This was written a while ago as a post at an RPG, so if it seems kinda confusing it's because it was written by three different people. Every few paragraphs will be written by one person/character, and the next few will be there other person/character responding. My friend played Lily, my other friend played Harry, and I played James. As of now, it's a one shot AU fic.

James grinned. School had started again which meant that he was free from the watchful eyes of his parents. He had felt more cooped up this year than the last, though it was probably just him. Perhaps it was because his mother had constant been trying to straighten out his hair even when he and his father told her it was a pointless thing to do. Everything she had tried failed - mostly due to the fact that James found a way to undo it in the end, with a girl on his face and laughter in his heart.

Between the time James had spent in the house and sending owls off to various people, he found a vast amount of time to fool around like a muggle. Of course, both his parents found his antics a little strange, albeit that he meant no harm to muggles, he just found them strange and amusing, and was told by many at Hogwarts that he acted most like a muggle. With that finally said the boy threw himself onto one of the couches in the Gryffindor common room with a Charms book in hand.

He listened idly to the chatter that flew about the common room and couldn't help but to grin as he opened his book, of course, he wasn't about to actually read it just yet. Ha, he was merely looking at the words, and the illustrations within the book, trying to memorize the different motions of the arm, and the flick of the wrist. Well, he wasn't actually trying to memorize the as much as he was just trying to make himself look well - busy as he was toying with the many possibilities that could be done this year. He suppressed his grin from widening further, Merlin only knows what people would be thinking if that saw James Potter grinning while reading a book.

A book which title he hadn't yet looked at, he only knew that it was a Charms book simply because on the spine of the book it read in clear, bold gold letters: CHARMS. Well, fancy that, may be that was the title of the book. Bit silly really. Why would there be a book called Charms? Why not Charms For the Everyday Wizard or Witch? Now James was just thinking too hard.

"Bloody brilliant," James mused lightly to himself randomly as his eyes actually skimmed a page, and he read a full paragraph with out skipping a word. Oh, mother would be proud. Again, he stopped his grin from widening. There had to be something seriously wrong with this boy, else he was just like that all the time.

No, no. He was only like this well - wait. No. He was always like this.

Most were excited that school had once again begun for another year, though Lily was one of the few that weren't entirely so. Sure, she was glad to be able to get away from her elder sister, whom spent the whole summer trying to ruin every moment of it for Lily. However, with school brought more work for Lily as well. It was no surprise that she held a book in her hand, as she made her way out of her dorm room. She needed to be prepared for the coming lessons if she intended to keep the top marks she normally got.

She made her way down the stairs which lead to her house common room, only to find the person she least wanted to see sitting on one of the couches surrounding the fireplace. She couldn't help but let out a frustrated sigh as the boy's messy black hair came into focus, causing her to rethink what she would do. It would be easier to simply make way for the door and go study in the library. No, she would stand her ground, and demand that he were the one to leave from the place she normally read. What could he possibly be doing anyways?

As she neared the boy, her eyebrow shot up as she saw what he happened to be doing. Reading. What a foreign concept for someone such as himself. She couldn't help but let out a chuckle of disbelief, knowing that he was either not even reading the words on the page, or perhaps using the paper for a piece of scrap. Oh merlin, she only wished that she happened to have a camera so she could take a picture of this moment in time. She got close enough to hear him mumble to himself, though not loud enough that she could even make out the words he said.

"Talking to yourself again Potter?" She asked from behind him, only making her presence known then. She looked at him with annoyance, being that he was sitting on the couch she had intended to sit on. However, there was no chance that she would actually share the thing with the boy, and gracefully sat down in the one next to it. "But then again, what should I have expected from you," she commented bitterly. It was obvious she and him weren't exactly best friends, or even friends in the least.

"Since when have you taken on the hobby of actually looking at your textbooks?" She questioned as she gently placed her own textbook on her lap. "I didn't actually think that you even knew how to." She let a smug look cross her face as she said so.

It wasn't that uncommon for James to have a book in his hands. It was just uncommon that he would actually be reading said book. Which would why, at that very moment, happened to seem like one of those once in a life time type of things, he was sure. He highly doubted that it would happen again anytime soon - or so he hoped, well, outside of class anyway. While in class, he actually had to pay attention. Best way to keep all focus off of himself unless he wanted some attention. Well, actually just make a scene, but then again making a scene also caused him, or whoever made the scene to get attention.

Funny how those things worked.

Still, as James sat there, his eyes seemingly glued to the book, he hadn't bothered a glance around the common room, which was also rather unlike him. The pictures within the book completely had his eye. He was listening, however, to the sounds of people chatting in the background, of how they thought this year would turn out. James thought it would be just like the rest. Boring, with a pinch of mischief on the Marauders half. What else could be expected of him? He lived for a good joke, and just to cause mischief, it was like what he was raised to do. Only not.

And here his mother had told him to try and keep out of trouble this year. She didn't want another owl saying that her son had turned a Slytherin fourth years hair a disgusting shade of green, when the natural hair color was blonde. It wasn't that much of a change! Besides, it looked rather smashing if you asked James. Of course, he couldn't stop grinning about that for hours after it had happened, even during the summer when he had been lectured on it, and why he shouldn't have done such a thing. He had just done his best to look as innocent as possible while grinning. It hardly worked.

Sighing dramatically James lowered his book a little to look up, even though he knew the voice rather well. How could he not? "Of course not, Evans," the boy said as he glanced up at the redheaded girl. "I knew you were there all along, didn't you know?" James asked sarcastically as he brought up the book once more, flipping the page letting his eyes scan the text quickly without reading a word before he glanced at the pictures. Yes, the two of them were almost anything but friends, and James took great pleasure in toying with the girl. It was fun to him to see her all bothered.

"Oh, I'm hurt, Evans, really." James said lowering the book with his left hand to place a hand over his heart dramatically. "It pains me to know that you think so little of me," he said before lowering his right hand, a smug looking grin now playing across his lips. Oh, he loved his. And to think, he actually missed this, talking with Lily like he did. Strange that.

She wasn't surprised that a dramatic sigh escaped the boy's lips in front of her, it was such a typical Potter behavior. She also shouldn't have been surprised when he looked up towards him, being that she knew she wasn't the only one that normally threw the insults at the boy. It went both ways. Since their first year on the train coming to Hogwarts, where she had literally bashed right into the boy, which had caused her whole entire trunk to go flying, it seemed like the insults never did stop. It was something they were known for, and Lily was surely never going to allow him to get the last laugh.

She pursed her lips as the boy lied, or so she guessed it was a lie. "Really?" She asked with an air of annoyance about her tone. "Well then Potter, you would make a fabulous actor, being that you surely fooled me," she said to him, though it came out no more then an insult, even if it would seem like those words would be used as a mere compliment. Lily wasn't about to make the boy's head any bigger then it already was. She hardly knew how he could fit it through the door leading into the common room, being the arrogant prick that he was.

"And I honestly thought you were extremely into whatever you happen to be reading," she added with a slight pause at the end. "Yet, my mistake. I really should have remembered this was James Potter I was thinking about." She wouldn't have been surprised if he never had read a word of the book in front of him, but she was almost positively certain that he hadn't known she had been there the entire time.

She let out a cold chuckle, rolling her eyes in the process. Really, she was a sweetheart, yet when it came to James Potter her stubborn flare and temper took control of her actions. "I'm sure it hurts Potter," she said, before flipping her own book open. She turned to the page that she had ended at, though she didn't continue to read right away. She lifted her eyes off the book and back onto the boy in front of her. "Honestly, don't you have anywhere better to be? Why don't you run along and go be the annoying prick you are somewhere else?" She suggested. Sure, he had been here first, but he was doing no good anymore. All he was doing was causing trouble, and he could easily do that with his little group of boy's somewhere else.

The boy could only grin. Oh, he was quite used to hearing insults from that girl, he'd been getting them from her ever since they first met. He swore that she should have been placed into Slytherin, and cursed when she hadn't been. It was a crying shame. Nevertheless, with the two of the in the same house for the past five years, going on their sixth, the insults had yet to stop flying, and James was very determined to have the last say as well as the last laugh. Well, that and the possibility of a date, but then that was just the teenage boy in him right there. He was a show off for most of the girls at Hogwarts as it was.

"Flattered, really," James replied coyly, batting his eyelashes mockingly, however he couldn't help but to run a hand through his mess of hair, only further ruffling it. People who knew him well enough would probably have rolled their eyes at that action. It was sort of his way of saying 'Does my hair look alright?' without actually saying, or fixing it. The bed head look was his, and it had claimed him at a young age, and he rather liked it, never mind what people often thought of him because of it. After all, everyone had their own style. James' happened to be his messy hair.

James smirked. Snapping his book shut he tossed it lightly onto the small table in-between the two couches and folded his arms behind his head, relaxing as he sat there. "Of course, the one and only," James said, arching his eyebrows as he glanced at the girl across from him. "I'd bow but my arse is perfectly comfortable where it is, and would rather not get up for such a task." As he said this James had actually looked over and down towards his bottom and gave a small shrug before continuing to smirk. James, James. "I was into what I was reading - if you count the pictures, that is."

The boy snorted. "I, Evans, have every right to be here, as you do," James said, bringing his arms from behind his head to rest on his knees as he lent forward, glancing at the redhead before him from behind his glasses before he lent back in his seat once more, glancing idly around the common room, grinning every once and a while. "Besides, if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have been the 'annoying prick' that I am." He was hardly doing a thing. He hadn't done a thing yet. So far all he had done was responded to the girl before him, there was no harm in that, was there? James gave a small huff as he looked upward, to the ceiling, half tempted to start humming, just to further annoy the girl.

A frown lay firmly on her lips, whereas all he could seem to have on his own was a grin. She had seen it many times before, the same grin that seemed to frustrate her to know end. She felt her cheeks burn the slight color of pink, annoyance boiling inside her. What gave him the right to do nothing but grin at her? It made her feel like her words weren't having the slightest influence on him, and that didn't make her the slightest bit happy. It was her goal to make him suffer, the way he seemed to make many other students do with him and his best friend Sirius taunting them. Yet, time and time again all she got in return happened to be a grin.

She could only groan at this. "Potter, the comment wasn't meant to be a compliment. Anything but," she stated. She watched in disgust as he ran a hand through his hair, something that caught the attention of many girls in their school. She really didn't understand why he felt the need to mess up his already messy hair, or why it seemed to attract the attention of so many girls. She was glad that it didn't have that kind of effect over her, but really, when would James of all people have that kind of effect over her.

"I really don't think you could do any more damage to that mess of stuff you happen to call hair," she said flatly, her eyes shifting from his face, towards his hair, then back towards his face. She had known him to do it since they first met, some probably even called it his 'signature' look. It was old in her own opinion. She was snapped out of her thoughts as the book in his hands was firmly closed, and tossed onto the table in front of her. She didn't understand how he could do just a thing to a valuable book.

She shook her head at him, as he seemed to get comfortable where he happened to be sitting. It seemed like there would be no luck that he would be moving anytime soon, a tragedy in Lily's case. "Ah, so you were into what you were reading?" She asked, but didn't allow him time to respond. He really had just said the answer to her question anyways. "So you didn't actually know I was behind you the whole time, being that you couldn't have if you were 'into' what you were reading," she finished, before a proud smirk came to her lips. Finally, she had proved him wrong, and there happened to be no way he could defend himself.

A frown covered her lips once again. He wasn't going anywhere, and considering all her dreadful 5'3" body couldn't very well push him away. He would stay as long as he liked, and seeing as how it would annoy Lily to a great extent, he probably didn't intend on moving either. She watched him silently as he leaded forward, as though to inspect her. She didn't like the close proximity he was putting her at, and she simply leaned back into the chair.

She let out a frustrated sigh, before opening the book once again to the page she had finished at. She still didn't continue to read, and glanced up from the page once more. "Honestly Potter, I doubt you wouldn't have said anything rude or obnoxious if I simply sat down here and read without speaking a word to you," she stated with anger, before finally silencing herself and beginning to read. It was a few moments of complete silence that she finally looked up once more, to find the boy still there. "Are you sure you don't have anywhere to go?" She asked with hope, but she knew the answer pretty much already.

Don't get mad, get glad. Don't get glad, get even. Don't get even, get mad. That was exactly how James' mind worked, and that was the only reason he seemed to always be grinning while sharing insults with Lily. He didn't know why he always found himself grinning around her when they started to bicker. It was just something of a second nature, he supposed. Besides, it was always a funny thing to see just how - bothered he could get the Gryffindor girl get. It was all innocent fun! Besides, the words she said did effect him, of course they just drove him to grin more and more.

James simply rolled his eyes. "I was being sarcastic, Evans. I thought You would have known that," he said with a shrug of his shoulders. It was hardly like James was trying to get Lily's attention, he just ran a hand through his hair as a sort of an impulse. It was a guy thing. Though he probably got the habit from hanging around Sirius as much as he did in his younger years at Hogwarts. Even if the two of them really weren't much of friends in their first. But they got on well enough.

"At least I can call mine hair." James said shortly, his eyes still on the ceiling before his eyes drifted over to the girl, studying her for a moment. Or rather her hair. He couldn't help but grin again. Yes. He had been the same way about his hair for as long as he could remember. Which wasn't saying much for the young Potter. Then again he also let on like he was quite the stupid, show off-y boy that most people saw him as. He just had his reasons for the things that he does. Or so he thought.

James just often times confused himself, if not others. Hopefully more the latter.

Looking back to Lily who say just across from him, James smirked. "Don't hurt yourself there, Evans," He said just before standing up, taking his book with him. He stretched for a brief moment before walking to a near by table and taking a seat in it. Of course, he turned the chair around so that the back of it was facing the table so that he could lean back in it without falling backwards. Again, he opened his book, however to some random page. A slight pout crossed his face has he realized that there wasn't a picture on the page and he quickly flipped to the next, grinning as there was a picture.

Oh yes, James Potter could seem like such the five year old. But what more could be expected. His parents had never yet told him to grow up, only to behave. Probably not the smartest thing on their halves.

"Ouch," James said, looking up at the girl once more from over the top of his book. "Oh, c'mon now, Evans, you've never actually gave that one a try, have you?" He continued, managing to hold back his grin, however not for long. He was loving this, really he was. And it wasn't really quite like him because if you noticed he was beginning to back down slightly. He did move away from the girl after all, didn't he? That had to be some sort of sign, unless he had gotten tired of sitting on the couch and just needed a change of seat, which very well could have been the reason.

"But Lily," James started in an annoyingly fake whine. "I just love these lovely chats of ours!" He said, a bit of his grin coming through. Right. So much for backing down a bit. He shrugged as he glanced back to his book where he, gasp, actually began to read once again, and not look at the pictures. "Seriously though," he continued, his voice void of any mockery, sarcasm, or anything of the sort. "Not at the moment. At least, not until they decide to unlock the broom shed that is," James finished with a small sigh. He felt cooped up - no matter where he went at the moment. He couldn't go fly his broom yet. The she was locked until next week. And Sirius was no where in sight…. Neither were the rest of the Marauders for that matter.

Lily simply ignored the comment, and went back to reading. She wasn't going to waste her energy on him of all people, most defiantly when he acted this way. He had a way of getting her all bothered, a way no one else seemed to get to her. Sure, his dear best friend Sirius Black had a tendency to do as well, but not to such an extent. He simply knew the buttons to push to make her angry, and push he did. She tried hard not to listen to his rude and annoying comments, but it never worked. He knew this too, sadly because she couldn't hide her emotions when with him. Damn him was all she happened to think.

Just as she previously thought, he knew exactly what button to press. It wasn't obvious to others that Lily was self-conscious about her looks, mostly because she did happen to be one of the few students in school that held such red hair and vibrant green eyes. Also, it didn't help that her sister had constantly made fun of the way she looked since her childhood, being that Petunia held only plain brown hair and eyes to match. However, even though his words twisted her inside, she didn't let herself go this time. She wasn't going to let him have the privilege of seeing her angry because of it, not with that silly little grin still on his lips.

"Potter, I would hardly call yours hair," she replied sharply, before dropping her eyes back down onto the book. He was an arrogant little rude boy; one that she could hardly believe could be sorted into Gryffindor. She felt that he would be much better suited for Slytherin, being the troublemaker him and his friends happened to be.

She shot her eyes up once more, her cheeks reddening slightly. The nerve of the boy, he really wasn't about ready to leave her alone. It didn't help that his grin resurfaced, after only a few moments of it being controlled by the boy. "What are you grinning at Potter?" She asked sternly, not wanting to loose her temper. No, that wouldn't be good at all.

She glanced up from her book, and glared at the boy. His whiny voice was enough to make her want to scream, and defiantly make her want him to leave even more so. She hadn't intended on that to be his answer, though she shouldn't have been that surprised. It seemed like he would rather make her life hell then go and do something other then that for once. With his friends nowhere in sight, she should have known that he wouldn't have simply shrugged, got up and left for somewhere else. This was James Potter.

Her expression softened slightly, yet only very slightly. It seemed as though his words were filled with nothing but truth, even though she wished it wasn't what he had said. She cursed the broom sheds for not being open, because if they were, they wouldn't be having the conversation they happened to be having at the current moment. Then an idea came to her mind, though she wasn't exactly proud of it. However, if it helped get rid of the boy so she could get some peace and read, then she would suggest whatever it took.

A grin came to her lips, one that only suggested that a brilliant plan came to her mind. "Honestly Potter, when have you of all people gone along with the rules. You do have a wand, one that could possibly open the broom shed," she said, but was slightly ashamed of herself. She was a prefect, having only just gotten to be one that year. Yet, if it got the annoying boy away from her, it was worth it, right?

James grinned all the more. Oh, he loved this. You'd actually start to think that this was all just some sort of game for the boy, and that it would never end. The thing was; Lily was the only girl James did this to. The Slytherin girls got it far worse than this, and girls form other houses and his own only got a light tease from the boy. James, it seemed, had it in for the poor redhead. And it was true. James Potter was infatuated with Lily Evans, of course he would never admit to such a thing, but it was true - and he knew that he would probably get an earful from the Marauders about it as well. It was a wonder that they hadn't caught on, the signs were all there.

"At least people know mine is real," James replied brightly through a grin, though he didn't bother looking up again. He knew she was getting angry with him. He was managed to do that with her. And he loved it. She just looked cute when she was all worked up and bothered over something that he had said or done to her, however he expected that Lily would die had she ever heard him say that about her, that or hex him dead. Probably the latter of the two.

He never stopped grinning. He just continued to look at Lily after she said that for a moment. He really should stop this little game that had been going on since their first year. But really it was just too hard for the boy to stop such a thing. "You tell me, Evans," James answered coolly, leaning back in his chair some more, book still in hand.

When Lily had sent him a glare James almost fell over laughing. Instead he turned the page in his book, and visibly paled. In the top corner of both pages that were facing him the initials L.E. were glaring up at in circled by a heart. He choked for a moment silently before casting a quick glance at the girl just a few feet from him before quickly turning the page, fumbling a bit in doing so. Oh, Merlin, he was such the teenage boy.

"Give me a spell that'll lift the magic lock placed on it and I'll be on my merry way," James said plainly, looking up over his book to Lily once more before becoming engrossed with the text for once, and for a few moments, he had gone completely silent, and it was clear that he was actually reading, albeit the fact that it was something he had learned in first year. He was reading all the same. It was just one of those rare moments.

The red tinge of her cheeks didn't dim any at his next comment, only did it get brighter. She cursed herself for having the genes that made her cheeks flush much easier then most. She had enough of the teasing directed to her hair, being that his comment was completely true. She couldn't even count all the times that people have asked her if red happened to be her natural hair color, each time only getting a firm response from her that it was indeed. Sure, redheads were rare, but it wasn't as though she had put a spell on it to turn that color. She had never really liked standing out so much with her vibrant red hair, though over time had learnt to deal with it, but she wouldn't have chosen this for herself.

"At least my hair isn't a boring black like yours happens to be," she snapped. Yes, Lily Evans was sensitive when it came to her looks, being one of the many reasons that her elder sister had tormented her in her youth. Not only in did her sister do so, but all her sisters elder friends joined in as well. Many horrible memories were left for Lily to suffer, though she learnt only to grow from the experiences and become stronger. "And, at least mine is easy to tame," she added quickly, a smirk covering her lips. It was true, hers did fall perfectly straight onto her shoulders, that was until she did end up getting it wet. But even then it only had curls in it.

"I wouldn't have asked if I knew Potter," Lily said with frustration. Really, if she had known the answer as to why he feels the need to grin at her, then would she have asked? Of course not. Lily didn't like coming off as stupid, and if she had known the answer, she wouldn't have asked it. As far as she knew, he simply did it to get under her skin, and make her want to smack the thing off his lips the moment it appeared. That really was the only real reason in her own opinion.

Lost in her own thoughts, she hadn't even noticed the boy pale before her, and quickly glance in her direction. If she had, she would have only guessed he had caught the flu or anything of that sort. She caught sight of him fumbling with his pages, but she knew he probably had only found a page with no pictures, and was eager to find one with pages. Honestly, James was such a teenage boy. But she guessed they all happened to be. Girls did mature faster then boys.

She paled slightly at that, knowing that she wouldn't be able to do such a thing. Telling him to break the rules was one thing, but breaking the rules herself was another. She couldn't simply tell him how to unlock it, even though she could probably think of a few off the top of her head. She was a prefect after all, and telling him to do something like that was almost bad enough. She decided to let her suggestion pass, and ignore his own. She was in no way going to end up getting her prefect privileges taken away because she simply wanted to boy to leave her some peace.

She soon caught that he was actually reading, at least she thought he happened to be, considering his eyes moved across the letters and he simply wasn't staring at the pictures anymore. "Really, I need a camera to take a picture of this," she teased, yet not as mean as she had been.

Almost as if to see what she was talking about, James pulled down a bit of his hair so that he could just barely see it. His eyes crosses as he attempted to look at it, and he ended up furrowing his brows. He liked his hair. He got it from his dad, whom his mum told him he took after, of course he didn't believe her. And being a boy, he was never that worried about his looks, even if his hair did stick out in every direction. Though there were times when he would charm his hair a dark shade of brown just for the fun of it. It would only last an hour, but that was enough for him.

"Hey, hey now, be nice, be nice," James said quickly, glancing about the room, almost prying nobody saw them talking. Well, bickering. Though James didn't mind his hair being talked about he did mind, in a sense. "I happen to like my hair, thank you. I get it from my dad," he said, a pout slowly filtering across his face. Though he quickly got rid of it. After all, he couldn't be seen pouting around the girl, could he? Oh, Merlin. Something was wrong with him.

"Bugger," the boy sighed. "And I was hoping that you would know, too." James said, shaking his head, acting as if he didn't know the reason as to why he had been grinning. It was funny, the way he could change his perspectives. From knowing what he was doing, to not knowing, and then to wondering. Of course he knew all along why he had been grinning - though he wasn't about to come out and tell her that the reason why was because that she looked cute when she was mad. Until then, he did it just to get under her skin.

And if you asked James, he did a good job of it, too. He was privately glad, however, that she didn't see him pale or glance over his shoulder for that matter. God knows that he would simply have died. Poor James. The teen years weren't so great for him - but then again, they were. In a sense that is.

At that James wrinkled his nose, looking up shortly before glancing back down to the book and turning the page. Again, he was glad that he was no longer right across from the girl; a light pink had spread across his cheeks. In the corner of the pages he had just turned to held another heart around the initials L.E.. Either James had been extremely bored, or he really did have it in for Lily. Possibly both. He did did his best to ignore that heart and continued to read.

"I read," James grumbled, "Just not all the time."

Lily's eyebrow shot up as the words left his mouth. It would seem as though he were a little sensitive when the subject turned to his own hair. She couldn't have been more pleased to hear this, and not solely because she had finally been able to hit a button of his. She finally felt like she wasn't alone, though she wouldn't dare let herself say that out loud. She was having a hard time even admitting to herself that she was happy that her and James Potter happened to be in the same boat for something.

"Someone's sure sensitive about his hair," she muttered under her breath. Hypocrite much on her part, considering she too was slightly sensitive on the subject if directed to herself. That didn't stop her from pointing it out anyways. It had always been something that came easily to her, having been able to point out her own faults quite easily as well.

"Potter, last time I checked I couldn't read minds," she said in a rude manner. The last thing she felt like doing was having a nice little chat with the boy she loathed to no end. All she had wanted to do was sit in silence and read her book. She really regretted even coming down, knowing that she would have been safer in the security of her own room. Shame she hadn't thought of the possibility of running into an annoyance. It just so happened the annoyance was James Potter himself.

Though, she had to admit he wasn't nearly as bad when he was with his group of friends. Oh, they were positively dreadful together. All four of them. Yet she really didn't mind Remus Lupin in the least, him being the only one that seemed to cause the less trouble.

She raised her eyebrow at the statement made from the boy in front of her. If she were actually observing the boy closely in front of her, she'd see the light pink color that had spread onto his cheeks. Thankfully, the last thing she wanted to do was stare at the boys face. She knew that would have either busted his already engulfed ego, or caused for more ridicule her way. Not that she even felt the need to look at him.

"I'm sure you do Potter," she replied shortly after the comment was made. "Just like I cause trouble, just not all the time…" It was obvious sarcasm that came from her mouth, though really, what would others expect. She didn't feel the need to be nice to those that hardly showed the same in return.

James sat there, grumbling quietly to himself. He didn't quite like the fact that Lily now knew one area he was sensitive about, even though it really shouldn't have. That very fact was going to bother him like nothing else for the rest of the day, he hadn't even begun to put two and two together and realize that the two of them were both on the same page about their hair. He was simply fuming over the fact that she had managed to get under his skin; something that Slytherin only ever did. He would congratulate, if he wasn't worried about that boosting her ego.

"Bloody bird," he muttered quietly to himself looking back at the book he was holding. It wasn't as if he couldn't get off of the subject, because he could. However, this was one of those…first time experiences for him, and well, he wasn't taking it so well. With something else uttered from under his breath, he ran a hand through his hair absentmindedly.

James sighed rather dramatically. "Evans, last time I checked, you weren't such a stick in the mud," he said with another sigh as he flipped a page in the book. He could go on for hours with this type of 'conversation', even if there was no real one happening. Silence wasn't something that the boy was known for, and probably would never be known for. He was loud, he had an ego, and he really couldn't keep still for the life of him, and by keep still, I mean keep his mouth shut. It was quite obvious that he enjoyed being a complete, and utter annoyance to Lily Evans. He was running on his sixth year of it.

The sad part of it? He was a guy. Of course, he was a guy, but all guys got crushes. His happened to be Lily herself. That wasn't quite a safe crush either. He always managed to push one of her buttons at least once a day, if not five times a day. On several occasions, he ended up running for his dear life.

The sixteen year old arched his eyebrows, giving the girl a sideways look before he laughed. He caught the sarcasm that she spoke with, thus his next comment. "Which is why, my dear Lily," James began, snapping his book shut for the effect. "You are such a stiff," he finished, unable to hold back a cheeky smirk. He probably shouldn't have said that exactly, but hey, it was the truth. And his mum was always trying to get him to tell the truth, wasn't she? In any case, he found it truthful. At least to some point.

He probably could have done without making that exact comment, though it was the fist to come out of his mouth. James Potter wasn't exactly known for thinking before he spoke. He was known for thinking after his spoke, and usually ended up diving behind a couch or behind a tree.

"Honestly, Evans, you're not gonna be young forever," he said with a nod of his head, still smirking. "You might as well try to at least live a little, and have some fun."

She ignored the comment; opening her book once more and flipping to the page she had almost finished up reading. What right did he have to make such a statement? He didn't know her any better then he knew how to read. The only things he knew about her were mostly assumptions, or things he had heard from others. The two had never really gotten along long enough to have a decent conversation to really get to know the other.

And that was her last straw. To think he could just continue on with the verbal abuse and she'd simply sit back and take it was a laugh. Silently she got up from her seat, a livid look written across her face. Her face was practically red with anger, much like the color of her hair. Without thinking twice, she slammed her book down onto the table he had placed himself at, trying hard to make as much of a racket as she possibly could. The boy had pushed far too many buttons for her liking, and she wouldn't stand it any longer.

Oh did she have a temper, she did happen to be a redhead after all.

"For your information Potter, one can have fun without breaking all the school rules possible," she stated with a forceful tone to her voice. She reached across the table, snatching the stupid book that had caused the whole conversation from his grasp. Not even giving a glance at the page he had been reading, lucky for James, she once again slammed the book forcefully on the table on top of her own. She wanted to reach out her hands and strangle the boy then and there, but knew that would most definitely be frowned upon when she was suppose to be setting a mature example for the other students.

"And you are most definitely not one to be talking as though you know me in any way," she snapped at him, glaring at him as though wishing the floor would open up and swallow him whole. Oh if only such things were possible, then life would be good. "And really, we are far from acquaintances." She finished, almost shouting the words at him. She would not let him use her as his little puppet, doing and saying what he pleased, just waiting to see which strings to pull to make her squirm.

Oh, no. James didn't think he'd could continue with the verbal abuse, and not expect her to take it all as a type of joke. He wanted to get her mad. He said everything that he had no right to say, and he did it all on purpose. People often thought of him as big headed, a leader of a group of mischief makers, and a royal pain in the arse. However, when it came to Lily? She just happened to get down to the hard, cold truth. And that had happened upon their first meeting on the Hogwarts Express back at the beginning of their first year. From the words of "Did someone jinx your hair?" to "Ever hear of a brush?" The insults just continued to come, back and forth, with no stop. James had even thought, and still thinks, that the red head should have been placed into Slytherin. The amazing thing? He had almost been placed there because of the things he was thinking at the time.

The boy jumped up and out of his chair when the girl slammed her book down on the table. His eyebrows arched instantly, and he knew right there that she was right ticked with him. He would have made some crack about her face now matching the color of her hair, but didn't want to risk the chance of being strangled by the girl. As most people in the Gryffindor house knew? Lily Evans was the only girl, within Hogwarts, that scared James.

Which may have been the reason he liked her so much.

"Whoa," James blurted just as the book was snatched from his hands. There was a fleeting moment of panic, where he swore his heart did a flip, and stop for a total of a second. Luckily for him, Lily didn't read the page he had been on. If she had, oh, Merlin only knows what would have happened if she had. There was even the likely way that he would have gotten strangled, if not slapped. "Oh, that I know, Evans," James managed to snicker. "One doesn't become a total rule breaker from already being a total rule breaker," he said, eyeing the girl carefully.

No sudden movements, Potter. The boy told himself.

"Oh, look who's talking," he snapped back. He had her right there, and he knew he did. "'Since when have you taken on the hobby of actually looking at your textbooks? I didn't actually think that you even knew how to.'" He mocked harshly, glaring back at the girl before he made a grab for his book. "Maybe I should have broken into the broom shed," he boy grumbled to himself, before the girl started shouting again. "Well, really, if we are far from acquaintances, then - by Merlin's white beard, did you even bother to say a thing when you came in here?" James shouted back, louder, drawing more attention to the two of them.

Harry had a hard time concentrating on anything, of late, and it's not as if he actually wanted to. It was far too tempting to strike out in search of the Marauders and examine the infamous Gryffindor team, perhaps even become a part of it. Despite the dire warnings from others (mostly Hermione, of course) that interfering with the past when he had absolutely no idea how they'd got there in the first place was probably a bad idea, he couldn't help his thoughts from drifting. And charms homework simply did not seem as interesting when he had an entire past to uncover. More than once, as he flipped through the pages in his charms text, he found himself nearly falling asleep. It wasn't even that late, yet, and if only he knew where Ron was he might actually have had something to do. Something which didn't require reading the same line over and over again in his head, without ever comprehending the meaning of what had been written.

Nobody in the seventh year Gryffindor boy's dorm had anything to say to Harry right now. Not the one lone dreamer who'd fallen asleep and was currently snoring on his four-poster bed with a potions text sprawled open over his chest. Harry set his book down and crawled off his bed, stretching and yawning. He'd had enough of studying, and Hermione wasn't anywhere in sight to force him onward. With a last rather distasteful look around the mostly empty room, Harry started heading downstairs where he might find something more interesting to do. About half way down the steps, though, he heard voices, and angry voices at that. It almost reminded him of Ron and Hermione, and how they bickered so much, only these two sounded much less tolerant towards each other. He flinched when some of the words finally became clear. Though he was sure the voice was almost familiar.

Harry tread the floor carefully from his spot on the stairs to the base, where he could peer around the corner and see a black-haired boy who looked remarkably like him blinking up at a very angry-looking red head. Harry felt a jolt of excitement upon recognizing the two: His parents. Only right now he could not see how they could have possibly ended up together, and what he had seen of them a few times before left absolutely no doubt in his mind. James had no chance with Lily if he didn't change his attitude, and soon. Not that Harry was too worried about that, it just made him wonder what had happened between his parents' sixth and seventh year to make them start dating. Peering around the common room, Harry noticed that those few others in the room had gone back to whatever they had been doing before.

Harry blinked, realizing that he'd just been standing there. Absolutely mortified, he decided to pluck up his famously dubbed 'Gryffindor courage' and do what he'd been planning to do originally. Feeling awkward, he shuffled rather ungracefully into the common room, and then, accidentally of course (and much to his mortification), he stumbled over the rug and nearly fell flat on his face. Fortunately he managed to catch himself with his foot, but unfortunately he was not able to prevent a very loud, "Whoa!" from escaping his mouth. He had to catch himself on the arm of the couch, which James had just barely jumped out of to attempt to grab a book from Lily's hands. He felt heat rising to his cheeks, but refused to let his embarrassment make more of a fool out of himself than he'd already presented. "Sorry," he said sheepishly.

She snarled at the boy, who had just said something that made no sense in any context. "I didn't understand a word that just came out of your big mouth," she stated, tapping her foot out of pure annoyance. She really didn't have any more time for this, and could have been doing something useful. Like getting ready for the coming school days, which would be without a doubt filled with quite a fair bit of work.

"Because I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before you did the same, so I wanted to save you the effort," she said, pulling the book away that he made a grab for. She felt like tossing at him really, and would within minutes if the boy didn't smarten up. It didn't help his voice was rising, as was the attention that was being directed at the both of them. Lily had never been one to crave the spotlight, while it seemed to be something James couldn't get enough of. Nor was it a surprise that he'd take any chance he could to humiliate her in front of a large group of people.

Oh she could go on for days about why she disliked the boy so, but she did have reasons for it. It seemed the two were destined to try and make each other's lives miserable from the day they met on the train coming to Hogwarts. Even then there were no kind words of any sort exchanged.

She snapped her head in the direction of a very loud voice, having been so absorbed in the shouts passing between her and her fellow Gryffindor. Yet at the sight of the boy who had only just tripped over, her mouth seemed to almost drop open. Quite unattractively really, yet she couldn't help it. This boy- whom she hadn't seen before, looked so much like James himself.

"Oh god," she began, looking between the unfamiliar boy and James quickly. Twins. They could have easily passed for twins. The horror of the whole situation was a little too much to handle all at once. "There are two of you? And I thought one was hard to deal with," she muttered the last bit underneath her breath. Sure, there were a few differences in the two boys that stood near her, yet they both looked oddly similar it was almost chilling. But perhaps the boy was nothing like James Potter happened to be.

That would be a blessing in her opinion.

James snickered. What he said made perfect sense, to any one who knew him well, that is. He could have been doing something at that very moment; but of course Lily had to be in the common room. For once, he hadn't started the fight, and he was right proud of himself for that too. Between the two of them the smallest "Hello" would turn into a fight. That was just the way that they were. If they could turn a simple "Watch where you're going." into a bicker fest at the age of eleven, they'd be able to turn anything into a fight now. "Well, maybe if you cleaned out your ears you would be able to hear better, and thus be able to understand it better," he replied coolly.

"Oh, so it's got to be like that then, Evans?" James started, glaring at her as she pulled back the book. Really, it was his book to begin with. Women, he didn't understand them, honestly he didn't. One minute they could be all quiet and minding their own business, and then next they turn all smart nosed, which is exactly what Lily had done. There had been a fleeting moment before she had spoken up in the common room where she seemingly was minding her own business. James certainly had been. In fact, he didn't even notice that she had walked in, until she spoke up. "Well, I thank you kindly for saving me the effort of doing something that I wasn't even going to do in the first place."

The sixteen year old crossed his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the side slightly. "Oh, and I'll have you know, that's my book you so kindly snatched," he said arching one of his eyebrows. Really, why was Sirius no where to be found? Had he known where the boy was, he could have been off planning what they were going to be doing on their Hogsmeade trip, even though that was pretty much a given. They did the same thing each and every trip.

James, at first didn't notice the voice of the other boy. He knew that he was there; he just hadn't noticed. What he had noticed was that Lily's mouth had fallen open. "Close your mouth, love, that's not very attractive," he said to her with a snicker before he turned to see just what she was looking at. Needless to say, he took a step back, his eyes going slightly wide as he took in the other boy before him. His mouth too fell open.

"Wha… but…I…eh?" James blinked, still looking at the other boy. It was almost like something out of a crazy dream. It was almost scary; the boy looked exactly like him! Well, not exactly. There were some small differences but none that would be notice right away. However, upon hearing Lily he rolled his eyes. "Yeah, Lils, I cloned myself this summer," he snorted. "Didn't Sirius tell you?" Whatever else he had been about to say, he completely forgot. He just continued to stare at the other boy, his eyebrows furrowed together, almost as if he were thinking hard to try and find an explanation to this.

"Bugger, this is strange," he muttered before he had an idea. James made sure to take a step or two from Lily. Right now the more space between them, the better. And with a smirk on his face he turned to face the boy once more. "Say, mate," he started good naturedly. "Wanna go to my classes for me?" James was lazy, but not that lazy to have some one go in his place. The comment was meant as a joke, however, he knew that Lily wouldn't take it as such, and that was exactly why he said it.