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I usually write Inuyasha fics. But in a spite of madness I wrote this Teen Titan fanfic.

Summery: Here's a question what happens when you turn a certain alien Titaness and turn into a werewolf? A million laughs. Sorry Star but you now have a few more ways of torturing villains, and a pair of wolf ears and a wolf tail. What more could want? Warning! This could have some gore. So enough chit-chat on with show!

She screamed as her flesh was ripped from her arm and neck. The creature's muzzle eagerly ripped through her dense muscles. She was being eaten alive by a creature that was just moments ago was a human she was trying to protect. Her teammates were all over it, for Slade, seeing this monster as more than enough of a distraction, had gone off and eluded capture. Her warm blood was gushing out her wounds and on to the city streets.

Just as she started to blackout Starfire asked to herself, 'How the hell did I end up dying this way?' The last thing she saw was her attacker being torn in half by a black and green Tyrannosaur.

Two days later…

She woke up and felt some thing on her head twitch as the noise of two bickering Titans filled her ears. 'Wait, those were my ears twitching!' "Good you're awake again." ,said an indifferent Raven who was reading one of her books, now peering up at the alien.

Starfire was surprised that Robin was not there. "Tell me Raven where is Robin? I thought he would be here." ,Starfire was confused.

"An hour earlier you might have woke to the sight of me, Cyborg, and Beast boy trying to get him to leave your side. He didn't sleep, eat, drink, or use the restroom for a day and a half."

'So he really does care for me.' she thought. Then she noticed the amount of cleavage showing was beyond acceptable. Her clothes were shredded, claw marks ripped through almost every inch of the material. Then she noticed the scars on her arm left by the monsters muzzle and assumed her neck was the same way. So she went to change, and the pale half-demon just stared. Raven knew more about what Starfire had become, than Starfire could ever imagine.

Starfire walked out of the med lab and noticed the dirt and grim all over the walls. Smells overloaded her nose, and finally noises did her in. She crawled to her room and reached for a bag full of cotton balls and stuffed them in her wolf ears. It was only then did she notice the red furry tail rubbing between her legs. So she did the only thing she could think of. She screamed a glass shattering scream.

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