It's dark and cold within her eyelids.

Her shoulders scrape against stones as they drag her soon-to-be corpse. Her mind is miles above, floating, fretting. She denied McManus, and knowing him, he may lash out at Ricardo as well for being her lover. If God is merciful, Ricardo will leave town before that can happen. But Ricardo, while sensible, is a passionate man. If he finds out who killed her, he may seek McManus out himself.

God grant McManus to be merciful, and for Ricardo to ignore his heart. And while she's at it, ask for her brother to break out of Alcatraz; all three would require a miracle. That thought tears at her: Ricardo may yet live, but her brother is most certainly dead. He has no way to escape or defend himself.

There's shouting, dragging what's left of her consciousness back to earth. Beneath the din is a more pleasant sound of boots hitting the street, soothing for its rhythm. It seems to match the pulse of her heart, which just shows how close to death she is; a heartbeat shouldn't be that slow. An arm snakes under her shoulders and lifts her up. The pain of this motion makes Edna open her eyes. The woman looking down at her has gray, almost blue, hair and red eyes. She doesn't seem human; is she an angel, come to take her away? But before the question can be asked, the red-eyed woman leans down, seeking her lips.

The touch burns and Edna gasps. It feels like her blood has turned into lava, burning every fiber of her being. It's painful, but at the same time she can feel her heartbeat quickening, strengthening.

When the woman lets go, Edna finds herself rising to her feet. Some portion of her is astonished, but the rest of her thinks nothing of it; standing is a natural act, taking little more thought than breath or pulse.

Behind her is muttering. She turns to see a man looking at her, horrified, as he fumbles with his gun. It takes only a second to raise her hand and from there it is pure instinct to gather the malice and turn him into a corpse.

His gun clatters to the ground and she stares at it. How strange, that just moments ago, her life had almost been ended by one, but she could now strike down an armed man. This strength is a miraculous one.

With that thought Edna's eyes clear and she gasps. A miracle...God has granted her a miracle. "Brother..." she whispers, astonished. With this strength she can save her brother from whatever hit man McManus might have sent. "I've got to find him..."

As she walks out of the alleyway she looks back over her shoulder. The red-eyed woman is following her, and behind her is a sullen looking man with greasy red hair. Are they really angels? How strange...if she had seen them before, she would have been scared of them.

But with this power, there's no need to be afraid.