What a day it was. Sam and Austin were finally together and determined to never part. Sadly, fate had another course in mind.

Sam gazed dreamily into Austin's eyes. What pretty eyes they were. They were blue like the ocean… or the sky….

"Sam… SAM!" Austin shouted.

"Wha- What?" Sam replied, startled.

"You were talking to yourself again. I think it was about – my eyes?"

"Oh, yes. Sorry about that," she said with a sheepish grin. "It's just – I love you so much – you're the most beautiful person I've ever known. Sometimes I feel like fate has brought us together. From the moment I first saw your face, I knew we were destined for each other. When we kiss, I feel like we're-"

"Jeez, Sam!" Austin interrupted. "Are you getting obsessive or something? I'm just your boyfriend. Boyfriend – that doesn't mean soul mate, or husband, or anything like that! You are taking our relationship way too seriously." With that, he walked off, occasionally throwing a disturbed glance over his shoulder. Wow, he thought, I didn't mean to be that harsh on her, but – there has to be a line. And she just crossed it. She's been babbling about this fate thing for weeks. I didn't think she meant it… but Sam's scaring me now. Next thing I know, she'll drug me and drag me off to Vegas or somewhere and get us married by some stoned hippie who believes in that destiny crap. I thought she was at least sane, not a psycho astrology fate freak. Maybe I should have stuck with Shelby after all…

Sam was shocked. She hadn't expected Austin to react like that – she thought he would understand, relate to her, even share her feelings! Her grief and disappointment seemed to settle in her stomach, weighing her down like lead. As the hot tears started to run down her face, she felt the hard knot start to relax, and become something else entirely – cold anger.

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