Hey everyone! It's been a REALLY long time since I've written and recently I've had the time and inspiration. Anyway, I decided to revamp this entire story and maybe I'll revamp my other stories too if I can get the muses to contact me again. This is a sailor moon and blade crossover fan fic. I don't own any of the characters and I have about a penny to my name. The inner sailor senshi are all 21 years old and Mamoru is 26. Enjoy!

AN: This was formerly titled "Blade/Sailor Moon Crossover." This takes place between Blade 2 and just before Blade 3. A warning for all, there will be spoilers as I will most definitely take this into Blade 3's storyline with a few modifications.

Shadows in the Night

Dark shadows filled the alley and made the stark lighting seem almost dim. The moon shown brightly at its fullest high in the sky, almost blanketing the stars and constellations from sight. However, this did not deter the young blonde as she made her way home from work. She didn't seem to notice that she was being followed by a tall man, wearing dark clothing and a twisted smile on his face. Though she looked helpless and for the entire world an easy target, Tsukino Usagi was anything but that. Beneath the bubbly and ditzy exterior, she was a hardened warrior, a woman known to Japan and, to some extent, the world as Sailor Moon. She was a champion of love and justice and had for a long time been fighting evils that any ordinary man or woman could not, would not, imagine. And it was her warrior's instinct that told her the man behind her, following in the darkness of the night, was dangerous and not at all human.

She quickened her pace and her heightened hearing detected that her 'stalker' had done so as well. 'He probably thinks that he's scaring me,' she thought absently. Usagi glanced over her shoulder and spotted the man. He had dark brown hair and his skin was oddly pale, as though he had not seen the sun in quite some time. Were she younger this tactic would have worked quite well, but since her days of crying over a small cut or bruise she had grown into a woman of a focused mined, a toned and attractive body and had developed that annoying thing called 'responsibility' that Luna had always talked about. With a sigh, she decided to let him think it was working and slipped into a run. She heard a laugh behind her, as though he had been waiting for this as he also began running. But to her surprise, he caught up with her easily and grabbed her arm, throwing her into the brick wall of the alley. For a moment, she gasped in pain as her head struck the building hard. The man advanced on her with a twisted look on his face, his teeth showing white in the dim light of the overhead lamp. And that's when she caught sight of it: his canines were inhumanly long and sharp, like a serpent's.

Usagi quickly got up, intending to transform and take this thing she thought to be a youma out but was deprived of this chance when a gunshot sounded in the air. The man screamed, gripping his leg as the flesh around the wound smoldered. A black-skinned man, dressed in black clothes that obviously had armor underneath the fabric stood stoically to her left about ten feet away. A long, black trench coat fluttered about his ankles in a light breeze as he slowly walked forward. The pale man before her looked up and growled angrily one word.


The black man said nothing as he continued to walk forward, the young princess's assailant backing off and running the opposite direction as fast as his legs could carry him. The Daywalker shook his head as he pulled out a bladed weapon and threw it carelessly at the retreating figure. It flew through the air with a sharp whirring noise and Usagi gasped as she saw it cut cleanly through the neck and fly back as the man she presumed to be a mugger collapsed into ash and dust. The blonde looked up at her savior in shock as he turned to her. He took a few steps towards her and she sprang up immediately, backing away tensely, one hand grasping the locket she now kept in her pocket instead of the front of her shirt. The Daywalker stopped, gripping the weapon he'd just tossed so effortlessly.

"Did he bite you?"

Usagi was stunned at these words. Silently, she shook her head. He gave her a look that told her that he didn't believe what she was saying. Two strides of his long legs and he had her by the neck, turning her head from one side to the other. After a moment of inspection, he seemed satisfied with the state of her pale neck and slowly walked away. Finding her voice, Usagi finally spoke.

"Who are you?" she demanded softly. The Daywalker paused and inclined his head slightly.

"You don't need to know. Just go home and don't wander the streets at night."

Gripping the locket tightly, she glared slightly. "That sounded like a threat."

He seemed amused. "If I were threatening you, you wouldn't be standing there." He left her there, standing almost in a daze in the darkness of the alley. Vaguely, her mind began to wonder if there was another threat on the horizon.

Blade drove through the streets of Tokyo at speeds quite beyond the limit but it seemed as if the police could sense from their cars that this was not a car they could simply stop and ask for "license and registration, please." The streets were not barren of traffic but there was very little in the way of opposition as he passed car after car. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally turned into the old warehouse district, pulling into one specific warehouse that seemed dank and abandoned. Inside there was the sound of loud music and the whirring of machinery and he spotted Whistler working on another weapon. The man was old and quite inventive with his work. He admired how he had gotten the UV lamps so small, he could fit one in his pocket or mount them on his two favorite guns. The half-breed grinned inwardly at the thought of causing double the damage to the blood-sucking bastards he hunted day and night.

Without a second glance to the man he had thought of as a father, Blade crossed the large warehouse to his makeshift bedroom. He could smell that dawn was quite near as he stripped of his armored clothing and slid beneath the thin sheets of his bed. Though he needed little sleep, he had not been able to catch a single wink for nearly a week and it was beginning to take a toll on him. As much as he would have liked to stay up, he was forced to do what his body needed him to do and rest for the few precious hours that he could. The next night, he intended to find out where the nearest vampire club was and demolish the population in the midst of their 'fun time.' Though this was the main thing on his mind, he also thought about the girl he had saved. Beautiful as she was, it wasn't her physical appearance that had attracted him to her aid. There was something about her that nagged at the back of his mind, telling him there was much more to her than met the eye. And the way she had put her hand in her pocket so discreetly while that suck-head had been toying with her told him that she knew that someone had been following her, like she had been toying with it instead.

On some level this disturbed Blade. But he couldn't think of that now. He needed his rest before the next night came and then he could ponder over this woman, this enigma. Faintly, he heard the music stop and the limping step of his mentor as he, too, headed for bed. Unfortunately for the old man, he did not have the stamina that Blade had to stay up for more than a few days at a time and unlike his dark-skinned friend, he needed a good day's rest far more than he did.

Usagi sipped at her double-chocolate shake thoughtfully. She had called a meeting with the senshi, not including the outers, to tell them and discuss what she had seen the night before. To say it was astonishing was exaggerating but the fact that a man she perceived as mortal being able to take out a Youma with little effort had definitely concerned her. Her gaze was directed out the window as the first arrived. Mizuno Ami sat down before Usagi, a light and tired smile on her face. She had allowed her blue hair to grow much longer than she had when they were younger, having preferred to keep it short and neat. Now it reached the middle of her back in gentle waves and her bangs graced her forehead with a gentle curl inwards, complimenting her pale skin. Usagi herself had changed her appearance a little; her hair was notably shorter, coming to just below the curve of her back and she had let her bangs grow out to frame her face. She had grown in height from being 5'1" to 5'7" in the last few years of high school, an unexpected growth spurt. Ami had grown as well, now being only an inch shorter than the Moon Princess. And they both wore outfits that slightly accented their now very developed bodies.

No longer did they subconsciously wear the colors of their respective home worlds; Ami wore a light orange sweater that tightened in all the right places and a pair of faded denim jeans that flared slightly at the calves to tastefully cover her white sneakers. Usagi wore a maroon short sleeved shirt that was simply tight across her breasts and a black vest that was zipped halfway. Her black slacks hugged her hips lowly, showing off her flat belly and her navel. Her shoes were black and gave her an extra inch when she stood up, buckling at the side. It wasn't long before they were joined by Hino Rei and Kino Makoto. The senshi of Mars wore a violet shawl a black baby tank top and low rider jeans ripped at the knees and a pair of heels that boosted her from her 5'6" to 5'7" while Makoto wore a short pleated pink skirt that went nicely with her white v-neck shirt with a rose pattern printed all over it. It was almost dangerously low, from the looks she was receiving from other patrons, looking from her white sandaled-feet to the thick braid she had twisted into a bun at the top of her head. Unbelievably, Makoto had grown to be 5'10" since their school days, still keeping her much taller than her fellow senshi.

Aino Minako arrived minutes after them, wearing a mauve shirt that exposed her shoulders and some cleavage with a black mini-skirt to compliment her outfit. She had shortened her hair to just below her shoulders and had grown to be the same height as Usagi. Her black half-inch heels showed off her painted toe-nails and clicked on the tile as she approached.

As everyone settled into the booth, the senshi of the Moon tried to decide how to put into words exactly what she had seen. When she had called, she hadn't said exactly what she would have liked to get them out here, seeing as they all had busy lives now with school and work. She felt it best if she didn't say what she had to over the phone, in case there were unwanted listeners on each end. Here, in the corner of the Crown Arcade, she felt safer in speaking her mind. All eyes turned to Usagi as everyone spoke their greetings. She took a good sip of her shake and then pushed it to the side slightly, still half full.

"I know you're all wondering what we're doing here. Trust me, I wouldn't have called for this kind of meeting if I didn't think it wasn't important," she spoke softly. Taking a deep breath, she continued. "Last night as I was walking home from work, I noticed very quickly that I was being followed. At first, I thought it was a mugger and that I could just scare him off by disappearing and transforming or even using some of the techniques Mako-chan taught me to take down thugs quick and easy. But… it wasn't like that at all. I think he was a youma of some kind."

The young women around her were suddenly talking all at once. Whispers of things like, 'could this be what Pluto was talking about?' and 'does this mean Crystal Tokyo isn't far off?' Usagi put her hand up to quiet them down and they all turned eyes back to her.

"I don't know any of this for sure. This youma looked like it was taking after horror movies; it looked almost like a vampire. It was very pale and it had elongated teeth. It moved so fast, it actually caught me when I was running at full speed! It was very strong, too. Threw me into a wall like I was a rag doll. The thing is, as I was getting ready to transform, some guy, I think he was an American, shot him in the leg. It looked like his leg was burning from the inside out! When it tried to get away, he threw some kind of bladed boomerang that cut its head off, clean from the shoulders. The weirdest part, though, was that it didn't just vaporize like most youma do. It looked like it burned to ash from the inside out. I don't know who this guy is and I don't care right now. What I'm worried about is simple: is there a new threat in Tokyo, how do we defeat it, and if this guy knows something about them, how do we find him?"

The senshi seemed deep in thought, none of them at all shocked or surprised at their princess and her very rational thinking. After the defeat of Chaos, Usagi had begun to mature faster than any of them had expected of her. It was like losing Mamoru, losing all of them all at once and having to be the victor in a battle no one expected to win had sobered her from a lifetime of being a thoughtless and careless child to a responsible, calculating, graceful and hard working woman in merely a few weeks. Gone were the days of her klutz attacks and dim-witted thinking. Even with those aspects long gone, she still retained a bubbly personality when she wasn't studying hard for exams or concentrating on improving her skills at the flower shop she'd been working at for nearly two years. Beyond those two things, the only time she was that serious were the times when she was considering the threats that the future contained, the stray youma they all faced.

Ami hesitated slightly as she looked to her princess. "Usagi," she began with a whisper, her voice growing stronger with each word, "Perhaps that was just a stray. That guy may have been hunting youma for years and knew the best way to take this one down without using magick like we do." Usagi shook her head.

"I don't think so. You didn't see what I did. This was different. It was like he… was trained to handle just this type of youma. He had no other weapons that I could see."

The others had nothing to say to this; there was nothing they could think of just then to rationalize what their princess had seen. Deep down, some of them didn't want to. The thought of a new enemy after such a long time of peace didn't resonate with the desires they all held for the future.

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