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Ichigo is walking through the woods.

"Why am I in the woods...?" she asked herself, wondering how she got here.

Looking around, in all directions other than ahead, Ichigo manages to walk into a branch, that came close to making her left eye blind.

"Oww, I guess I wasn't paying attention..." said Ichigo quietly, to herself.

She hears laughter behind her.

Ichigo, confused, looks around for the person doing that. While spinning around, she felt the ground shake.

Ichigo starts falling down the hill. She was just standing on landing right next to a lake.

"Oh, good I am still alive..." she said, with a large anime sweat drop falling down her head.

She looks into the lake, eyes large, looking at herself.

"What... why the hell do I have ears? Why am I in a costume? And I have a tail! What the hell is going on!"

After being in shock for several minutes, she gets up starts walking though the woods.

She arrives at a clearing with a well in the middle.

"A well. What's that doing in the middle of nowhere?"

Kish is laughing manically.

"W-w-what was that?" Ichigo said, scared, a chill going through her spine.

Kish pushes Ichigo into the well.

Ichigo screams- "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaah!" -a horrid screeching yell.

'Beep beep-beep beep'

"I don't wanna get up..." Ichigo said sleepily.

Jacob pokes her, saying-no, yelling quietly "Mom said for you to get up!"

"Fine, fine..." she said half asleep.

Ichigo rolls out of bed and gets ready (although she's still slightly tired...).

Ichigo is brushing her hair quickly, thinking "was that really just a dream?"

She shakes her head, wondering why she even had such a silly thought.

"Of course it had to be a dream, even if those were cute cat ears, that could never really happen."

"Ichigo, come down for breakfast!" her mom yelled up the stairs.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming!" Ichigo said annoyed.

She walks down the stairs and into the kitchen.

She's eating French toast, and says "Oh crap, I forgot to study for my vocabulary test! Bye mom! Come on Jacob." she said grabbing his hand.

"Wait... where the hell's my book!" she said angrily.

She quickly rummages through her backpack pulling out things like a half eaten sandwich, an apple from last year, her report that was due a month ago... You get the picture. She hasn't gone thought her backpack in a really long time.

Ichigo and Jacob are still walking to school, while Ichigo is pulling out more junk, including an extremely chunk of sandwich.

"Here it is." she said flicking off an old piece of brownie and wiping off milk that had been there so long it was chunky and smelled sour. "Gotta study!"

Incognito- a disguise avowed- I promise these were my actual vocabulary words, I just shortened the definition and I actually do this when I forget to study vocab!

"...your backpack is disgusting... And how can you forget to study!" Jacob said.

Ichigo, still studying, walks into pole. "Oww! ...wait... didn't I do this in my dream?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Jacob

"Oh nothing I guess I'm just clumsy!" Ichigo said.

"Yes, you are clumsy!" Jacob laughed.

Whap! Ichigo hit her brother with her backpack.

And finally, they arrive school.

"Bye, Jacob." Ichigo said.

Moe, Miawa, and Taki Yuki (that's Mew Snoflak) "Good morning Ichigo" they all said in unison.

"Morning, guys. ...I didn't study." Ichigo said, eyes shifting back and fourth, hoping one of her friends had left their notes out.

"No surprise there!" they said, again in unison, somehow.

Ring ring- it was the 'go-to-class-bell'.

"Let's go." said Mowia.

"We'll be late to class." said Moe.

"Hurry up Ichigo!" said Taki.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming." Ichigo said.

And suddenly... hours pass! Many of them!

Ring ring ring- it's the 'go-home' bell.

"Yay! It's Friday, and schools out!" Taki said happily.

"Yeah... but I still wish I could ask Masaya out" said Ichigo.

"Then why don't you just ask him already...?" Ichigo's three best friends said.

"Yeah yeah... but where would I ask him to go and what if he says no!" Ichigo said.

"Hmmm... how 'bout that red data animal exhibit at the museum?" said Moe.

"Yeah, he's a nature nut, I'm sure he'll go." Mowia said, laughing a bit.

"Okay... wish me luck, guys." Ichigo said.

"Good luck!" Moe, Mowia, and Taki all said.

And after a bit of walking further...

"Hey, Masaya... do... do you want to go... to the museum with me there's a new exhibit on red data animals!" Ichigo asked, tryng to spew it all out without stuttering.

"Errrr... sure, I'll meet you the train station at 10:00 tomorrow!" Masaya replied, happily.

The next day at Ichigo's house...

"Time to get up, Ichigo..." Jacob said.

"Hu- what time is it?" Ichigo said sleepily

"12:00" Jacob said.

"What why didn't my alarm go off I'm soo freaking late for my date" Ichigo said panicked.

"Well your alarm went off earlier but I turned it off it was disturbing my beauty sleep" Jacob said.

Aaaannd... a large anime stress mark appears. "Jacob no baka!" (Japanese, pretty much just means "idiot/stupid")

Angry, Ichigo hits him over the head with her hand... but she still wasn't satisfied, so she hit him with her lamp (not hard enough to break the lamp, or hurt Jacob to badly, but enough to make him leave her room. Or, at least, she wished he would...).

"Oww oww oww, Mom, Ichigo hit me!" Jacob whined.

"Ichigo, you know better... don't hit your brother." their mom yelled.

"Grraaah, get the hell out of my room, I have to get ready!" Ichigo said pretty pissed off at her brother.

She makes a mad dash out the door leaving only the words "Bye mom, bye dad!" she screamed, slamming the door behind her.

"Don't you want breakfast...?" her Dad said from behind his newspaper.

"She's long gone!" Jacob said.

Ichigo is running to train station as fast as she can go.

"Mushi Mushi (Japanese, pretty much means "hi"), Aoyama-kun. Nice weather today." Ichigo said.

"Errr... hey. You were a bit late." Masaya said.

"Yeah, and I'm REALLY sorry about that, it was my stupid brother-"

He cut her off. "Say no more. It's fine. Let's go."

The train arrives and they get on and stand by the door.

"Nice weather we're having today..." Ichigo said.

"You already said that!" Masaya said laughing.

Annnd... anime sweat drop! "Err... wait, yeah..." Ichigo said.

They have been at the museum for two hours, it's 2 o'clock.

"Lets take a picture!" Masaya said.

"I'm glad we went with the panda border." Ichigo said.

"Hey, now let's go to the park." Masaya said.

They walk to the park which is conveniently located next to the museum.

"Uhh... nice weather today. ...wait... that's like, the fifth time one of us has said that today..." Masaya said, almost hystarical.

"I'm thirsty." Ichigo said.

"'Kay, I'll go get us a drink." Masaya said.

"Oh hey Ichigo! Where's Masaya? Did he not show up?" Taki said.

"He went to get us drinks." Ichigo said.

The ground starts to shake an earthquake "whoa dejavo(sp)" Ichigo said.

"Hu where am I?" Ichigo asked rubbing her eyes.

"You fell asleep" Masaya said.

"What time is it?" Ichigo asked.

"5 o'clock" Masaya said.

Anime sweat drop "and you waited all this time?" Ichigo asked.

"Ya" Masaya said.

It's Monday so their at school.

"lol" her three bffs were laughing at Ichigo.

"You fell asleep!" Moe said.

"On your date!" Taki said.

"Like who does that" Miwa said.

"Well I dunno I just blanked out. Last thing I remember is talking to Taki then there was an earthquake and I remember a cat" said Ichigo.

"I don't remember any cat I remember a rabbit"(this is a hint) said Taki.

School is out Taki and Ichigo are walking back home together.

"Hey that's a cute cafe" Taki said pointing at large pink cafe in the middle of the park.

"Ya it is. I wanna go there for lunch" Ichigo said.

"Sure" Taki said.

They arrive at the café's front door.

"The sign says it's closed" Taki said.

"Oh well" Ichigo said she is leaning ageist(sp) the door.

The door Creeks and it opens.

"Whoa" Ichigo falls in to the café. "oww"

Ryou and Keiichiro walk in.

"Hello can we help you" said Keiichiro.

"Those are two of the Mew Mew's, right?" said Ryou.

"Yeah, if they have the mark." Keiichiro said.

Ryou takes Taki's hands in his and looks at her right palm. She has a mark on her right palm, it's a red snowflake.

"Uhh... what are you doing and why do I have a mark on my hand? I know I write on my hands alot, but... I didn't do that."

"You and Ichigo over there are Mew Mews, you both have marks." said Ryou.

"Is this a joke or something?" Ichigo asked.

"It's not a joke, you can transform!" said Keiichiro.

Taki whispers to Ichigo- "I think someone's watching too much Shoujo anime."

"You can transform when-" Ryou said.

He is cut off cuz a kirema anima appears.

"Well, there's your answer..." said Ryou.

Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphisis! And a flash of pink light appears.

Mew Mew Snoflak Metamorphisis! And a flash of red and white light appears.

"Ichigo, what the hell, why are we in costumes and why do you have a tail?" Taki said completely confused.

"Weird, more Deja-Vu... wait, why do you have bunny ears and a tail...?" Ichigo said, a hint of confusion in her voice.

Taki touches head "ahhh, what the hell is going on!"

"Well, fight the monster!" said Ryou.

"Uhh...ok." they both said.

Before they have a chance, laughter is heard, and Taki and Ichigo are being dragged away by Kish.

"Who are you? Where are you taking us!" Ichigo questioned him.

They arrive at a well in the middle of the park.

"I saw a well in my dream just like this one..." Ichigo said.

Kish through the two girls into the well.

"What was that about? Come on!" Taki and Ichigo say.

They start to climb out of the well.

"Are those demons...?" Inuyasha asked?

"We're not demons!" Ichigo said.

"Where we are, this day just keeps getting weirder and weirder..." Taki stated.

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her 8 year old younger brother

-Not entirely sure if that's spelled right.

-Not sure if that's MOshi, or MUshi. Sorry.

-Okay, let me explain her costume. She has a red short shirt, red eyes, red...those red puffy things all the girls have on their arms and like the top half of lettuces costume except it has straps and it's white her gloves are white and have a hole in the middle so you can see her red snowflake mark. Her shoes are like Mint's, but without the heel and they're red. Her leg band is white.