Perfection by Camaro


It began as a wish. Selfish, I know. A self centered absolution for problems that I was too cowardly to handle on my own. But my wish, all the same. So I stood before a great dragon and made a wish to not love him anymore.

That's what it'd become though, hadn't it? Love born from obsession and guilt. The anxious need for something I could never truly own; that all too pressing human nature that craves the one thing we can't have. Though I'm not human, I fell victim to this need. Not want, not covet, not yearn... Need.

So I needed him. So I thought about him. So I craved the days when we would fuck mindlessly, thoughtlessly... detached. How it started, I'll speak of it later. It's not for the telling right now.

But I must tell you this; bare me no ill-will those that will read this. I fell in love with someone that could never love me back. And when realization struck me in his most cruel form, I stared at the one thing that I thought I couldn't live without-and I wanted to live without it.

So as I said, I stood before a great dragon and I wished him away. I wished away every memory of him, his form cut off from existence, at least in my own reality. I wished to be taken to a world and time void of Vegeta. A nameless space that stood without his footprints upon it. A world of my own, free of my obsession with what I had no business wanting.

But something went wrong.

The wish wasn't specific enough.

And now, now I sit, writing in a journal, hidden away from this world I created, or more, set foot in. A world where he doesn't belong and neither do I. A world enslaved by a tyrant, the human species controlled and manipulated by a cold, violent being. Day by day they bow before the feet of an infinitely more powerful being, who would rather purge them from existence then walk around them. Dark, cruel eyes grace a land that isn't his own and he walks amongst bodies with the detachment of a serial killer.

So I stared into the eyes of the tyrant. And now everything I thought I knew about myself, I'm beginning to question entirely. Vegeta and I were once the yin and yang of the world, my goodness shining like a beacon over his jaded tendancies. But now he's gone and I find myself faced with the one person that scares me the most.

So I looked into the eyes of the tyrant.

And he... is me. -Goku