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Unexpected Birthday Gift

Tsuzuki was in his office. His desk was covered by a mountain-load of cakes, sweets, early birthday cards, early birthday presents and such. And why, would he have birthday gifts with him? Why, it was his birthday tomorrow. And some people who would be away on that day, were nice enough to give Tsuzuki his presents early. So, you can guess that our shinigami was very happy today.

I must… refrain myself… from opening… these presents! Its not my birthday yet! Come on, I can hold on for one more day…right? Tsuzuki continuously tried to calm himself down. Finally, he decided to do one of the things that made him forget about sweets. Well, the real types of sweets, bought a sweet shops. :D He decided to go searching for his beloved partner, who was strangely, no in the office with him.

After asking a few people if Hisoka had been there, he began to get worried when everyone he asked replied 'no'. He even went up to old-man Konoe to ask him.

"Kurosaki?" the chief asked "no, he called in sick today. I thought you would know that, Tsuzuki"

"He's sick!" Tsuzuki screamed "I've gotta go see him, Chief!". With those words, he went into pleading-inu form. After a few minutes of begging, the chief let Tsuzuki go, as long as Tsuzuki promised to bring him back some Castella cake. And with that, Tsuzuki sped out of the Meifu and to Hisoka's apartment.


Hisoka was going through his belongings, trying to prepare up his apartment as best as he could. He must have rearranged the bed sheets a hundred times before he was anywhere close to satisfied. No, no, no… it's still not good enough… must be perfect…I …must … not…screw…this…up…! In actual fact, Hisoka wasn't sick at all. He just needed the time to get his apartment ready for Tsuzuki's surprise tomorrow. He had rehearsed, memorized everything, and now, he had just realized that his house wasn't suitable enough for what he was about to do.

He was about to scream in frustration when he found a framed picture of himself with Tsuzuki holding him tightly from behind. Tsuzuki looked so happy. Hisoka suddenly began to wonder if his little birthday stunt for his partner would damage his relationship with him. His stunt would have only two possible results. One, it could work, and Tsuzuki and Hisoka could be more than just friends. Or, it could backfire, and they would never be able to patch things up.

Hisoka shuddered at the thought. Would he really risk it all? He had planned this since the beginning of the year, and had put so much heart into it, that he decided that he would do it anyway. Tsuzuki would understand,…right?

Before Hisoka could do anything more to reassure himself, the doorbell rang. Many, many times… it was as though someone was really desperate to get in. He made his way to the door to answer it, but before he could even reach the door, it burst open with Tsuzuki flying into the room. Tsuzuki spotted Hisoka standing in the middle of the room in shock and immediately rushed to him and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"What the hell are you doing out of bed!" he must have literally screamed into Hisoka's face because his partner went into deeper shock. Tsuzuki seemed to think otherwise. "You should be resting! And for goodness sake, Hisoka! If you're not feeling well, you really have to tell meeeeeeeeeee!" Tsuzuki shouted as he lifted Hisoka up and rushed to his bed.

After a few minutes of letting Tsuzuki fuss about him, Hisoka was finally allowed to speak. "Tsu… listen to me, okay…?" he watched patiently as his partner struggled to keep himself calm enough to listen to Hisoka. "Tsu… I'm not sick, okay? I just uh… didn't sleep much last night. So I… stayed home to sleep. Sorry I didn't tell you.. It sorta slipped my mind" then he pouted Tsuzuki's favourite pout in order to get his forgiveness. Or something like that.

Tsuzki sighed then smiled. "ok, I get it," he replied. "I'm just relieved that you're okay." He then ruffled Hisoka's hair. All Hisoka could do was continue pouting and smile a little. His previous doubts about his birthday stunt for Tsuzuki came back to bother him. He stared at his partner and wondered how it would be like if Tsuzuki wouldn't be by his side forever.

I'm afraid of losing you… no matter what happens, Tsuzuki… please don't reject and leave me for the stupid thing I'm about to do… With that thought, he hugged Tsuzuki and buried his face into his partners broad shoulders. Tsuzuki only hugged Hisoka back, not knowing the big shock that was to come the next day.

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