Austin ran up the stairs, ignoring his father's strange looks. He slammed the door and threw himself onto his bed, feeling a headache start. Austin reached for the bottle of aspirin he kept on his dresser and unscrewed the top. I'm not sure what to think of Sam anymore. She's gotten so weird around me… and that whole thing about Shelby – it seemed like Sam thought Shelby deserved it. How can someone deserve to die? And Shelby did have me first. Technically Sam stole me from her – not the other way around. I didn't even know Sam existed until I found out who Princetongirl actually was… lately I've been wishing I had never visited that chatroom. I really need to get away for a while, but knowing Sam, she'd probably hide in my suitcase or something. Austin chuckled at his mental image of his suitcase going through security, Sam being discovered, maybe even arrested… Hey, she's my girlfriend. I know Sam is being a pain right now, but she'll get over it – hopefully. Austin shook two pills out into his hand and gulped them down. Right now, I think I just need some sleep.

Sam sat at the table, a stray tear running down her cheek occasionally. She couldn't understand Austin and his narrow-mindedness. Why does believing in fate and destiny make me a hippie? All I said is that we were meant to be. I s Austin such a control freak that he's completely opposed to the idea that someone up there guides us and makes our paths? I'd give anything to know what goes on in his head – then I could make him happy.

"Anything? Hmm…." a voice whispered in the darkness.

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