This takes place a little while after Addison's arrival. Hope you like it!


Meredith thought today was going to be like every ordinary day.. Pouring a fair amount of lavender scented shampoo onto her hand, Meredith scrubbed her hair clean like she wish she could with her life. Izzie and George were most likely down stairs in the kitchen making coffee or eating one of Izzie's chocolate Muffins, as always. Meredith wished she could go on as they did, without a care in the world. Instead, she goes around stating that she is "fine" when they all know she's just lying for her own sake, so then maybe she'd convince herself that she was.


At Seattle Grace, Meredith is changing in the locker room. As she pulls of her shoes and puts on her work ones she suddenly feels dizzy and she doubles over in pain as a sharp spear like pain shoots through her. It quicky vanishes as fast as it came.

"Meredith!" Christina runs over and helps Meredith sit up on the bench, "What the hell just happened?"

"Nothing, just stomach pains, I had a lot of liquor last night, hangover." Meredith replies pushing the pain aside. Cristina nods her head in understanding, Meredith ties up her shoes and leavesfor rounds with the others, not thinking about it anymore.

"Who's got this one?" Baily asks as the interns stand around a young patient.

"Cassie Evans, multiple vomiting and dizzy spells, and running a very high fever." Izzie exclaims looking at her chart. Meredith is standing there staring down at the floor, thinking about the previous events, Probably to much tequila, she thinks to herself. It has been happening a lot lately, then again she's been out to Joe's every night this week, and she's extremely stressed. Stressed over work, her mom, but mostly Derek. Even though he chose Addison it seems like he's everywhere Meredith goes. It's relaxing and annoying at the same time.

"Dr. Grey!" Baily yells to her. All the interns are watching her, "I suggest you get your act together and pay attention."

"Stevens, Cassie is your patient, O'Malley your in the pit, Yang your with me and Grey..Grey!"


"Your scrubbing in with Dr. Burke."


On the way to the OR, Meredith silently prays that she wont see Derek. Walking down the hall she doesn't see him at all, so far so good. Continuing down the hall she stops in from of the elevator and waits for it to stop at her floor before entering. The elevator goes up on floor before stopping for another passenger. Of course. Meredith thinks as McDreamy enters the elevator and pressing the button for the next floor. He doesn't see her at first, seeing as she's back and leaning against the wall. He looks back expecting to greet Dr. Burke or someone like that and ends up smiling his famous McDreamy smile when he notices who it is. Meredith everts her gaze to the floor and closes her eyes as another dizzy spell takes over her. She goes to put her wait on her other foot and starts to lean a little. As she begins to almost fall over Derek comes to the rescue and catches her.

"Are you okay Mere?"

"I'm fine, I guess I'm just tired." she lies.

Derek can tell she's lying but decides not to say anything. He just looks at her with concern. She can sense the concern in his tone as he continues to speak to her,

"How are you?"

"Never been better.." She replies with a fake smile. He chuckles a little at that and is about to respond before the door opens.


"No fair I wanted that surgery! Instead I got to hang around the Nazi." Christina wines as she and Meredith sit down to eat there lunch

Meredith doesn't answer her, she just sits there pushing her food around with her fork. She's still not feeling so good. She doesn't understand it. She's a doctor and she doesn't even know what her own symptoms mean.

"Earth to Meredith!" Christina says waving a hand infront of her face, "What's wrong with you?"

"Hey Christina, hey Mere," George greets as he sits down to join them.

"Maybe you just need some air." Christina offers ignoring George's presence.

"Hmm, What?" George says stopping mid way with his fork halfway in his mouth.

"Yeah, I'll see you guy's later." Meredith says getting up from the table and walking towards the exit. She goes outside and sits underneath the nearest tree.

Okay, lets go over this again, dizziness, stomach pains... really painful ones at that. Meredith goes over her symptoms. All she knows is that she's been drinking a lot and that she's stressed. Other then that her sickness is a mystery. Succumbing to it all Meredith just leans back and breaths in the crisp afternoon air. It feels good to her and she closes her eyes, feeling the warm breeze on her slightly warm face. A lump forms in her throat and seeing that know one is around, she lets a tear slip from her eye.


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