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Melt My Heart Away



Chapter 2: The Arrival

The usually silent and deserted old castle was packed with people. It was like the time when this castle, known as Miranda Castle, was still used as the MELTS Academy for advance witchcraft.

The history of the said Academy started 400 years ago. It was during the time when magical people like them are being hunted down by the non-magical people. It was also the time when witches and wizards all over the world decided to separate themselves from the non-magical people whom are later called muggles.

Every surviving witch and wizard decided to create a world of their own. A world that wouldn't collide with the other. A world that they could call their own.

On this point of time, certain individuals namely, Mija Kirenai, Estonia Swarovski, Lucy Fairweather, Theia Shinguchi and Shunam Wang came together for a main cause. All of them wanted to found an academy like no other.

Even for the fact that they're from different races and culture, they managed to unite and work as one. And that is how M.E.L.T.S. Academy came to existence (obviously, the names are taken from the initials of their first names). The said academy became known for music as their specialty in magic (You'll know how music is use as a form of magic on my future chappies..).

"Would they be here Ms. Peacock?" Haruno Sakura interrogated.

"Any minute now.'' she told her student.

Sakura nodded her head and went back to her friends.

The high towers of the castle were filled with girls who were eager to wait for the great spectacle to unfold.

All held their breath. Any minute now...

"Hey look over there!" squealed one of the students as she pointed at something.

One by one, heads tilted towards the direction the girl pointed. All gaped in utter amazement as a carriage drawn by winged horses flew across the castle.

Another squeal was heard and students looked down to see a ship emerged from the water's surface.

Upon seeing that some of their visitors arrived, the girls began running out of the castle to take a closer look at them. They hurried off to reach the school grounds.



"I wonder," Sakura absently uttered.

Her gal friends started to looked at her. They all seemed to be curious on what she has to say.

Sakura felt all eyes were on her. She looked up. True enough, they have not broken their stared towards her.

"What?'' she asked, confused about the stares that they were giving her."Why are you staring at me like that?"

Ino was the one who answered the question for her."We heard you utter something a while go. We thought you got something interesting to say so we began looking at you."

Sakura smiled as she finally understood what the matter was all about. "Oh that," she began. "I was just thinking why the other 2 schools haven't arrived yet." she told them.

"Ah..." her friends said in unison.

Sakura continued to gaze at their teachers and the visitors who were just standing a few meters away from them. She examined the newly arrived visitors for quite some time. There she could see 16 ravishing looking ladies. And not far from them, she could clearly see a group of boys. She busied herself observing their features.

She spent her time looking at them not until Ino nudged her.


She about to snarl at her friend when her attention got diverted to what her friend, Ino, was looking at. She totally forgot her anger as she saw a bus swooped into the scene. Sakura then focused her attention towards the bus which stopped few meters away.

"I wonder what school that is.." Sakura heard Hinata muttered.

The girls waited to for the door to open. And it didn't take long until it did and people started emerging the stairs. Students wearing dark cloaks came out of the vehicle.

"Additional breed of caucasoids..." Sakura heard one of her schoolmates mutter.

Ino nudged her again. The only difference is that it didn't hurt her this time.

"Do you think that there are cute guys in there?" Ino asked.

Sakura just dropped shoulders and told her to wait and see for herself.

"You're really eager to begin your BH (boyfriend hunt)." Sakura uttered.

Ino turned to face her and asked what she just said. Sakura said nothing and reprimanded her friend to ignore her continue observing the students descending from the bus. As expected, Ino 'willingly' ignored her friend to have look for a possible boyfriend material.

"Oh my," Ino hissed to Sakura. "That guy's cute."

Sakura looked towards the direction that she was told. What she saw was a sight of a blond guy whose hair was neatly brushed behind him. He got a fair complexion, with eyes so grey and cold and has a crooked nose.

"Eeeew Ino." Sakura said. "Since when did you have a bad taste with boys?" Sakura asked.

"He wasn't that bad." Ino protested. "He looks neat you know." Ino pointed out.

Sakura stared at the blond guy once more. Yeah, maybe she could spare her friend. The boy doesn't look horrible but,

"He looks a little bit scary. I think you should be cautious when dealing with those kind of guys." Sakura warned her friend who seem not to give a damn of what she just said.

Sakura ignored the fact that her friend didn't even listen to her. She then focused her attention towards the a certain bloke.

"Hmm, Ino-chan." Sakura called her friend.

"Nani?" Ino's eyebrow furled.

Sakura didn't answer but instead, she pointed out something from a distance. Rather, it was a someone. Ino didn't hesitate to look towards the direction that Sakura pointed. Ino turned her gaze towards a certain spot and ended up looking at a dark haired boy. Ino smiled as she caught sight of a more interesting guy than the previous one. He was a little bit skinny but nevertheless, he looked nice. His green orbs were visible even though it got concealed behind those round spectacles. His face looked so attractive, his hair somewhat askew.

"So, who looks better?" Sakura finally managed to ask her friend. "The blond or that guy?"

Ino made her index finger travel on her chin. "Well," Ino began "If we'll talk about looks, the boy sure looks better than the other one. But about cleanliness and sanitation, I choose the other guy. That bloke is kinda messy." Ino said as a-matter-of-factly.

"I agree with you." Sakura honestly told her.

Students from the bus continued to go out one by one. The girls remained silent as they waited and see the faces of their visitors. All remained silent until,

Two girls squealed.

And who those girls are?

Well, they were no other than...

Tomoyo Daidouji


Sakura Kinomoto a.k.a. Cherry.

"Okasan!" the girls shouted in unison.

Two middle aged ladies looked at the teenagers. Both of the women were beautiful and they have prominent physical similarities with each other. Both the ladies smiled as both Tomoyo and Sakura flung their arms around their respective mothers.

"I miss you mom!" Sakura cheerily said.

"So did I." said the gray haired woman. "So how's my little darling while I'm in Hogwarts?"

"Fine." Sakura told her.

"That's good to hear from you." the kind Nadeshiko Kinomoto said as she stroked her daughters hair.

The other mother and child were doing the same as Tomoyo's cousin and mom did. Tomoyo was so glad to see her mom again. It's been months since they last caught a glimpse of each other. Her mom was so busy with their international toy company both in the muggle and the wizardry world. The Daidouji heiress, on the other hand, was so busy studying in the prestige MELTS Academy.

"So how are you girls doing here in MELTS?" she asked.

"Great! We're having a great time here. But still, I wish that you were here with us." Tomoyo said.

"Oh..." Sonomi Daidouji seemed to be touched with her daughter's remark.

"But no worries, you're here now. I was just surprised to see you arriving with Aunt Nadeshiko."

Sakura (Haruno) and the rest of the gang watched as their friends got reunited with their moms. They were so happy to see that their friends saw their moms again. They continued to enjoy the scene that they are currently witnessing until wizards in their brooms darted across the sky.

"Maybe those we're the students from Ryokun Academy..." Hinata uttered.

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