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Chapter 27

Song after song, Angel's captor never seemed to lose energy. One minute, he was talking about a famous Monet piece he saw in a museum, the next, he was raving at her for wearing a promise ring. The pain in her knee was the only thing keeping her conscious. As soon as she'd exhausted herself with crying out, her body would go limp only to be jerked awake again by the blinding pain. "Please…I need…I need…" She felt herself speaking, but for some reason Cory hadn't heard her. Was he ignoring her? What game was he playing at? The man moved toward her, taking a look at her knee, which had grown to at least 3 to 5 times in size in the past few hours. Taking a pencil from behind his ear, Cory crouched down to Angel, who now found herself in a chair. As she dozed, he took the pencil and lightly tapped her injured knee. The scream that came out of Angel was primal and she immediately fainted from the pain. "What do you need, Angel? What is it that you need?" He smiled at her, feigning curiosity and interest. He tapped her knee again, her body waking up with a start. "PLEASE!" she said as her body shook violently in uncontrollable sobs. Cory admittedly was startled at her level of hysteria but it somehow gave him energy and he hungered to hear more of it. He was about to tap her knee again when he heard the distinctive beep of his intercom, which indicated someone was at the entrance to the apartment building. Angel's rapidly beating heart jumped into her throat, hoping that her screams would be heard once he pushed the button to ask who it was. It was her only hope at that point, and she knew it down to her soul.

As soon as Collins got off of the phone with Sonya, he grabbed his bag, wallet and coat quickly locking the door behind him. His feet simply couldn't run to Mimi and Mark's building fast enough. Once he arrived, he shakily placed a quarter into the pay phone, sobs coming up through his throat. Groggily, Roger answered Mimi's phone. "Hello?" Tom screamed into the rocker's ear, causing him to tear the receiver away in pain. "FUCK, dude! What the fuck is wrong…" - he stopped talking, only managing to hear, "THROW DOWN THE FUCKING KEYS, I NEED TO GET TO THE TRAIN STATION!" In his panic, Roger fell out of Mimi's bed, knowing down one of her lamps. He fumbled into his leather jacket, finding his set of keys and tossed them out of the window down to a waiting Collins who was pacing below. The professor jammed the keys into the lock and sprinted up the stairs to a waiting Roger, who hadn't managed to put a shirt on, his jeans having turned a bit in his sleep. "Tom, you've got to calm down!" Collins stepped into Mimi's apartment, turning to Roger, "Calm down?! Angel is missing!" Bad sentence there, Davis. "Can I please use your car?" Roger's Honda wasn't the best, but it would get him down to the train station at least. "Mimi took it to get her nails done!" Collins rubbed his face violently, tears never ceasing to flow. "Roger…" Roger was never Roger to Collins. The two of them called one another by their last names and only by their last names. It was a code between them that had been in place since day one of their friendship. There wasn't a chance that this situation wasn't serious if Collins used Roger's first name, especially if it had anything to do with Angel. "I know which one she goes to, let's go." Instinctively, Roger embraced a crying Collins and quickly letting go, telling him, "Come on, dude. We'll find her, I promise you."

Sonya stood at the phone in the office, speechless and her body ached with worry. She had such a sense of foreboding inside of her that was churning, unrelenting. The supervisor quietly approached her, politely coughing to announce his presence in the tiny off. "Ma'am, this ticket is counterfeit. This is not one of our tickets." The young woman looked toward him, "What do you mean?" He walked up to her, handing her the ticket and he pointed to it. "It's not ours. It's a damn good counterfeit though. Even the system registered it." Confusion flooded Sonya's mind, "How the hell do we know that Angel even got here? I don't understand!" Before the man could answer, the younger ran into the room, panting. "Sir, we've got video. No audio, but we've got video!" The three ran toward the other side of the building, where a security guard sat with his hand on the mouse, a pained expression in his face. "Sir, you've got to look at this." Once the security guard pressed enter onto the keyboard, a video began to play. There was video of passengers coming off of the train, when Angel, who stood a foot taller than most of the people there came into view. Sonya's heart knew it was Angel even though she had never laid eyes on her, "That's Angel! She looks just like my brother-in-law." A man closely followed Angel as she tried to maneuver with the crowd, a man who was a bit too close for comfort. Clearly, Angel was trying to say goodbye when the video moved to the front window when the man put two tickets into the slot for the train agent to take and scan. "Did you see that?!" the younger man yelled out. The video then split back to the train where the last of the passengers were leaving and went to another view of the train station where they could barely see in a corner, where it was obvious that someone had fallen. Sonya placed a hand over her mouth. The four watched as the same man, laid next to her, lifting her skirt and seeming to grope. The supervisor shook his head in disgust, "Jesus. I'm calling the police!"

Cory watched Angel closely as she leaned toward the direction of the intercom. He tisked at her, tapping her on her nose. "Oh no my darling, no. You're not going to make a fucking sound are you? Do you want to be able to see out of those beautiful eyes ever again? Don't try me." As he walked over to the intercom which was situated on the other side of the living room, Angel's blinding pain was momentarily forgotten as she lifted her exhausted body and raced across the opposite side of the room which seemed to be a spare bedroom of some sort. In her haste to run, she slammed her knee into the side table by the couch and she screamed out in pain. Cory turned, eyeing her as she began to pursue her. Sheer blind panic engulfed her as she ran for her life, reaching the spare bedroom door and catching Cory's right hand in the door. Once she realized that she had his fingers, she laid all of her body weight onto the door, hearing a sudden crack and scream. She opened the door just slightly as she let him have his hand back, slamming the door behind her, locking it. She knew it wouldn't keep him out for long, but she had to try to move the armoire in the far corner of the room. The piece of furniture was much too heavy for her, but she managed to push it toward the door the doors opening as it fell against the door. Just as she heard him pounding, the pain returned and she collapsed onto the marble floor.