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Chapter of

True selves

By DarkRubberNeck

Chapter one

Dark past

Clang Clang Chink

The sounds of metal meeting metal vibrated throughout the room. The room's temperature was as hot as a boiler, it smelled of burnt flesh, blood and sweat. The room was trashed from top to bottom, an indication of how severe the fight for the last thirty minutes has been. In the centre of the room stood two individuals clashing violently in a desperate struggle to kill one another. With tempers raised, the two stared each other down with a glare that would kill lesser men.

"Moko Takabisha!"

The room rocked violently from the sudden explosion, both combatants temporarily blinded by the bright flash of light caused by the explosion. Once the light dimmed and the dust began to settle, both combatants re engaged in their combat both upping their vicious assault upon one another, neither giving ground to the other. The larger combatant was sporting yet another burn mark on its body, showing that it had been hit numerous times by the attack just used; however showing no outward sign of any sort of exhaustion. With a flick of the hand, the short redhead slashed at the giant beast with her katana.

Cling Clang Chink

The giant beast blocked all attacks on its being using its metallic wrist bands. It retaliated with a brutal assault upon the poor girl, consisting of swinging its spiked knuckles down towards the unguarded flesh of her skull. With a show of incredible strength and a soft grunt, the small girl blocked the large fist with her katana and followed through with another slash at the large beast, leaving a trail of red blood along her blade from the large slash created on the enormous beast's chest.

"Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken"

Using the break in the monsters defences and the close proximity to the beast, the little girl followed through on her attack. A dull grey colour was all that was visible of the girl's blade as she slashed a hundred times within a split second at the beast's chest. Blood splattered everywhere as the girl left heavy damage on the beast's torso. However the attack didn't seem to faze the beast, and now like the girl, using the advantage of their close proximity, the beast uppercut the girl's stomach with all its might, cracking ribs causing them to stab into organs, and knocking the girl into the far wall on the opposite side of the large room. The large towering beast charged full speed at its tiny opponent, not giving her the chance to stand. Putting all its strength behind its right arm, it brought its hand down on her head, its large hands gripping over the entire of her face. Using its momentum, the beast ploughed her head through the wall behind her. As the girl and the beast broke through the wall, into the large green yard outside the building, the beast smashed the girls head down to the ground, continuing to use its momentum to plough her head into the ground, digging up dirt. Running at a speed that would seem impossible for a beast of its size, it ran through the yard, digging the girls head into the ground as it went, laughing maniacally at the girl's screams of pain. It continued this until it reached the stone outer wall of the compound. As it neared the wall it brought the girls head up and out of the dirt and pushed her body forwards in front of itself, continuing its running at full speed until it slammed the girls head and her whole body into the large thick stoned wall at the outer rims of the compound. The force of the impact destroyed the wall completely, the violent sounds of the wall collapsing swallowed out the screams of pain from the girl. Finally the beast used the last of its momentum to throw the girl across the street, into the large wooden telephone pole in the street. Unfortunately for the girl who had just hit the ground and was using all her strength to get up, the now severely damaged telephone pole fell over onto her back, violently smashing her into the ground and winding her, leaving her pinned and trapped under the pole, ready to be finished off.

As she lay there waiting for her end, she could here the loud heavy footsteps of the beast, slowly making its way towards her. As it got closer, she could hear it begin to chuckle at her failure. Its chuckle was like a dog growling, evil, inhuman, beastly, the sound would give any man or beast an instant heart attack from fear of this great beast, but not her. Finally it stoped a foot in front of her, she could feel as its large clawed hands rapped themselves around her neck, brushing off the pole as if it was nothing, and lifting her up by the neck into the air up to face level. Once again her ears were assaulted by the foul voice of the beast in front of her.

Chuckling evilly it spoke in a deep, rasp voice "So little mortal, finally had enough hmmm? I must admit that it has been over millennia since I had last fought a mortal with your strength and skill. It is too bad that our little game is over now and that you have to die. I had a really great time" its chuckles grew into full blown laughter.

During the time while it was taunting its enemy, a small purple cat snuck up on the duo. Even though its intent to kill was so easily sensed by the demon long before it got close, it was only a small harmless cat, so the demon ignored it. Once the demon began howling in laughter, the cat jumped up to the small beaten girl and latched on with all its might, biting, howling, hissing in rage, hoping that its efforts would free the girl. The surprise of the redheaded girl quickly turned to panic, then full blown fear, a strange thing considering the demon that had defeated her didn't scare her in the slightest. The giant beast noticed the girls sudden fear and couldn't help but wonder why only now she was too terrified to scream. He didn't have the chance to wonder about that however.


The beast was too surprised about the sudden loud noise that came from the girl to react, as it found itself flying back through the hole in the wall it created using the girls head, and laying face up on his back on the lawn of the yard. After shaking the cob webs from its head, it lifted its head up to look at the hole from where it was thrown through, surprised that the girl had launched it thirty meters through the air, when up till now she had never shown signs of 'that' much strength. Its answer came when it saw its prey slowly stalking crouched down on its legs and hands like a cat, getting closer and closer to it.

"Neko-ken" The beast whispered softly to itself; however the whisper set the girl off and she charged at him at a speed not previously shown by the girl.

The beast barely had time to push its hands hard against the ground and spring back three feet before it was assaulted by the now temporarily insane girl. Six foot razor like energy blades that resembled cat claws extended from her hands slashing at the giant beast, carving multiple slashes into its flesh like a hot knife would through butter. After receiving a few slashes, the beast was able to regain its balance and bring up its defence, once again using its bracers to deflect all attacks on its body. Realising that her attacks on the giant beast were now useless, the girl began to circle the beast, bouncing around erratically, moving too fast for the monster to hit, probing his defences, looking for a chance to attack.

Unfortunately for her, on her third circle the beast got annoyed. It began speaking in its raspy voice, softly, sounding like the winds, speaking in a demonic language not heard in over six millennia "N MXLAOL DSHLXTL RUVE AQCBULHH, RUVE TNCL. ALHVCES DS TELH GZE HVQUA ILTECL DL. HLUA VZLD VE AQCBULHH" as it finished, it stretched its large clawed hands out in front of it, aiming its palm at the girl.

Without warning, the girl suddenly found herself engulfed by darkness. Out of the darkness hundreds upon thousands of tiny claws slashed against her body. The Neko-ken now broken, she could only stare in horror as she suddenly found herself back in her worst nightmare, the pit. Everywhere around her, the glowing eyes howled in a monstrous, torturous manner, slashing up her tiny body. After what seemed like eternity the darkness finally resided, leaving a naked, bloody and broken body lying in the middle of the lawn. Although she was still alive, the look in her eyes indicated otherwise, her will completely destroyed as she once again lived the horrible nightmare she faced as a child. The girl's body began to shiver on its own due to the cold on her naked body, blood poring out from all her wounds, colouring the grass in dark crimson red.

The demonic beast looked down upon the girl's broken form and laughed "You think that such a technique could defeat me? I am a demon lord, I know all about the strengths and weaknesses of such techniques, you never stood a chance."

The beast brought its arm above the girls head. A large sharp spike began to extend from its skin, dripping blood all over, preparing to finish off its prey. With one quick sweep it intended of impaling the girls head with its spiked arm. However just as it was about to kill the young girl, a bright white chain wrapped itself around its wrist and pulled its arm to the side, causing its spike to ram heavily into the ground, missing the girls head by millimetres. Before the monster had time to look for who stopped it, it was suddenly lit up by a lightning ball and a fire ball, knocking it back a few meters.

"Foul beast, you try to destroy an innocent girl's soul with your darkness. We will not allow you to do such. In the name of mars, I will punish you."

"In the name of Mercury"

"In the name of Jupiter"

"In the name of Venus"

"We are the sailor scouts, and we will not let you harm another soul. Prepare to be dusted."

Unfortunately for the four girls the beast had used their time to monologue as a chance to recover from the surprise attack and get to its feet. Narrowing its eyes at the fuku dressed girls it roared beastly and charged at the minor nuisances. The beast moved too fast for any of them to react and was about to impale the leader of the group, sailor mars, before it was struck in the eye from the side by a rose.

The beast roared in pain, covering its now bloody right eye, shielding it from another attack. With its clear eye it saw the new nuisance begin to monologue like the little girlies in front of it. Although it wanted revenge against these children who dared get between it and its prey, it wasn't dumb and new exactly who these new people were. Although not really wanting to leave, it knew it had severely hurt its prey both physically and mentally, thus it decided to leave and finish its prey off another time.

"Harming a young lady who wishes to improve herself in the way of the…" Tuxedo mask stopped in surprise as the beast was suddenly swallowed up be a black orb and disappeared.

Quickly pulling out the mercury computer, Sailor Mercury did a quick scan of the area to determine if the monster was still around. After all readings came back negative she quickly rushed over to the injured girl's side and began to scan her. "She has multiple fractured ribs, torn muscles, a broken bone on each her left and right arm indicate that she had used her arms to block some of its attack, and she has multiple stab wounds covering her body caused by the many jagged bones coming from the youma's body. Also the readings I am picking up on her mind also indicate she has received a severe mental attack also"

She turned around to face her companions, a clearly worried look covering her face "She has lost a lot of blood, if she doesn't receive medical attention soon she could die."

As the other three scouts and tuxedo clad man began to approach the hurt girl, they heard a group of panicked voices approach the hole in the compound wall.

Shampoo was on her way to her airen's to deliver him a nice delicious meal of drugged Ramen. Once she neared the Tendo dojo, she could hear the distinct sound of combat.

"Airen must be fighting with pig boy again. Airen is so strong; Shampoo can't wait till airen fall in love with her." She placed her hands over her cheeks to cover her girlish blush.

Unfortunately for her, during her spaced out time, a car drove by kicking up a puddle of water nearby and splashing the young amazon girl with water turning the once beautiful girl into a cute purple cat.

"Meow meow meow" 'Aya, stupid car turned me into cat again. Oh well, airen will have plenty of water to turn me back. Hope he isn't too hurt.' With that thought in mind, the small cat began to make its way towards the Tendo dojo entrance.

As Shampoo neared the compound's entrance she heard the loud sound of a dojo wall breaking down 'Today's fight seems to be more dangerous than usual.' However, her blood suddenly chilled when she heard the loud sounds of Ranma-chan screaming in pain and the sound of ground tearing up 'Airen is in trouble. I have to help him.'

Before the cat could do anything, she heard the sound of the outer compound wall slightly further down being destroyed and the sound of a telephone pole collapsing. Turning around to see what happened, she caught glimpse of a demon approaching Ranma. Her blood chilled further when she saw the condition Ranma was in and knew that she was in trouble. As the demon brushed of the large pole and began to pick Ranma up by the throat and gloat at Ranma, she knew in her current condition she could only do one thing to help Ranma; to make her go neko. With all the strength she could muster and anger towards the demon that would so badly harm her airen, she jumped at Ranma and latched on as hard as possible. She didn't care if she drew blood; she knew that Ranma would survive. All she could do was scare Ranma enough to make her go neko. Fortunately it didn't take long for Ranma to lose her mind and knock the demon away.

'Airen is still in grave danger. He is too injured to be able to defeat the beast, not to mention it won't take long before it stops the neko-ken. I must get grandmother, she can help Airen. If only pig-boy was here, he would be able to help airen.' The cat quickly turned around and began to sprint as fast as possible towards the Neko Hanten.

She barely got around the first turn before a kettle of hot water dropped on top of her head. Looking up with tears in her eyes she saw the worried eyes of Ryoga looking at her.

"What's the matter Shampoo, why are you in such a hurry?"

"Pig-boy please help. Airen in great danger. Giant beastly demon is killing him. Shampoo try to help, but all I could do was make Ranma go neko. It won't take long before airen is killed. Please help." The panicked Shampoo begged Ryoga.

"What do you mean Ranma's in trouble? And why don't you have any clothes on you Chinese bimbo?" came the irritated voice of Akane Tendo from behind Shampoo.

Shampoo yelped and jumped into the air, turning around and getting into a defensive stance. Realising what Akane said, she looked down upon herself and found herself naked. In a blink of an eye, she was wearing full amazon battle garbs with twin heavy spiked bonbori in each hand.

"Now, now Akane, can't you see she's worried about something. Let her explain." scolded Nadoka Saotome, who was standing beside Akane with her two sisters Nabiki and Kasumi who had extremely white faces.

"What's the matter with you Shampoo, did Genma do something to her" concern for Ranma's safety clear on Nabiki's face.

Panicked and on the brink of tears, Shampoo said in an upset voice "Airen, I mean Ranma is dieing. Giant demon is killing him. You have to help, please save him."

Akane snorted "Yeah right. This is probably another one of your tricks to try and get Ranma. Well I'm not buying." She crossed her arms and gave the girl a cold look.

"Oh my." Said Kasumi "I don't think you should react that quickly Akane, Shampoo is covered in blood, and it doesn't look like hers."

Shampoo looked down upon herself and noticed that from top to bottom she had large red spots on her clothes from where Ranma's blood got on her while she clawed Ranma. Instantly her face paled as white as a sheet.

"NOO! Airen is hurt more then I thought. Please you must help, Airen is dieing." Shampoo was now openly crying, not caring about showing signs of weakness.

She was jerked slightly when she felt a hard hand grab her shoulder "Where is he Shampoo?" came the concerned voice of Ryoga from behind her.

She quickly turned around and looked him in the eyes with a pleading look "Shampoo last saw Ranma around the corner in front of Tendo residence. I had to get help to save him."

Ryoga looked over at Akane "I believe her Akane-san, we can't ignore her. Ranma might be dieing right now or dead. We have to hurry." He grabbed Shampoo's hand and began to run away from the dojo.

"Stupid pig boy, airen is the other way." screamed the frustrated Amazon.

"Sorry" he quickly spun around running towards the dojo, followed closely by the others.

As they neared the Tendo compound, they saw the damage littering the street. Rock and stone lay shattered around the street, a large wooden telephone pole lying down in the middle of the street.

"Sweat Kami" gasped Nabiki "This looks more like a war zone then the normal martial art battle that occur around here"

"Everything's fine. My child can't be beat. There isn't anything in this world or otherworld that could her" however her worried tone betrayed her feelings.

Kasumi had taken one look around and could only gasp.

Akane heard her gasp. She turned to look at her and saw her shaking violently "What's the matter Kasumi onee-chan?"

With a shaky finger, Kasumi pointed at the area where all the fighting occurred "S-s-so m-much b-b-b-blood" her voice sounded terrified, her body shaking violently.

Everyone looked at the area and gasped. Sure enough the entire area was blood red, as if someone grabbed a bucket of blood and painted the entire area with it.

Without further pause the group quickly rushed through the whole in the wall, only to find them selves standing face to face with the sailor scouts.

Mars studied the new group closely before speaking "Do you people know her?" She pointed her finger at the Ranma-chan who was lying face up on the ground, her empty eyes staring lifelessly up into the heavens.

She was shrouded by darkness, no longer swallowed by the darkness of the evil spell used on her, but the darkness within her soul. Ranma could only let out loud pitiful howls of crying, as memories long suppressed and forgotten were brought to the front of her mind. She could only sit and painfully watch her horrifying memories.

"Daddy, why are you doing this to me?" the small child cried out to his father.

"I will not have a weak son that thinks himself as a girl." yelled the half bald martial artist.

Thud Thud

The sounds of flesh meeting flesh resounded throughout the deserted empty building. The more his son wailed, the harder he would hit the boy.

"Stop crying like a girl, boy and take it like a man."

"Please daddy, I didn't mean it" the young boy cried "I'll take it back daddy, just please stop hitting me."

"SAY THAT AND MEAN IT!" yelled Genma, hitting his son so hard that it knocked Ranma unconscious.

Ranma was back in the darkness again. The sounds of her cries echoed around the darkness she hid in. Hoping; preying that the nightmares would leave her alone.

"Do you remember why he did that to us?" the soft voice of a little girl spoke, coming from all directions.

Ranma looked up to see who disturbed her, only to come face to face with a pair of crystal blue orbs that reflected her eyes. The small girl in front of her looked like her girl half, except she looked to be around five years old.

"Do you remember?" She asked again.

Ranma didn't want to remember. Something in her head told her it would hurt, it would be painful, and that she should forget. She remembered an old voice telling her once that if she forgot, then 'he' would leave her alone, and that one day he would save her from him.

"Don't you hear it? Grandpa has been calling for you for so long. But 'he'" She said the last word with a slight snarl "Was smart. 'He' didn't want you to be who you truly are. And he forced you to hate your true self. To loath yourself; and because of that you haven't been able to hear grandpa. Can you hear him now?"

"Raaaanmaaaaa" a soft whisper of the wind, barely audible enough for Ranma to hear.

Something in the voice struck Ranma. Deep inside she knew the voice was important somehow, that the voice once held an incredible promise. But it also sounded vaguely familiar, like she had heard the voice recently, but couldn't place a finger on it.

"Raaaanmaaaaa" the soft voice came again, slightly louder this time.

"W-who's there?" whispered a quite and scared Ranma.

"Remember Ranma and you will be freeeeee" the voice was old and wise, holding a sense of soothing in it.

Even though the voice was soothing, Ranma couldn't help but whimper and be afraid. She knew that somehow whatever it was that they wanted her to remember had hurt her greatly. That she had been punished immensely for her feelings, and that she would be punished more if she remembered.

"Remember. He can't hurt us now. We are too strong for him" said the child in front of her.

"No, no, no, no, no" Ranma whispered in a form of mantra.

"Remember Ranma" the voice in the wind getting slightly louder now.

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no'

Remember 'no' Remember 'no' REMEMBER

Ranma's world was spinning. She didn't want to remember, but something deep within herself wouldn't let her forget.

"REMEMBER!" yelled the loud booming voice of the wind.

'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo' Ranma screamed in her head, but could only scream in horror as all her memories came flooding back to her.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" Ranma's horror felt scream could be heard from miles around in the dark confines of her soul.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" a loud scream of absolute terror tore throughout the small clinic.

Without a moments pause, the sound of seven people racing towards the small room with the clinics most important patient sounded throughout the building. As the group of people arrived, they were greeted with the sight of Ranma-chan huddled up into a small ball on the bed, tears streaming down the sides of her face, mumbling inaudible words.

"Please stop it daddy. I didn't mean it. I will be good. Please not again. The kitties are mean" the soft whispers of Ranma's never ending plea to her father continued on, unaware of the people in the room.

"I guess it's all true. Ranma really was tortured for who and what she was. She didn't know better back then, but yet…" said a very upset looking Tofu.

"I thought it was all a joke. I didn't believe that you were right. To think I hit her every moment I got. I'm a monster" Akane fell down to her knees, loud wrecking sobs heard from her form.

Sniff Sniff Kasumi wiped the tears from her eyes "Oh Ranma, why didn't I see anything. Why didn't I realise how much pain you were in. I'm so, so sorry"

"It's alright Kasumi; it's not your fault. I mean, I am very observant and yet I didn't even notice. Poor Ranma, you were always like a little brother. I am sorry for how cold I have been to you" said Nabiki, whose mask of ice shattered hours ago.

"Ranma I am so very so I have put you through so much trouble since you visited our small village. If only I had noticed the signs" said Cologne, who now showed her full three hundred years of age in this moment.

Nadoka walked slowly towards her daughter's bed, tears streaking down her face. Lying down on the bed next to Ranma, she hugged her daughter tightly "Shhhhh Ranma, mommies here. She won't let anything hurt you now baby. Shhhhh"

Nobody could seem to cause Ranma to respond, she just looked right through everyone is if they weren't there, still huddled up into a ball. Not until she saw the form of the one person in the world she never thought she would see again.

"Grandpa?" came a confused whisper from Ranma.

"Hello cutie, how are you feeling?"

Ranma's face began to scrunch up tighter, barely holding back a torrent of sadness "H-h-h-how? I-i-i-i k-k-k-killed you"

Happousai looked down at her tear ridden face 'I am gone for a few hours and this happens. I have spent the last year trying to find out what Genma did to her to make her forget. Instead when she finally remembers, she is a complete wreck. Just what the hell did that fat bastard do to her when I left her with him?'

"I am so sorry Ranma. I broke my promises to you. I said I would protect you from him, but from your current state, it seems I failed. I am so, so sorry" great sorrow filled Happousai's voice.

"W-w-what do you mean grandpa?"

Unfortunately she suddenly realised what he meant as her eyes suddenly went dim and she remembered that day clearly with absolute clarity.

"NOOOOOOOOOO! AAAAHHHHHHHH!" Ranma's terror filled scream resounded throughout the clinic once again, her body wrecked with powerful sobs.

"Please no daddy, stop it. AAAAHHHHH!" suddenly she stilled, her loud sobs heard by all.

Happousai tore his eyes from the distraught Ranma and turned his now angry gaze to Tofu "Where is he? Where is that bastard?"

"Last time I checked, he was getting drunk at a bar in the middle of Juuban, complaining about how his worthless boy is just a sissy girl" all of the rooms residence turned towards the door where a very lovely woman with green hair, wearing a very skimpy set of clothing.

"Thank you lady Pluto. Thank you very much" the sound of weapons brought to the ready resounded throughout the room.

The demons words spoken in the lost language are "I pledge myself unto darkness, unto fire. Destroy my foes who dare stand before me. Send them to darkness." If you want to know if I just did gibberish or not, think of it a bit like code. I replaced letters of the alphabet with random letters. I just couldn't be bothered creating a whole new language just for demons, thus a simple letter swap was all I used.

Ok second chapter finished. The original version had a very different last scene, however as I writ up the prologue, I realised that I needed to change this chapter to keep storyline correct. The last scene did originally say what was wrong with Ranma, however I decided to make Ranma a bit more traumatized from the past. Although she had originally been scared of Genma in the scene, now she is barely functional.