In the Silence of Laughter
By Evilevergreen

Summary: The only thing worst than the silence, was the laughter.

Posted: March 10, 2006

Chapter One: Silencing Truth

Tenten giggled happily against Kankuro's lips as they stumbled up the stairs of her apartment complex. It was late and they had just gotten back from a large celebration. Kankuro's sister, Temari had finally married her off and on boyfriend of four years, Shikamaru. Both Kankuro and Tenten arrived at the wedding separately, as was planned as she was Temari's Maid of Honor, and Kankuro was one of Shikamaru's Groomsmen.

Though deeply in love, Tenten and Kankuro didn't see a lot of each other. They had responsibilities and duties in each of their villages that could not be ignored. Tenten admired Temari, for she considered her a fierce opponent and highly skilled, because of that, it came as a complete shock when Temari told her that she was giving up the ninja life to be with Shikamaru.

Kankuro had looked at Tenten so longingly, as he watched his sister tell her the news. He knew Tenten loved being a ninja, he would never asked her to give it up for him. He wasn't that selfish, but he didn't know how long he could stand only seeing her when he had business in Konoha.

He held her tightly, for they were both slightly drunk and trying not to fall back down the stairs as they continued up. "Oops," Tenten whispered, amazed as the heel of her shoe broke.

She wanted to pick it up, but Kankuro wouldn't let her. "Leave it," he told her and urged her to keep going. He only had three days in Konoha and all he wanted to do was lock themselves in her apartment and not come out until it was time for him to go home.

Kankuro pulled her to him again, one hand firmly on her back as he had her walk backwards, while the other was gripping her ass. Tenten gave out a squeal as he squeeze it. Kankuro chuckled a bit at her surprise. He then slid his hands down and had her wrap her arms around his neck before picking her up and finally carrying her to the second floor.

Once there, he pushed her up against her door roughly, attacking her neck with sweet wet kisses that made Tenten shudder as the cool wind swept by. She closed her eyes as she titled back her head and sighed in pleasure. Kankuro soon let her feet touch the ground again, but only so that his hands could be free to once again explore the curves of her well toned body. He gently pressed himself against her, allowing her to know exactly what parts of him were growing excited.

She turned around slowly as she dug in her purse for her house key. As she did that, Kankuro pushed her spaghetti strap off her shoulder before kissing the tender, exposed skin. If they didn't get inside in the next thirty seconds, Kankuro swore, he would take her right here for all to see. But as she finally unlocked the door a strange feeling overcame Kankuro's senses. His brow furrowed as he looked around, he knew this sensation, having grown up with an ill tempered brother. . . murderous intent. He soon realized that it was coming from inside Tenten's apartment.

"Tenten, wait!" he called, but it was too late as the door swung open and the feeling of the intent washed over them both like a tidal wave.

Tenten grasped loudly, dropping her keys to the floor, as she took an impulse step back into Kankuro. "Neji!" she cried.

Neji sat alone in the darken apartment in a chair across the room, which was faced directly towards the door. The only thing visible were his bright white eyes and they were not pleased. Tenten grimaced as she realized his Byakugan was activated and he had seen her and Kankuro.

Kankuro turned on the light, not even admitting to himself that Neji's eyes crept him out. "What the hell are you doing in Tenten's place?" he asked angrily.

Neji deactivated his Byakugan, but his eyes never left Tenten. "Didn't realize I needed an excuse to come see my fiancée after completing a mission," he stated.

"Fiancée? What the hell are you going on about?" Kankuro asked, but his question was never answered.

"Kankuro," Tenten began softly as she pulled the strap of her dress back on her shoulder. "Please, just leave." The Sand ninja's head snapped towards her, if he didn't know better, he would think he heard fear in her voice. "Please."


"Dammit, go!" She finally looked at him, it was the first time since they had discovered Neji. Surprised at her demand, he took a step back and found himself outside. "Meet me tomorrow at our usual place. I'll explain," she instructed quietly so Neji couldn't hear as she slowly closed the door. "I'm sorry," were her final words as the door finally closed on him.

Kankuro was confused as he stared at the shut door, the matter of the situation suddenly catching up with him. "Fiancée. . ." he whispered to himself.

To Be Continued. . .

A/N: This won't be a long fiction, five chapters at most (Be warned I said the same thing about my Teen Titan fic).

And I'm not sure if I want to this be Kanten or Nejiten so just hang with me. I'm hoping to get his out fast and done by the end of March, but I promise nothing.