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Chapter 2 The Bachelor










Ask for Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes

This flyer was seen all around Central, in cafes, on phone poles, on windows, it was even in the newspapers. It seemed Hughes found out Roy's predicament and wanted to help. Roy was not a very happy man and his gloves were on.

"MAES HUGHES, GET YOUR PICTURE LOVING ASS IN MY OFFICE NOW!" not happy may have been an understatement.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Brother, why do you keep accepting these missions, your exhausted." said Al, worried about his brother.

"Al, I'm fine. But if it makes you happy, if we don't find anything on the

Philosopher's stone here, we'll go back to Central and take a break. But only for a

week or two." negotiated Ed.

"That would be wonderful brother." Al was relieved even though he knew that his brother needed a longer break but he would take what he could get. "Now what are we to do in this town?" questioned Al.

"There have been Chimera running about and causing trouble for the town. We are to find and destroy all Chimera and where they are coming from." said Edward in a military form.

"We better get to work then." said Al.

"Ya." was all that was said in response, not excited at all.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

A chuckle broke though the silence in the large office.

"Amusing, Mustang by find a bride after all. I should have known the Lieutenant Colonel wouldn't let an opportunity like this go to waste." he chuckled again.

"Pride, who were... are you going to have marry him if he does not find a bride?"

asked Sloth.

"I've been thinking about that, and I want someone who can handle Mustang and not take his womanizing ways. But no one has come to mind yet." Fuhrer Bradley spoke


"Pride if I may suggest some one...?"

"Who do you have in mind, sister Sloth?"

"Edward Elric." Pride's one visible eye widened at the suggestion, then a thoughtful expression was on his face.

"Fullmetal and Flame, metal and fire. Sloth, why Fullmetal?" was asked.

"We need him to stay alive to make the Philosopher's stone and the Colonel will keep him alive." was her reasoning but Pride could hear in Sloth's voice there was more to it.

"But there's something else, isn't there?"

"There's something inside of me that wants to see my little boy married. I know they are not my children and these memories are Trisha Elric's but...when I look at him I

can't help but want him to run into my arms and hug me. Is that wrong?" she looked

as if she would cry.

"No, not at all." the conversation was over.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Roy, there are hundreds of women out there who want to marry you." said Hughes in an act of desperation.

"Why did you have to do this though?" Roy was calming down.

"Because you wouldn't let me do it otherwise. Roy you have seven days to find a wife or the Fuhrer will choose one for you. In case you have not noticed that is not good if you want to get to where you want to go." Hughes was panicked.

"I know. But how will I choose a wife out of all of them?" and he points out his

window to the women all outside on the military lawn.

"That's what I'm here for." A notepad from no where is pulled out, "Now what do

you want her to look like and act like."

Roy groaned and let his head fall on his desk. No one came to help him.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Why do the Chimera's always find us first and not the other way around?" Ed's

rhetorical question of the day.

"Don't complain brother, we'll find the cause for the Chimera's soon enough." Al

answered anyway.

"Doesn't mean I have to like it." grumbled Ed kicking the Chimera away.

Ed moved to finish the Chimera off but was deflected by a new Chimera, sending Ed flying and Al rushed after his brother. The injured Chimera and new one got away.

"Ed, brother are you okay?" asked Al as he picked his older brother up.

"Ya, I'm fine. Hey Al, you see what I see?" and he did, the injured Chimera left a trail of blood, all they had to do was follow it.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Now Roy we have pictures and descriptions of everyone that is said to meet your standards. You need to look though them and find at least 20 of them to interview,

okay." came from Hughes with Hawkeye right behind him.

"Never thought looking for a wife would involve paperwork." whimpered Roy.

All Hawkeye did was shot him a look and he got to work.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"We found them, Al, now we take them out." Ed went to charge in but Al caught him.

"You remember the way here, right brother?" questioned Al.

"Well, ya, why?" Ed gave his younger brother a confused look.

"We'll come back tomorrow, with backup brother, you and I both know there are to many for us to even handle alone. Alright?" If Al was in a human body his eyebrow would be raised in the 'You know you won't win this argument' look.

"Alright." was grumbled out.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

'Okay you are Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, you can do this.' Roy encouraged himself.

'NO I CAN'T, THIS IS MARRIAGE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, ARE YOU CRAZY!' survival instants were kicking in.

'Just choose 20 of the women then pick ten of them that you will go on a date with, not that hard, right?'

'Not hard? Idiot, we never wanted to get married until our dream was achieved for a reason. She could die because of us.'

'But if I don't find someone to marry soon the Fuhrer himself will choose. And he'll get some who is totally loyal to him, we're fucked either way.'

'We could ask Hawkeye.'

And be killed, no thanks. We'll have to pick someone, I just wish it was someone

who could protect themselves.'

'Ya, I know what you mean. Too bad there are no women like Edward around, we

wouldn't have to worry at all. All they would have to do is yell to scare the pants off

of someone who was trying to hurt them. Haha.'

'Ya, too bad.'

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