Halfway To Hell

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Chapter 2: Duo?

Quatre blinked.

Then for good measure, he blinked again.

'Wait a second…' the blonde thought through the muddled mess that his mind and senses had become in the aftermath of Duo's…

'Hold on, Duo? What…Where...Huh?'

This was how the pilots found him when they came guns bared into the room, roughly five minutes after the Arabian's resounding shriek had echoed through the halls of his 'house'.

Trowa came in first, but only because he practically pushed Heero out of the way. Heero had let him only because he knew how perilous it could be to run into Duo's room without proper preparation (the time when Wufei was catapulted out of the braided pilot's window, covered in pudding and feathers, came to mind Luckily for the Deathscythe pilot, it had been several weeks into their confinement, so no one had gotten too angry, even the Chinese pilot, as they had all appreciated the distraction). He also didn't trust Trowa not to do something stupid if anyone or anything got between him and the Winner heir after that scream. Upon entering, the uni-bangèd pilot quickly determined a lack immediate threat, and then rushed to Quatre's side without any other thought in his head besides the blond's well being.

Heero followed closely behind Trowa (after checking for hidden pranks/traps/potentially lethal 'toys' that just happened to be lying around. You never can be too careful, after all!) and stood several feet away from the green and blue eyed pilots as he scanned the room quickly once, as a preliminary and several more times to reassurance of the room's safety.

Wufei was last because he simply had the farthest to go, since he had been down in the garage when he heard the Quatre's cry. The black haired pilot stood in the doorway, to prevent any intruder from escaping.

From his immediate inspection, Heero couldn't identify anything unusual in the room. This however couldn't stop him from instinctively knowing that there was something unusual even if he couldn't recognize it.

"Winner. Report." Even as he spoke, Heero's eyes never failed in their scanning of the scene.

It took the blond several seconds to regain control of his thought process. Trowa's presence had helped, but it was the Wing pilot's calm precision in the face of uncertainty that had finally anchored him back to reality. Once he could comprehend Heero's inquiry, Quatre mentally went over the events of the past few minutes, and then relayed them aloud, in Arabic, in case anyone was listening in.

As the blond spoke, Heero couldn't help but be slightly distracted by something…He couldn't explain it. He recognized what it was, to an extent, but he just couldn't put a name to it.

The Arabian finished his story, and the Japanese youth forced himself to concentrate on the particulars of the account, and think about the oddity latter. The moment he stopped thinking about it he knew what it was.


All four pilots could only blink in bewilderment. Why on earth would there be smoke in the mansion?

Three of the said pilots were startled out of their confusion by a string of very colorful Arabic curses.

"Quatre…" Trowa murmured softly, but for once the other paid him no heed.

Sandrock's pilot leapt to his feet and ran out of the room, leaving his comrades with only coherent words to make sense of, (besides the profanity, of course). What they managed to glean form the blonde's rant was something along the lines of, "Remind… kitchen… Duo… cakes… Heero… fire… house… shit!"

The three remaining pilots could only stare at the blond's after-image in shock. However, being Gundam pilots they overcame their surprise with ease. Or at least something resembling ease.

"Is it just me, or did Winner just break the sound barrier?"


"Will he be alright?"

As Trowa spoke, Heero signaled him to stay alert but keep talking. He had found something. Trowa and Wufei continued their discussion of Quatre, in hopes of keeping the intruder from knowing that they were aware of his presence while Heero began to surreptitiously walk closer to the corner of the room farthest from Duo's bed. In that corner, located next to the open closet, was a large dresser that was stuffed to over flowing (with what, no one, except Duo knew). It was neither the closet nor the dresser that he was interested in. The Wing Pilot was slowly but surely approaching the shadowy space between the two.

The Japanese pilot finally reached his destination and with the utmost care, lowered himself into a squatting position in front of the space. Throughout his movements he had kept his eyes trained on the darkness. He was rewarded for his patience by a slight movement in the shadows that proved his suspicions.

Not quite sure how to handle the situation Heero reached out into the darkness with the hand not holding his gun. This was simply because if whoever was hiding in their did happen to be Duo, he didn't want to shoot his comrade in arms if the Deathscythe pilot did something unexpected.

In all honesty, though he hated to admit it, Heero Yuy sometimes hated his foresight.

He should have worn gloves.

"Dammit!" Cried the Asian as he pulled his left hand out of the darkened space with enough force to give a normal people a steady dose of whiplash. Even as he instinctively pulled the appendage close to his body, his training kicked in causing his right hand to aim his gun into the darkness, his finger on the trigger, poised to shoot.

The other two pilots were so surprised at the outburst from the normally stoic pilot that they almost forgot to aim their guns at the threat.

"Status 01" Wufei demanded.

When the other pilot failed to respond after several seconds, the Chinese pilot became half annoyed and half worried…in that order.


The shout apparently got through to the distracted pilot as he immediately responded, although somewhat hesitantly, "It bit me."

"It?" questioned Trowa.

"Yes it" confirmed the Shenlong Pilot with a superior smirk, "What's in there is neither man nor onna. There's no question about it, after all, there's only one creature alive that would have the audacity to bite the perfect soldier. Oh and by the way," he added, almost as an after thought, "You really should get that checked Yuy; you might get rabies. I mean when was the last time Maxwell got his shots."

"He'll get them now if he doesn't get out here," Heero growled in Japanese causing Wufei's smirk to grow dangerously and Trowa to chuckle lowly at his comment. All three expected Duo to jump out and say crack some lame joke and run out of down to the kitchen to hide behind Quatre's apron (metaphorically of course, the Winner had never actually worn an apron, but it didn't take much imagination to picture it).

"Come out." He practically snarled at his hidden comrade in English.

The answer was high pitched and half drowned in a heavy accent, "Like hell I will, you bastards!"

The pilots were so caught of guard by, if not the answer, then the speaker's voice. On one level the words were something Duo might say, but the voice had been far too high for it to be him.

"Maxwell…" began Heero, even as the lurker cut him off once again.

"Piss off, jerks!" snarled the Pseudo-Duo, "Go to Hell and leave me alone!"

The three pilots were rather at a loss on how to handle the situation, even Heero was unsure how to handle the problem. Had they known that the person in hiding wasn't Duo, they wouldn't have had a problem with shooting whoever was there first, and then doing a background check once all was said and done. However, they had no idea whether the voice belonged to Duo or not.

Surprisingly the first one to regain his mental equilibrium was Trowa. The green-eyed pilot glanced around the room as though assessing any possible outcome that could occur, then slipped his gun back into his jacket and signaled to Heero using both of his now free hands.

He got both the Wing pilot and Nataku pilot's attention with ease and then proceeded to relate his plan to them using sign language. 'The intruder is most likely 02. There is obviously something wrong, and as he is most comfortable with 01, 05 and I should leave and allow 01 to handle the situation.'

Before Heero could manage an argument, Wufei had already signed an affirmative, and the two were gone. They closed the door behind them. At least they were polite in their betrayal.

While he could understand some of their reasoning, some of it simply escaped him. For example, he understood that he was the most effective and efficient of the five pilots, but he didn't understand how that could help in this situation. He also didn't understand why Trowa and Wufei were convinced that Duo was comfortable with him. He knew for a fact that Duo acted relaxed around all of the pilots, random people they met on mission, even around Relena. He also knew that it was all a façade simply for that reason. Even Quatre couldn't stand the pink princess. So why should Duo have that ability?

It took all of Heero's training to repress the sigh that was desperately trying to escape him; it wasn't any of his business anyway. Duo could hide all he wanted, it was what he did best, if his catch phrase was to be believed.

And Heero would let him hide, as long as it didn't become detrimental to their missions, because it wasn't his problem. He wasn't going to get involved. It was the American's choice to isolate himself, after all.

As much as Duo seemed to excel at hiding, however, it was unacceptable for him to hole up in a corner of his room. Literal hiding was where Duo crossed the line between personal problems and mutual problems of the five housemates.

Deciding to finish this nonsense before it got any further, the Japanese pilot squared his shoulders, gave his hand one last mournful look (it was still bleeding from where the concealed pilot had bitten), and put his plan into action. Maxwell would find himself out in the open, whether or not he was ready for it.

Heero moved from his squatting position to a kneeling position. He also put his gun away as it was unnecessary. (For two reasons; 1. Duo had had a gun he would have used it, and 2. Heero didn't need a gun to subdue the braided pilot; he was stronger.)

Mindful of the consequences for his hand if he failed to anticipate Duo's moves, the Wing pilot once again reached out into the darkness. He sensed it just before it happened and so he was prepared. Instead of allowing the other pilot to bite him or trying to pull his hand out of the way, he pushed his hand into the open mouth thus rendering it an ineffective weapon. He only had a moment to recognize that the space into which he had shoved his hand was surprising small.

This was because there were suddenly hands clawing at his arms. Dammit, he had better be able to use his arm to maximum efficiency after this, or else he was going to beat the loud American into a bloody pulp.

After several moments of struggle, the Japanese youth was able to discern where his captive's movements. Then it was only a matter of seconds until he found the opportune moment to strike.

He released Maxwell's face and made a grab in the darkness for the teen's shirt. He got a proper grip on the second try (and that was only because he appeared to miscalculate Duo's size, but he was too busy to worry about that).

The moment he had let go of the American's mouth, a steam of curses (in varying languages, but all extremely crude) and cries had been let loose. Heero's hold on the teen's collar apparently did little to stop that. Heero resisted the urge to sigh; the Deathscythe pilot never really did shut up, even if it all was some stupid mask.

Wing's pilot tightened his grip on the cloth in his hand and heaved Duo up and out.

This action was followed by the sound of flesh impacting wood.

The blue-eyed teen's brows furthered together in annoyance. He had only meant to pull the smaller teenager out of the shadows and then yell at him, however he seemed to have miscalculated duo's weight as instead, the braided baka had gone flying through the air.

Heero quickly turned on his heel in order to face his comrade and so called best friend. He didn't expect what he saw. There was a mass of black cloth piled near the wall, the only clue he had that there was a person inside of it was the a small spot of chestnut colored hair just barely visible from inside the heap.

"Maxwell…" He began warningly, hoping to calm the other teen down before he started anything.

His warning was met with muffled shouts that he couldn't quite make out. Well that plan backfired.

It took a few moments, but Duo managed to free himself form the masses of black cloth and stood upright to his full height of…40 inches? (That's roughly 101 centimeters)


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