The Golden Cart of Gods, drawn by the six Unicorns of Fire. Truth, Justice, Beauty, Will, Courage and Faith. Coming from the Sun to carry Heros home to their place that the Table of Mirth. They stamped across the starry sky looking for lost souls who would redeem themselves, or simply need that one flash of light that they may find peace within.

Sometimes, though, the Unicorns are on the warpath against those who would do great harm. Upon those, let a warning be herd. No darkness can swallow the Unicorn's Light. No lie can stand strong where they tred.

Raidho: The rune of Evolution, of Rhythem, and the dance of life. Seeing a larger perspective. Seeing the right move for you to make and deciding upon it.

Kenaz: The rune of Revelation. The rune of Fire, harnessed power, fire of transformation and regeneration. Power to create your own reality, the power of light.

Amon sat listening to the tide exhale against the sand. In each movement of the water, he swore he could hear voices carried across the tide. For months he'd sat here, listening, waiting. Every evening past sun down he'd come here to think. His mother had been one of thousands whose bone fragments had been found in the incinerators. It was a jagged pill to swallow, to be woken one morning to the news that he'd been assisting the murderers of his own mother. Days later, he'd received another call, informing him that his father had been found there as well. Since then, he could not face those at Ravens Flat. He could barely look Robin in the face for the weeks that followed.

Robin. The only one who never judged him, even when he'd been so heartless to her. He'd judged her, he'd tried to fit her into the small box of reality that she simply could not fit in. Then she blew it to pieces entirely. Only to stand patiently beside him, holding his hand. Still she had not judged him, even after learning about the truth of the Factory, about his parents. Seemingly to love him, even when he couldn't.

"You can't avoid them forever." A voice murmured from nowhere. His back snapped straight as he looked for the speaker. "I'm in here, human." Came the voice again seemingly from the waves itself. "You seem familiar, though, we've never spoken before..." Amon could not respond, he suddenly felt quite insane, listening to a talking wave. He thought he heard the voice sigh.

"Who are you?" He whispered, not wanting anyone to over hear him.

"Me? The question is who are you? You don't seem to know that." This was most puzzling to the dark, brooding shadow of a man. Sitting in the cold, on a deserted beach, talking to a wave...Did he truly know who he was?

"I thought I did." Slipped out of him in an honesty that only Robin seemed to be able to spur him into. Maybe she was rubbing off onto him.

"Thinking and knowing are two very different things." The voice replied. "I can't tell you who I am, until you know who you are. So lets start from the beginning. What do you KNOW?"

"I know that I'm talking to a talking wave." Suddenly suspicious of his environment, he eyed the moving coastline. "Besides, what does it matter if I don't know who I am? That should hold no relevance on who you are."

"No. You are talking to someone WITHIN the wave. But good try. Really, it makes all the difference in the world, as you can't love anyone, unless you love yourself. So start from the beginning." Most unhelpful Someone Within the Wave, Amon thought privately. None the less, he sat and thought. From the beginning what did he know. Long silence passed, and moments wained on. Memories long forgotten began to resurface.

"I once thought that being a Seed was not such a bad life." He spoke to the waiting voice.

"That's a good start. What changed your mind?"

"My mother woke as a Witch in front of me...I couldn't reach her after that."

"When she woke, what was your reaction?" Amon thought hard on this one. It took awhile, but the answer came. A sudden guilt washed over him. Fear. He had been afraid, he had retreated. Begged her to leave him be. He remembered the look in her eyes, the sadness, and compliance.

"I was right, the life of a Seed is much worse than that of a Witch." He looked to his left, the guilt intensifying.

"Yes, and no." The voice softened. "A Seed, knowing the love of a devoted family will be turned on by that family and the society around them. No matter what they have done in the past, or how the Power manifests itself. The Witch will only know persecution. In this way, the Witch is never lied to." Amon cringed, the image of an eight year old boy that he'd once hunted with Robin coming to mind. Yes, that one was...what was the term Robin likes to use? A Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

"What do I do?" He asked, more of himself than of the Voice.

"We aren't done finding out who you are. When we figure that out, you will know the answer to that." The voice chimed almost happily, almost laughing. "Now we know you've been caught up in the cycles of Self Prophecy, and we know where it began, what else is lurking in the beginning?" Again, Amon lapsed into silence.

"Ziazan talked a good talk, and his daughter wanted me. I thought I would be accepted." He was looking at the sand now.

"You would have been, if you kept pretending to be what they wanted."

"A tool. Something to be used and thrown away. Ziazan would not have let me marry his daughter...not have kids."

"Is this a bad thing? Did you want to marry her, have children with her? Strange how that relationship ended after you were faced with true acceptance." Amon's back straightened. That was true. A few weeks with Robin and the promise of life with Touko didn't seem as sweet. The words that came from Ziazan had suddenly seemed hallow, and frail. He leaned his head on his knees and closed his eyes. The water breathed deeply, as if sighing in his pain. "What else did you lie to yourself about?"

The question did not sound as bitter as the words let on. They were a truth that he could no longer hide from. The lies he'd built around himself were now in pieces at his feet, and he felt helpless and small. "Kate wasn't selling us out, she wasn't loosing it. She was trying to tell people what was going on in the Factory. She was trying to tell the truth, and I wasn't listening." Despite all the speeches he'd made about accepting the truth, he always fought against it. Tooth and nail, a part of him fought it still.

"What next?"

"My craft woke up a while ago. But I managed to suppress it. It wasn't until the Factory collapsed, and the Orbo burned out that I had to face it."

"And what is your craft, exactly?"

"Robin said it's in the element of water."

"But what is it?"

"I don't know."

"Well, then, lets start by talking about the Element itself." The voice was chipper, and seemed excited. "The Element of Life and Death, the land of Psychics, and renewal. There is no healer, or empath, or telepath that does not call to Water's direction, the West. Water is the life blood of the Earth. Strange how the Earth is seventy percent water, and so is every living body upon her, don't you think? Even the trees."

"It only makes sense." He looked out over the ocean, thinking of the Earth suddenly as a living being for the first time. Then realized, quite suddenly, that this was the first time he'd really thought about the planet in general. The guilty feeling welled back up from it's recesses.

"Is that comfortable? That feeling? You humans seem to like it a lot. You stay there most of the time."

"No. Not comfortable at all, I just can't seem to get away from it."

"It must be because you are young. You as in, you humans as a species." There was a pause. "Did you know that your species is the youngest on the planet? By quite a few million years?"

"No...Are we still evolving?"

"Most everything is, dear. So far sharks, crocodiles and tortoises are the only ones who are comfortable in their skins. Well, most insects too, but they aren't good conversationalist. They talk too fast for me to catch."

"Why is that?"

"The life span thing. Time is different for every species. Depending on how long you live will determine how you view time. How you view time will determine how you speak."

"That is interesting." Amon laid back against the sand and starred up at the starry sky, suddenly wondering how Robin viewed time. How did he view time, the thought struck him. Once again, something that he normally didn't think about flooded his thoughts.

"Who are you?" The voice from the waves asked again.

"I am Amon, who calls to the West." Was the answer that answered itself. "Who are you?"

"I am the Champion of the West that answers when you call."

Robin sat on her couch, staring at the blank TV screen. Hugging the pillow to her chest, she waited for her roommate to return from the great dark where ever. She'd cried for the seeming loss of her friend for months now. Eight in total. Still she waited, hoping that one day he would return from his hiding and be the person she knew. She nearly jumped from her skin when the door opened to reveal Amon, with what looked like a grin on his face.

His gaze landed on her for the first time in this long trial, and the grin disappeared. Within a moment she was no longer sitting on the couch, but held up close, his scent making her head spin. The strength and warm of his presence nearly making her cry.

"I'm sorry, Robin." He murmured in her ear. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I've come to terms with life, and the universe." He set her back and offered her a gentle look, one that she drank in and melted into. Her pained expression dissipated to be replaced by a joyous smile. "We have a lot of work to do, and I'm through shirking my duties."

Tears of joy slipped from her eyes as she thrust her face back into his chest. "I'm glad. I have missed you greatly." She murmured against him, reveling in the feeling of his closeness, his strong arms around her. She clung to him there for as long as she could, until, with a sigh, he pick her up and carried her to the bed they both slept in. There she curled around him, and he her. Finally, she was warm. Safe in a cocoon of affection, and in her groggy mind, thoughts that did not befit a nun began to fill her sleepy head. 'Good thing I've given up on being a nun...the habit didn't ever fit right anyway.' Was her last thought as Amon's deep breathing lead her to her own, true rest.

"The evidence speaks for itself. All things check out." The judge looked at her comrades with a tired expression. "We will begin to notify the governments of the infractions." She sighed heavily. "I do hate it when the Americans are right. They like to rub things in a bit." The other judges on the bench nodded. A tittering went up from the American side of the room, and the judges on the bench sighed in unison. "We will call all of you when the preliminary hearing begins, please stay within city limits. You are dismissed."

Karasuma sighed and looked to her travel mate to move. Cameron looked up at her with a sideways grin, and rose to tower over the small woman. She slipped past him without a word, shaking her head as she went. How she got landed with this monstrosity of a man, she didn't know. He barely fit through any door, and no matter how he tried, his voice boomed from wall to wall when he spoke. He was good to look at though, and she never feared any passerby. Not with the moving wall of a man always just behind her.

Outside the door of The Hague's court house, the band of craft users that Robin had called now gathered. "That went well." One of them said, Merga, Miho thought her name was.

"How about a drink, then." Cameron stated as he made his way to the tavern across the street. Once again, Miho sighed. 'Some guardian.' She thought. Everyone nodded, and followed after.

"Why did you come with me?" She asked the giant after a pint had found it's way down her throat.

"Robin." Was the only answer she got. So far, the man had spoke so little with her that she'd become annoyed. With the alcohol in her system, she decided to push it.

"You do what ever she says, then?"

"Sure. She doesn't ask much of me, so why not?"

"Why did she ask this of you?"

"She said that you prefer life without incident, could I please look after you, and take care of anything that might come up to disturb you." He eyed her. "Why are you so suspicious of her anyway? She's the only one of your lot that doesn't hide anything. As far as I can tell, she's the only one whose really honest about things." This struck Miho in a hard way.

"Are you implying that I'm not honest?"

"I imply nothing, I am merely stating fact."

"This is going too smoothly." A new voice interrupted. "Cameron, what do you think, do we have a chance at getting The Hague to charge Solomon for War Crimes Against Humanity?" Fryda, the pail Norse woman was at their table now, neatly ignoring Miho.

"That will be seen in short time, I think." Was his answer.

"How is Robin doing?"

"Pining over some bloke with a serious case of self loathing." This time, Cameron sat back with his arms crossed.

"I told you this before, now heed it. Robin is not for you, be the brother she thinks you are."

"I will be what ever she has need of. But if this guy hurts her, he'll know the sharp side of my teeth." This made Miho cringe, she'd seen his transformation once, and fervently hoped never to again.

"You companion seems a little squeamish, is she alright?"

"Why don't you ask her? She's right here."

"I don't talk to back water torture assister."

"Robin calls her friend, so a friend she must be. Besides, Miho didn't know what was going on in there anyway."

"The whole scenario was suspicious. We all knew something bad was up, why didn't they."

"We all were on the outside looking in. Their lives where threatened, and they wanted to live. Give them some slack. The important thing is she is here now, so back off Fryda." A moment of pause, " need I remind you of the 'Siberian Incident'?" With that, the pail woman snorted and stormed off. "Pay her no heed, Miho-chan. She's just a bitch in heat...all the time." Miho blushed and looked away, not wanting to talk anymore, but a thought struck her.

"What is this 'Siberian Incident'?" She asked quietly.

"Nasty business. Solomon wanted to see what it was like to create a bunch of zombies, and it got out of hand." He eyed her for a moment. "If you plant your dead, there are certain rites that can call the corpses back, no matter the state of decay. A necromancer can control them, but only if they are the summoner. Normal humans only create a mess that has to be cleaned up by fires as hot as the sun...Do you know anyone else whose fires burn that hot on command?" Cameron grinned as Miho's eyes widened at her drink. "Didn't think so." With that the conversation was over, and Cameron finally decided he liked the low end empath. She was only oblivious to how things actually were because she'd no contact with the 'real world' until Robin showed up. 'Must be a nasty shock.' He mused to himself, and grinned at his own drink. 'Maybe loosing to the dark stalker of a guy wasn't so bad after all.' Came the next thought to cross his weary mind. "Come now, me bonny lass, time to tuck you in." He rose and ignored the blush that crept prettily across her face.

He followed her to their suit, and check every room and exit before allowing her to begin her nightly rituals. After the bedroom door was shut, he pulled the lines of power into himself and took the form of the half man, half wolf, and curled on the floor by said door. There he would rely on the senses that are so much sharper than any humans, and half dozing he stayed ever vigilant of his charges breathing and movements in the room beyond. Ready for anything, even biting humans, something that wasn't appealing in the least, as humans taste really nasty.

She couldn't sleep out right, so Miho thought over the conversation in the tavern. 'So that is why Robin's eyes were so wide. She'd seen true terror, the like that I can hardly imagine.' She thought to herself as she rolled over in her bed to look out the window. 'Then to walk into the factory, to find what she did.' Closing her eyes, she decided to listen to the small girl-woman a little closer, and to ask questions more, rather than make accusatory assumptions toward her actions. 'Necromancer exist then...well, I shouldn't be surprised. I know a Sphinx and a werewolf personally.' She rolled over again and sighed. The werewolf in question was on the other side of the door, and she knew what form he was in. Strangely, though, she was relieved, and felt the muscles in her back relaxing. For the first time in her life she was safe. Truly safe. These past months had changed her life forever, and somewhere deep with in her, she wished it this stay would never end. She didn't want to loose this comfort, right now, she could pretend he'd sleep outside her door forever. This thought sent her to sleep, as she dreamed of a safety that was foreign to any other human on the planet.