"Good morning world!"

Haruno Sakura opened her eyes to the bright sunshine.

"It's a happy happy day!"

"Okay, what's my to-do list?"

1. Chase Sasuke.

2. Stare at Sasuke.

3. Ask Sasuke out.

4. Listen to Kakashi-sensei a bit then stare at Sasuke some more.

5. Kill Naruto (while staring at Sasuke of course!)

6. (guess what?) SASUKE!

AND THEN there's the holy number 7.


Wakeupwonderingwhysheonlyhadfourbrasinthewholeentireworldandspenddayponerdingthiswhilestaringatbras SASUKE!

If you're smart, you'll figure that out. If not…


Now, she would stare at these mammary-organ-support-contraption thingies when she had spare time, and always wonder why she had only four.

The first one, which is pink and was a gift from her Grandma, is the one she used when she flirted with Sasuke, which means everyday.

The second… is whenever she ate food, which is also everyday unless she's feeling pretty un-hungry.

The third… iswhenevershesworetoherselfnottopickhernosebutendupscratchinghernosewhichmeanssheisactuallykindaprettymuchsortapickinghernoseanyway…


The fourth… is whenever she frolicked around the world, eating peanut-butter and bullfrog sandwiches, made out with her flashlight that had Sasuke's face doodled on it, and bowed down to Mr. Prune, yelling 'SASUKE, SASUKE, OH SASUKE MARRY ME,' but not really…

Just wanted to say that she has four bras. And she liked to stare at stuff.

But that's really understandable when you're only twelve and you don't even have breasts yet—just booblets. No, not even BOOBLETS. They're pretty much boob-lets…lets. Yeah. Really.

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