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Two minutes earlier

"Does it seem louder than usual outside?" Kish asked Ichigo

"Omg someone must be here to rescue us! It must be my friends. Finally I can go home and get as far away from you as possible!" Ichigo rejoiced

"Aww my little kitten you know you love me" Kish wined

"Hey! It's Ichigo I'm in here!" Ichigo yelled

A giant shadow came speeding towards the rice paper screened window.

"That looks more like an obscure looking demon come to attack us than any of your friends" Kish squeaked

The wall ripped in half and Inuyasha and the gang screamed as they crashed into Ichigo and Kish

"Can't breathe." Ichigo gasped as she was smashed into Kish's armpit

"I'm okay with this" Kish said with a smirk

"Ichigo! Finally we've found you" Taki yelled excitedly as she pulled her friend away from Kish and gave her a big hug

"Can someone please get us out of these chains so we can get home. Imagine the amount of homework we all have to make up." Ichigo begged

"I'll get you out of those shackles." Inuyasha said exuberantly as he began to chew on the metal chains.

"Ouch! That didn't work. Let me try something else." Inuyasha said as he began slashing at the chains with his fingernails

"Awoo! I broke a nail." Inuasha howled. "After I just painted them with little dog ears too."

"Who taught you to open a lock?" Shippo questioned

"Youtube. It's where I learn everything." Inuyasha said proud of his answer

"Hey! I thought I told you to stay out of my room. Stop using my computer and my nail polish. No dogs allowed!" Kagome warned

"But I wanna be in trend." Inuyasha said pouting

"I really think we should get a key to open the chains." Zakuro said

"Looking for this?" Naraku cooling said as he twirled the key from his right pointer finger

"This ends here!" Inuyasha yelled as he charged at Naraku with his sword