don't want to allow students to study intermediate flodynamics if they have no idea on how to float. We started our lessons with floating to make sure that they'll be able to perform the more intense level of flodynamics."

"But what if one of us couldn't perform steady floating and navigation?" asked one of the students.

"Well, if that's the case…." Professor Sheng looked around the class. "We'll be force to give a repeat subject." She told them. "But I think none of you will take one." She assured them.

Classes went on and they discussed about their Intermediate flodynamics. The next subject was Against the Dark Arts. Fifth years started to split up for their 3rd subject. Some went to ancient runes while others went to their Herbology class. The rest of the classes were cut afterwards.

They used those hours to clean and prepare the school for the incoming visitors.



Later that Evening …

"Hah…" Sakura sighed as she flopped down at her bed.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in!" Sakura said.

The door opened and revealed a lavender haired girl. "Hello Sakura. Aren't you going to have dinner?"

"I'll be there. I'll just rest a little and get changed." Sakura sat down. "Where's Cherry?"

"She's in her room. She told me that she can hardly lift a finger so she asked me to bring something for her."

"Ah, okay." She lie back to bed. "I'll be there later. Just give me sometime to rest."

Tomoyo nodded and dashed out of the room. "I'll see you later!" her voice echoed outside.

"Yeah, sure thing." Sakura murmured.

Tomorrow will surely be great….