Parallel Universe
by: veggie_5

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Summary: Michael and Maria find out how it feels to be in each other's place. That's all
me gonna say. :) I'm sure this storyline has been done.. but here's my own take
on it...

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Spoilers: This is after Heatwave.. yup... if you can member all the way back to that ep
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Author's note: As always, i dedicate this to the crazy person who made this all possible. you
know who you are.. :) and thanx for putting up with my nagging you to tape the
episodes while i'm off here at university (tv-less) sigh

oh.. and hopefully this is not too confusing.. cuz i switch back and forth
b/w Michael and Maria's POV.. and just to clarify something.. they're not in the
same alt universe.. they're stuck in their own one... okey? good.


"I'm a loner. That's the way it has to be. No attachments. Nothing." Michael stated.

"Michael..." Maria's eyes glistened as she tried to grab his arm to turn him around.

"NO! Just go! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Michael's harsh words stunned Maria and even himself.
The words just flew out of his mouth and he never could control his tongue.

"I'm not leaving you alone! YOU HEAR? You can't just push me away! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?
I thought we had an understanding..." As soon as she said the word understanding Michael

"UNDERSTANDING?" He ran up to her till he was practically in her face then continued,
"You could NEVER understand me!"

There was a coldness in his eyes. "Maybe I could if you would let me!" She spat back.
She was not backing down. "Your stonewall is NOT going to intimidate me, Michael Guerin!
How can you even say I don't understand you? I know perfectly well how you feel! You're
running away from your problems again. You're a COWARD!"

"You think just because we kiss a little you suddenly can read me mind? Think again, DeLuca.
I'm a freak, remember? JUST GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!

Suddenly there was a flash of light as lightning struck a telephone wire nearby. Sparks flew
everywhere and Maria screamed. Panic filled Michael as he lunged towards Maria to protect her
from the sparks.


Then everything went black.

"MARIA! MARIA!" Maria groaned as she rubbed her aching forehead. Mom? What happened to
Michael? The last thing she remembered was fighting with Michael and then the lightning
happened and there were sparks everywhere. Oh God! Was he hurt? And where on earth was she?
She sat up slowly and opened her eyes. She gasped in horror. She was on a tattered couch with
garbage all over the floor. This wasn't the soap factory anymore and she was definitely not in
her room. Okay? Wake up Maria!

"MARIA! YOU LAZY SLOB! GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE!" Whoa. Since when was mom so harsh? She
slowly tumbled off the couch and headed towards the door. As she was walking she managed to
step on a zillion popcans. Aw for crying out loud! She winced in pain as her bare feet crushed
the metal beneath her.

There was her mother looking into the fridge with her back facing Maria. Maria couldn't
pinpoint the weird feeling growing in her stomach but she knew something was wrong. Amy DeLuca
spun around. Her hair was messy and looked like it never touched a comb in it's entire lifetime.
Her eyes were droopy and there were dark sags under them. Wrinkles were all over her face. It
looked as if she had aged 50 years or something. She was definitely not the same vibrant person
Maria knew. Maria squinted. The woman standing in front of her looked like her mother yet at
the same time, she looked like a total stranger.

"WHAT ARE YOU GAWKING AT, YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING?" Amy put her head in the fridge again. "Why
isn't there any food in here? I thought I told you to go fill this fridge! Don't you have ears?
her to get out, but her body wasn't listening. She was scared out of her mind and her feet
were frozen. Frustrated with Maria, Amy stomped over and slapped Maria hard in the face.
"GO, YOU FREAK!" And suddenly Maria could feel her feet again. She bolted out of the door.
Tears streamed down her face. Maria was so confused. Her mother never lay a hand on her before.
And she had never ever said anything remotely as harsh as she just did. She turned around and
suddenly she noticed that she had just run from a trailer. What's going on here?


Michael's head shot up at the sound of that voice. Hank? His head was throbbing. He was too
afraid to answer. What if Hank was drunk again? He might start hitting me and yelling at me
for no reason.

"Hey Sleepyhead! You're going to be late for school if you don't get up soon. Hurry up and
get dressed. Breakfast is going to get cold. Oh and by the way, I have to go out of town on
a business trip, so I'll be gone the rest of the week. You can manage by yourself, right?
Okay, I'll see you next week, son." And the door shut. Son? Business trip? Since when did
Hank work? And since when did Hank act so fatherly? He pinched himself to wake up from this
bizarre dream. No such luck. All he succeeded in doing was cause a small red mark on his arm.
He waved his hand over the mark to make it disappear. But for some reason it wasn't working.

"WHAT THE...?!" He muttered to himself. The door opened again.

"Son, I'm not kidding! Stop staring into space and get ready." Hank said sternly. Michael
nodded and hurried to get out of there.


Maria ran towards her locker. click Phew! At least it was still her locker. She still
couldn't get that horrible picture of her mother out of her head. It just didn't make any sense.
And the things her mother said... they... well, they hurt. As if she didn't have enough problems
with Michael... now her mother was... who knows what was wrong with her. Maria started to feel
a tingle in her hands but the fact that her life basically sucked made her ignore it. She
slammed her locker with such a force it caused the whole locker door to fall off. CRASH!
Maria's head snapped up as she realized that not only was her locker door on the ground but the
whole row of lockers were swung wide open. Okey? That's it! I have officially gone insane!
She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Just then, Liz was walking down the hall until she saw Maria's sudden outburst. She darted
towards Maria. "Ohmigod, Liz..." Maria started to say but she was cut short by Liz, who was
glaring at her. She yanked her into a corner.

"MARIA." She gritted her teeth. "What do you think you're doing?! There's people everywhere.
What happens if they saw your superhuman strength? It could've raised some suspicions!"
Maria's jaw hung wide open. "Well? Aren't you going to say something?"

"Liz... I ... uh... I gotta go. I'm late for class." Maria grabbed her books and rushed into
history class.

"Well well, Miss DeLuca has finally decided to grace us with her presence! And to what pleasure
do we owe this once in a lifetime appearance?" Mr. Hartson said sarcastically. This was getting
too weird. Mr. Hartson was one of her favourite teachers and was never rude or harsh towards her.
"Just sit your butt down. When you come in late I ask you not to disturb the entire class, Miss
DeLuca." He said as he rolled his eyes. Maria rushed to the empty seat beside Michael.
Michael? In class? And on time too? This had to be some sort of weird dream, because
nothing made any sense.


Michael walked down the hallway and caught sight of a blonde head that he would recognize
anywhere. He weaved his way through the crowd and tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around
and stared at him.

"Hey." He smiled weakly.

"What do you want, Michael?" She snapped back causing Michael to step back. He knew that she
was probably still angry at him for his outburst last night but he wanted to apologize.

"I'm..." He started to apologize but stopped when he realized she had walked away from him before
he could even speak. He rushed to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Michael, look. I said everything I had to say. So just leave me alone!" She pushed his hand
away and started to move. But Michael wasn't giving up. He reached for her again to stop her.
This time Maria grabbed his arm before he could and she stared at him with cold, unfeeling eyes.
"I don't get intense like this. I'm sorry if you thought there was more between us, but there
isn't. Okey?! We were just sucking face! That's all it was! So why don't you just make
this easier on yourself and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" And with that she stormed away and
this time Michael was too dumbfounded to even say or do anything. He just stood there looking
like an idiot watching Maria disappear into the crowd. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It's for the best, Michael. We don't belong with them. They're... well... you know...
Czechoslovakian." What on earth was Max talking about?


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