It was a brand new day, and as usual the residents of 'Horror Hall' were having an arguement about cornflakes.

"That was your third bowl Myers! I think everyone will agree with me when I say you should slow down," Samara complained, snatching the now empty bowl from Michael Myers' hands.

Freddy smirked. "I guess I would have expected a woman to complain about something like this," He commented, pushing his empty bowl away from him.

Samara turned in his direction to glower at him. "For your info, Krueger, I was merely thinking about Michael's health! I wouldn't want anything bad happening to him before next halloween!" She said sharply. Then she turned away to gaze lovingly at Michael, "Oh, I do love him so."

"I think he's a little out of your league, Sam," Chucky murmered and he and Jason cracked up laughing, "I'm sorry! But it's true."

"Oh really? Atleast Michael loves me! Your Tiffany doesn't love you! You turned her into a doll for christ's sake!" Samara yelled, having reached boiling point, "You're so vain, Charles! Why can't you just accept that Michael and I are together now!"

Michael said nothing and looked blank. He only glanced at each of them in turn before grabbing a nearby newspaper and starting to read. Samara stared at him sympathetically for a moment before turning her back on him and clearing away the dishes. Nothing more was said untill everyone had retired from the table to do whatever was on their agenda that day.

Outside Freddy spotted Jason out for a morning stroll. "Hey, Jason, want to go and hunt down merciless teens with me?" He proposed. To his disappointment, Jason shook his head and turned his back on him. Angry, Freddy darted infront of him, "Come on! If we don't kill again soon, everyone on Elm Street will forget that we ever existed!" When Jason gave him a strange look, Freddy sighed, "All right, that I ever existed."

"What are you boys doing out there?" Samara called out to them while she was taking out the trash, which consisted of two arms, a leg, and half a brain (The Creeper had devoured the other half the previous day) "Freddy, I hope you're not bullying Jason into slaughtering more teenagers with you!"

"I'm not, Samara!" Freddy protested, "We're just talking! Having a friendly chit-chat!"

Samara didn't believe him for a second. "Oh really? What were you talking about?"

"Uh.." Freddy racked his brains, "We were.. talking about the time we almost slaughtered eachother, weren't we Jase?" He said, glancing at Jason for support. Jason shrugged and nodded his head. "See?" Freddy said triumphantly, grinning at Samara.

Rolling her eyes, Samara dumped the trash outside and went back inside. Freddy immidiately turned back to Jason. "So? Are you coming?" He enquired. To his delight, Jason gave in and feebly nodded, then found himself being dragged along by Freddy. Suddenly, a pretty blonde teen came walking slowly down the street.

"This is it, Jase," Freddy hissed to Jason, "Fresh meat. And hey, after we kill her, we'll let The Creeper have the rest of her."

As the teen came their way, Freddy and Jason jumped out at her and screamed things, while the teen folded her arms and raised her eyebrows. "You know, halloween was last week guys," She retorted, "So lose the costumes."

"Halloween? Last week?" Freddy murmered, "Oh.. wow, Myers ain't gonna be happy about that."

"Michael Myers? The guy from Halloween? Or are you talking about Mike Myers?" Freddy saw that the teen was talking to him and wasn't sure about how he should react.

"Uh, the guy from Halloween," Freddy murmered, getting aggrivated.

To his horror, the teen suddenly shrieked and jumped up and down, "Oh my god! I love that movie! You have to get me an autograph! Please!" She screamed, practically smothering him. Freddy stared helplessly at Jason, who shrugged, as always and backed away from them.

"Well, if you know him, how come you don't know me?" Freddy said indignantly, the thought suddenly occuring to him.

The girl squinted at him. "Uh? I'm sorry, I don't know you."

Freddy sighed impatiently. "Tall guy with a hat? Has a large claw? Wears a stripy jumper like this?" He said, tugging at his jumper, "Ring any bells?"

"Sorry, no," The teen replied breathlessly, "But Michael Myers! What a star!"

Then, to his horror, Freddy suddenly realised who this teen was, "Nancy? Nancy Thompson?" He said, "I - What - I killed you! Years ago!" He roared.

Nancy blinked at him. "Nope, I don't think so."

"And what the heck did you do to your hair?" Freddy enquired, his eyes widening as he surveyed her peroxide blonde hairdo, "Jase, you remember her, right? She's the whacko I told you about. You know, the girl who tried to kill me in the first placebutiendedupkillinghermomandherdadandthenloadsofotherpeopleandthenkillingheragaincauseshejustwouldn'tdie?"

Jason said nothing, but nodded as if he understood, which he didn't.

"Yeah, I don't remember you. Sorry. But tell Michael Myers I'd love to chat with him! And also.." She smiled and Freddy was horrified to see a wicked look in her eyes, "..Maybe even get together some time?"

To stop himself from breaking down right then and there, Freddy lashed out at Nancy, sending her head flying. Jason narrowed his eyes at Freddy and then began to clap. Taking a bow, Freddy stepped back, "Teach that stupid bitch to forget me.." He muttered, "Anyway, c'mon Jase."

"Boys! It's time for bed!" Samara called.

"But it's only been five minutes since you were here before?" Freddy called back.

"I think you'll find that you were out there for approximately 82 hours!" Samara called back to him, "Now get in here! Leatherface is reading bed time stories!"

Mumbling to himself, Freddy trudged back over to the house, "I'll kill that Michael Myers, you know that?" He muttered to Jason, who again said nothing, but nodded.


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