Author's Note: Lots of swearing ahead. Then again, this is Killer, so that shouldn't be too surprising.


Chest hurts. Breathing's a bitch. Hand's on something sticky. Oh, yeah, bleeding from bullet wound.

Look around the crate. Coppers swarming the bridge like ants. Flashlights sweeping this direction, time to move.

Stand up: moving's a bitch, too. Pass another row of crates, fall. On hands and knees, feels like carrying a boulder. Blood drips, drips, drips as a shadow looms.

Surprise, surprise. Not the grim reaper, and not a copper to finish the job. An angel wouldn't stand around with their breasts hanging out. She looks with eyes red as blood and steps around to face the coppers. Idiot, they'll shoot, but warnings don't stop her. Lean against the crates and close eyes. There's hope she's hellbound as well. Lust is a deadly sin, but it's gotta be sinful to make others feel it.

Screams make eyes snap open-they aren't female. She stands while coppers shake and cower. A wave of her arm, a flash of red light and coppers fall, joining ants already crushed. The last one backs away but he's killed quick enough.

She looks back and draws near. Oh, fuck. She isn't going to the pit, she's from it. If she kills coppers, what's she do to crooks? Only one left, she saving the worst for last?

Get up, run! not half a step and crumble. Too much blood lost, too close to death. She must be here to make hell's claim. Both her hands gripping, face inches away, too late for mercy-

Lips meet. Taste of fire and brimstone, a little preshow before the final destination. But the burning spreads, blossoming in the chest, snaking through limbs, a heady rush. It feels better than sex, and not last night's cheap whore, either.

She draws away. Ears are buzzing, but looking down, stomach's sealed up. Can't even tell a bullet's been through it.

This power, her power, to hurt and heal and crush people like ants-it curls up, nestled like a second heart, beating with need.

Standing up, her red eyes follow the movement. She's smaller, much smaller, but she's not intimidated or trying to intimidate. Her power is enough. No posturing, just cool gaze. The strongest woman, and in that moment she becomes all.