Disclaimer:don't own any of the sexy characters of the tsubasa chronicles

Summary: I noticed an acute lack of KuroFye poetry, so i made it less acute.

(le gasp!)

To my Precious Kuro-wan:

The Magic flows through the ages slowly,
The true Love between us twine-ing lovely,
secrets keep us at a place of lonely
Just you and I can act as delovely.
seen through doors and ages of the bright light
Before the skies can declare a'lovely;
The Night sky will declare our midnight Fight
Just you and I can act as delovely.
Through thick and thin, we will be together now
So sit, and Play, be with me forever
I will ask this of you now, tell me how;
How can we be this and be together?
Oh kurogane-San, tell me this Love
Oh Kurogane, will you be my dove?


A/N: tell me, my first ever, a SONNET! that makes me happy, i know its sucks, cause its my first
but then again, i think its cute and just full of pretty things
Kuro hates pretty things
maybe that's why he hates Fye? O.o?