Okay everyone, this is my last and final chapter. Enjoy.

In the End

One year, three months and six days later, Meredith and McDreamy, are just getting off the plane. They are back from their honeymoon in Tuscany. Derek is helping Meredith into the cab that will take them home.

"I love you," Meredith says kissing Derek. He returns the favor.

"I love you too." He brakes the kiss and settles to holding her hands, massaging the knuckles of every finger.

"Think they missed us much?" Meredith asked, squeezing his hand.

Derek laughs, "Yeah, especially the chief." He says laughing a little more. Derek is his go to guy, of course he missed him.

"I miss Izzie, and George, and Christina, even Bailey." Meredith says almost in a wining fashion.

"We will see them all soon enough." Derek says, a smile playing on his lips.

Meredith fell asleep in the cab for the rest of the way home from the airport. She dreamed peacefully about her and her McDreamy's Relationship that blossomed into this magnificent marriage she knew would never fail. She was so happy knowing that she will always have him beside her through everything. She loves him with all her heart and will never let him go no matter what happens. No matter what devastating things life may bring them, they will always have each other.

Their wedding was wonderful. George and Burke were Derek's best men, while Christina was Meredith's maid of honor. Izzie minded at first but then lightened up, settling for just being her brides maid, as long as she was up there, she felt special enough. The whole church was filled with Lavender. Of course, it's Meredith's favorite sent. They expressed their love for each other through vows and then the kiss to bring it all together.

"Sweety, we're home." Derek's soft soothing voice tried to wake up Meredith.

"Hmm?" Meredith mumbled and then shot her head up. She was so excited to be home again.

Derek picked her up out of the cab. She was still very tired. Derek stood before his new two story house where is trailer had once been. He remembered telling Meredith that he had all this land and didn't know what to do with it. So he built a house for him and Meredith to start their new lives together. It was a great way to start fresh. Meredith opened her eyes when they got in the house. A tear slipped from her eye. It was a happy tear. Derek placed her on the sofa where she curled up and continued to sleep.

The house is a little Bigger than Meredith's. It has a huge kitchen, four bedrooms, two downstairs and two upstairs. It has three bathrooms, ones connected to the master bedroom that Meredith and Derek sleep in. And a nice twirling staircase. But plenty of rooms for any amount of kids they are planning on having. Personally, Meredith just wants one or two, and maybe a dog.


In the kitchen Derek looked in the frig, oh yeah, we need food. The frig is empty. Can't go on a honeymoon with food in the frig that can spoil. I'll have to go get some. Derek grabs the keys to his car and goes back into the living room. He bends down in front of his wife. Wife, wow... and tells her he's going out to get groceries and that he will be back in an hour. She opens her eyes and kisses him on the lips,

"I love you," she says placing a hand on his cheek and sliding it down his neck. He answers her with an "I love you too," and kisses her forehead before getting up and leaving.

Meredith closes her eyes from a moment. She sighs and gets up from her place on the sofa and walks outside to get the bags Derek left out there. He couldn't carry her and the bags at the same time. Before picking up the bags, Meredith walks around the rap around deck. She stops when she gets to the back. The backyard is a vast field of long grass. Derek said he'd buy a riding lawnmower and get rid of most of the long grass. Then he said something about buying a few trees to landscape the backyard. He's always planning something. Meredith looks at her yard, something's missing from it.

"Kids...and maybe a dog." Meredith says to herself.

"Talking to yourself?" Meredith whirls around to see Christina standing there, arms folded with this weird "Christina" look on her face.

"I've missed you so much," Meredith says hugging her friend tightly. Christina nods her head and lets go of Meredith, bringing her at arms length.

"How was Tuscany?" She asked smiling broadly, happy to see her friend.

"It was absolutely beautiful, you and Burke should go when you get married. Meredith said jokingly.

"Maybe we will." Christina says shooting her hand out to display a diamond engagement ring. Meredith screamed with delight and hugged her friend once again.

Meredith and Christina are now sitting in chairs on the deck drinking tequila, minus Meredith. Christina thinks that Meredith isn't drinking it because of the whole ordeal with the miscarriage. Boy is there a surprise in store for her.

"So you say you want a dog?" Christina asks, skipping over the kids part for now.

"Yeah, life's boring without a happy dog to play with." Meredith says looking out into the yard. There is a small lake just over the hill, that's where Derek does his fishing "And I want to get a swing set and perhaps a jungle jim, but for now, I'll settle with a crib. Meredith smiles and senses Christina's eyes on her.

"You mean?"

"Uh huh."

"How fair,

"Two months." Meredith's smile gets much bigger.

"Wow, I wasn't going to say anything just incase you had put on weight for other reasons, and Derek hasn't noticed the weight gain?" Meredith hits Christina's arm. "Does McDreamy know?"

"Does McDreamy know what?" It's Izzie and George.

"She's Pregnant!"

"WHAT!" Izzie runs over to Meredith and gives her the huge hug but then loosens her grip afraid for the baby.

"How fair along are you?" George asks also giving his friend a hug.

"Two months."

"When are you going to tell him?"

"Tell me what?" Derek walks into the backyard followed by Alex and Burke.

"That I'm ready for a dog."


All six friends plus the chief and his wife, and bailey and her husband, are gathered in the back yard for a bar barque. Everyone is happy to see the happy couple back, and also congratulating Christina and Burke on their engagement. Izzie and Alex are now a couple, but no one see's a marriage proposal coming from Alex anytime soon. They seem to be happy the way they are at the moment.

"Have a girlfriend yet Georgie?" Meredith asks, they are standing off to the side alone.

"Y..Yeah I do."

"Who is she?" Meredith asks excited for her friend.

"Her name is Lucy, she's a nurse, she works down in the nursery." he says, smiling as he takes a sip of his martini.

"So that's why I always caught you down in the nursery."

"When did this start?"

"A week after you left for your honeymoon."

"Way to go George. This man is an animal" Alex says walking over and bumping him playfully. George smiles into his cup.

"I always knew you liked her." Izzie says coming over as well, standing in between Alex and Meredith. Meredith is happy to see her friends this happy. They all seem to have their life together. This time, Meredith doesn't have to be jealous of them, nothing is going wrong in her life.

Meredith parts from her friends and goes over to where Burke and Christina are talking to Bailey and her husband. They were talking about Christina and Burke's recent engagement.

"I don't see you as the marrying type, Yang." Bailey was saying when Meredith walked up.

"It goes to show you, people can change." Meredith puts in, sipping a glass of water.

"That's right." Burke agrees.

They all continue talking it up after Meredith moves along to the next group of people.

"And here she is now," Derek says as Meredith walks up to him, the Chief and his wife Adele.

"Talking about me?" Meredith says kissing Derek softly of the lips. He puts his arm around her.

"We were just talking about what a great intern you are at Seattle Grace, and how we would like you to stay with the hospital when your internship is over." says the chief with a grin.

"I'd love that." Meredith says sipping her water. Adele looks at her a little funny. Where is her wine?...

The party starts to wine down after a couple of hours. A glass is suddenly being clung by a fork,

"I would like to make a toast." Everyone turns around to see Derek standing on a chair. "I would like to make a toast to my beautiful wife, our friends, and the future." Everyone raises their glasses of wine to meet each other's.

"To the future!" They all say.

Derek goes to cling his glass with Meredith's and now notices her glass is absent of wine.


"What's the matter?" He asks sitting down with her at an empty table.

"I'm...I don't just want a dog, I want a baby."

"Okay...Then lets have one." Derek says hugging her, excited about their planes for a baby.

"Derek, I'm already Pregnant."

"You...you are?" Meredith nods her head, smiling. Derek kisses her on the lips and then a dozen more times all over her face. He grabs her hand and stands up. "Everyone!"

Everyone stops their mingling chatter to look at Derek and Meredith. Christina smirks, she knows what's about to be announced.


Meredith is just about nine months pregnant. She and Derek are sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner. Derek made chicken and mashed potatoes. He would have made fish but seeing as his wife is pregnant he's had to resort to other dishes.

"Christina said they are going to get married in the spring."

"That's next year." Derek says eating a forkful of potato.

"I know, but you know how she is." Derek gives Meredith a knowing look. He now knows how Christina is with these kind of commitment things.

"Yeah, but at least we know they will be married." Meredith nods and picks up a piece of chicken with her fork. She goes to put it in her mouth but suddenly drops the fork.



"I'm pregnant! Why else do you think I'm yelling?"

"Oh my god!" Derek yells getting up from the table, going over to Meredith.

"Go get my bags!" Derek stares at her for a second more and then runs up the winding staircase, emerging a minute later with a bag of Meredith's stuff. He swings it over his shoulder and helps her out of her chair and through the living room and into the hallway. He opens the front door and helps her down the stairs.


"What is it?" Meredith says, pain in her voice.

"My keys."

"Just lean me against the door frame and go get them." He does as she says and quickly runs inside, frantically searching around for his keys. He finally finds them on the counter and snatches them up, running back to Meredith.

Meredith is tired and sweaty. She pulled five hours of labor before giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

"She has your eyes." Meredith says, happy, silent tears streaming from her eyes.

"She has you hair, and your tiny ineffectual fists." McDreamy says, brushing the hair from Meredith's sweaty forehead. Meredith laughs a little. She looks down at this tiny bundle of life and then up at her loving husband, she couldn't ask for anything better then this.

When it finally comes down to it, you find out that everything you've ever been through, the good and then bad, is all forth it in the end.

I am done. Don't worry, I will make more fanfics. I hope you liked it.