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There is none that is harmed that does not seek justice in some

way. Whether it be through bloodshed, or be through personal

insight. No matter the path you take to find it, true justice

can never be attained, what is done is done, and cannot be

undone. There is no way to cleanse the soul of the wounding.

One can only learn to heal, and continue on the path.

To say 'justice done' is to say that you have found the strength

to move onward from the hurt. Let such a path be of your own

internal balance, not continuing the cycle of suffering unto

another. So Athena once spoke to her people:

Be aware always of consequence of action. Know always the

freedom of letting go.

Muffled voices in the room beyond woke Taxidermy with a slow

lull. Silently rising, he shrugged into the long black hooded

cloak that had become his signature clothing. Gathering the

paperwork from the night before, he moved as if he were a cloud of smoke

into the next room. It was Frost's shining countenance that

greeted him upon his approach. 'The work was done late, but is

of still use.' He thought to his love. She nodded and gave the

message to the rest of the crew.

A Hunt was called on a singular individual, a leader of a local

gang. This one was going to be tough, so that no witch would

have to be left behnd in the Flat. "It is for your own safety."

Lenore spoke, looking at Sakaki, who 'Ah-Maned' and flopped down

at his desk.

"I hardly see any action anymore." He mumbled while looking at his computer monitor.

"Don't feel bad, I've never seen that kind of action." Michael

said, grinning at his computer. From her perch on Michael's

desk, Lenore also grinned. Inspiring a groan from Doujima, who

immediately changed the subject.

"So where is this guy, and how will we get him?" She inquired,

looking at Taxidermy.

'Whose this WE, dear. This is a party you are not invited to.

We will call upon The Lady, and she will assemble the team from

there. You have no protection, you will stay here.' Frost's voice was cold, but not unkind.

"Can't I just go home then?" Doujima asked as she rolled her eyes.

"We tried that once, and you almost botched the mission with

intruding." Lenore hissed at her. Over the past months,

Doujima began to swear that the Sphinx didn't like her much.

But that mission in question had sent Lenore home with a

shredded wing, so the Seed didn't blame her.

"How soon can The Lady get here, time is of the essence."

Tobias murmured from his sprawl on the couch.

"I don't think we need bother her." A familiar, and much missed

voice interrupted. All eyes turned to see Amon sauntering in

from the elevator. Lenore extended the folders in his

direction, as Frost and Taxidermy took their leave. "How are

they doing?" He asked the small blonde, as though he truly


"Not bad," she replied nonchalantly, "considering."

Amon nodded with a grimace of concern, and flipped through the

files. "Tobias, you have the strongest wards."

"Second only to the Lady Herself." Came the dry voice from the


"I didn't know that Robin could do wards." Doujima whispered

to Michael.

"You have never been good at paying attention, have you. That's

how Miho survived the building falling on her." Tobias

whispered back rolling his eyes. Amon cleared his throat.

"We'll attack at nightfall, best eyesight for Lenore." He

continued. "You will be perimeter watch. I want to keep this

in a four block span. Frost and myself will be the only ones in

contact with the perpetrator."

"Magic Hour." Lenore responded with a grin.

"Why does he get to go on this hunt when the rest of us don't?"

Sakaki whined.

"I'm not a Seed anymore, Sakaki." Amon announced, to those who

knew him, the matter of fact way that he said this stunned them.

For everyone else, it was tuesday.

"There's our little hunter!" All except Lenore that is. "All

grown up with power of his own." Amon rolled his eyes.

"We don't have more than eight hours, so everyone get ready.

This should be a fight. I'll inform Robin of the situation, and

she will be on the ready, and stand by. Get to it folks." With

that he was out the door and headed up stairs to the

administrator's office. There he planted the files on his desk

and informed him of the movements that are being taken. From

there, he headed back home to the Lady.

"Are you sure you don't want me in involved?" She asked with a

strange air to her voice.

"Only if we have a problem. I would feel better if you stood

with Tobias as this was going down. Just as a safety precaution."

He responded, watching her make them lunch.

"Oh, alright." She poured the coffee, and brought the food

stuffs to the table.

"After the hunt, let us go out to dinner tonight. Someplace

special." He eyed her for a moment. "Not Harry's."

"I have nothing to wear." She answered smoothly not looking up

at him. He reached across the table and lifted her chin.

"I'm sure Doujima will be happy to take you to find something."

He gazed in her eyes with the adoring he felt for her, and was

gratified to see her blush.

"That would be lovely, us going out to dinner." She spoke as

she nodded into his hand. By the end of lunch, Robin was still

blushing as she washed the dishes. Listening to Amon on the

phone with Doujima, she couldn't get the look he gave her out of

her mind. What does it mean when a man gives a woman that look?

She wondered to herself, it filled her with such a warm feeling

and sent butterflies fluttering about in her stomach.

When Doujima arrived, Amon excused himself with a kiss on

Robin's forehead, and said something about women and shopping.

Sundown, and powerful wings brushed threw rainy skies, sending

the drops in an array of new directions. Threw the eyes of the

craft, Lenore could see Tobias's wards holding a four block span

hostage. No Witch without the Lady's seal could pass threw it.

The center block housed the accused in some airy tea house. The

Sphinx could see the clear blue aura of Amon, and the sharded,

spiky icy one of Frost standing outside the building. Amon was

known for his straight forward strategies, the bust in and

shot 'em ups indicative of the old American west. No flare, no

panache... Too bad, she thought to herself. From her vantage

point of a thousand feet, she could clearly see the pulsating

rainbow aura of Robin as it bathed all that was around in a soft

warming glow. Through it, Tobias looked golden, though he was

normally a deep green. Only in her animal form did she poses

telepathy, so she sent her images to her life's mate. Michael

responded with awe in his heart. The pitch color of the target

entered the scene, and all the players on the field began to

move. She angled one wing to drift to the top of the building

and await the moment should she need to strike.

"Halt in the name of our Queen." Amon stated without

hesitation. Frost raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

"What queen!" The man spat at him. "There is no one above me!

I am the strongest there is!" An off kilter blast rushed past

Amon's feet, causing him to flip slightly, and fling his arms

out to catch himself. A glance to his right found Frost

blocking blows with graceful ease. Reaching with his spirit, he

asked the man's blood to begin to fill his lungs. Eager to

please, it did, causing the man to start to choke. He dropped to

the ground, and Amon retracted the order. Pleased with itself,

the man's blood went back about it's business. As soon as he

hit the ground, Frost was on him, shutting all emotional

responses down. Becoming mindless, the man rose and followed

without question.

"That proved him wrong." Amon said with only the slightest of

humor in his voice. "I think that was the smoothest hunt Japan

has ever seen."

"It's amazing what can be accomplished when you have a fully

operating team. With the seeds otherwise entertained, it is a

lot easier." Frost's voice was sly yet unassuming.

"Get him to Taxidermy." Amon told Tobias and Frost as he

extended his hand to Robin, blushing, she kissed her cousin's

cheek as she allowed herself to be lead away by Amon.

"At least he's learning his place now." Tobias said with a

shrug. "Have you heard from your brother, Lenore?" He asked

the feathered beast as she landed on the truck that they

stuffing the zombie-like human into.

"All I understood was things are going Miho's way, and he's

ready to hump the couch." She ruffled her feathers in

amusement. Frost chuckled.

"when are you going to find yourself a mate?" Frost asked the

chocolate haired man.

"When I find myself a sweet man who needs a strong shoulder to

lean on... in this city, no time soon." He responded with more

than a little disappointment in his voice.

"You look beautiful tonight, Robin." Amon murmured softly as

they sat in the fine restaurant. She was robed in shimmering

violet, the style of which reminded him of ancient Greece.

Robin was so busy blushing she could hardly speak, so she

dropped her eyes and murmured her thanks. Amon poured her some

wine and turned the subject toward the future, what plans she

had, or what she wanted to do with her freedom. All through out

dinner they spoke as they never had before, and though it was a

two sided conversation, she couldn't quite keep her mind from

wondering. Always, it stayed on the dark haired man before her,

but it wouldn't stay on the topic to which they were speaking.

It wasn't until they were at the apartment they shared, and she

was drunk enough, that the question she wanted to ask came out.

"Amon, who is this queen you spoke of to the mafia boss?"

"You." He said, a little surprised at the question.

"Is that why you don't want me directly involved in hunts

anymore?" Her voice was so plaintive, so downcast that he caught

her arm so she had to look at him.

"Do you remember the night when the factory fell on us?" He

ask, he felt his blood rise in the heat of the memory.

"Barely." She replied.

He caught her by the shoulders and held her so their noses were

inches apart. "I watched you die. I stoked you hair when there

was no life in your body." His hands cupped her face in a

familiar fashion, for a second, she thought he was going to kiss

her. "I watched you come back to life, and since then, you have

helped get mine together. I will not knowingly put you in harms

way as long as there is life in me. As long as my will is my

own, I will keep you safe as best I can." He brushed a few

strands of hair away from her face, and kissed her forehead.

"When you want a man beside you, for what ever reason, I am

here. You are my queen, you are my love, and life, and I will

hear you in all things." Robin was gasping with emotion, and he

heard her blood sing to him, calling him. So he leaned forward,

placing his mouth on hers. His tongue danced across hers and

he knew her choice in mates. Warping his arms around her he

explored the expanse of the reverberating ocean within her.

Though his conciseness told him to wait before going any

farther. After a time he broke away. "I would suggest we wait

to be properly wed. I fear what Tobias and Taxidermy would do

to me." Giggling she nodded her consent into his chest.

Unbeknownst to them a familiar face watched them at the

restaurant, and a shadow followed them home. Touko listened

outside their door, and her face darkened with ill humor. But

footsteps down the hall alerted her to someone else's presence.

Tobias grimaced and was on her before she could move.

"A spy is it!" He snapped her head back by her hair to look at her face.

"Who do you work for... Why are your eyes so familiar?" The door

opened to revile Amon with Robin at his elbow.

"Touko!" Robin nearly shrieked, and began slapping at her

cousin's hands. "You be good to her, she lost her father

recently." Said cousin backed up quickly.

"Sorry, thought she was a spy, why else would she be listening

at the door?" Tobia murmured without the slightest tinge of appology.

"You were within you rights." Amon's voice darkened with


"Amon!" Robin looked up with surprise at him, he jumped and

returned the look. She sighed and rolled her eyes at the men.

"Since neither of these two have any manners, do come in for

some coffee." For the second time in a few minutes, someone was

dragging Touko, much to her remaining surprise, though, this

time by the elbow. Both men just starred at each other, then

lamely followed.