Hey everyone! It's been a REALLY long time since I've written and recently I've had the time and inspiration. Anyway, I decided to revamp this entire story and maybe I'll revamp my other stories too if I can get the muses to contact me again. This is a sailor moon and blade crossover fan fic. I don't own any of the characters and I have about a penny to my name. The inner sailor senshi are all 21 years old and Mamoru is 26. Enjoy!

AN: This was formerly titled "Blade/Sailor Moon Crossover." This takes place between Blade 2 and just before Blade 3. A warning for all, there will be spoilers as I will most definitely take this into Blade 3's storyline with a few modifications.

Shadows in the Night

As the light faded in the early hours of dusk, Blade awoke. Hours had passed slowly for the half-breed as he had dreamt things he would have wished far from his mind at the moment. Nyssa was the only thing he had dreamt about for the duration of his rest. She was the closest he had ever gotten to loving anyone in a long time. He had cared about Karen before she had left him, disgusted at his constant desire for revenge and how he hadn't cared when she told him her plans to leave. He had been more concerned with finding Whistler, the mentor he thought he'd lost when he'd been beaten, bitten and left for death or the path of the very creatures he loathed. The old man had tried to kill himself before Blade went on to kill Deacon Frost but had failed miserably. The vampires had come back, taking the crippled inventor with them and keeping him locked in stasis between beatings and healing. Not even a day after finding the older man, the stoic Daywalker had met the exotic vampire in battle.

Though she was the very thing he hated, there was a softness to her, a gentle nature tainted only by the nature of what she was and the training to be a killer. Before he had met her, he was a hardened killer, caring nothing of her kind. But he had grown to enjoy her presence. She had an odd calming effect that no one else had ever given him. With all his being, he wished he'd been able to save her from her brother, Nomak, a genetically enhanced vampire gone mad with rejection and the knowledge that he had only been born as a mistake in genetic sequencing. He was a hideous and heinous attempt at making vampires invincible to the few things that could kill them: garlic, silver and sunlight. They were trying to make another like him. They had failed, creating Nomak, a vampire who carried a virus that infected vampires and humans alike, turning them into the race they had come to call Reapers. He had eliminated the infected, including Nomak. But not before the crazed Reaper had infected his sister.

He still remembered vividly, as he dressed in his armored hunting gear, how she felt in his arms when he carried her to the helicopter pad, the sun's light just barely seen in the horizon. The way she stared for the first time at the sun's purifying light with pride and acceptance of her death. Normally, vampires burned and screamed violently in the light, almost exploding. Nyssa's was an almost gentle death, as if the sun didn't want to destroy such a beautiful, if deadly, creature. The feeling of her skin turning to burning ash as he had caressed her cheek, her eyes looking at him with a look of peace made his fingertips ache. And then she was gone, nothing more than a small cyclone of ash and dust in the wind. For a moment, Blade paused. He felt a dull ache in his heart at her loss. Mentally, the half-breed shook himself. He would have time for such thoughts later. He had some hunting to do.

The princess of the Moon walked calmly down the alley she'd used the night before. This time, if something decided to make her dinner, she was far more prepared than she had been last time. Not only did she have a hand on her broach that lay patiently in her pocket, she had Mars and Venus following in the shadowed rooftops above. If she got into trouble, they were close enough to spot it and drop to her rescue at a moment's notice. It was odd, though. Since the attack the night before, her senses seemed to have heightened. She'd mentioned this change to Luna and the feline guardian seemed to fill with pride.

"You're coming into your heritage," she said proudly. "Lunarians, especially the Royal Family, had very finely tuned senses. You especially were known to have the most acute hearing, sight and sense of smell that had been seen for hundreds of years. And your taste! When you ate at dinner, you would kindly tell the cooks what they had put too much of in the meal and how to correct it!"

Usagi shook her head slightly, wiping the memory from her mind. She wasn't that good yet, she could only feel a slight difference. However, Luna insisted that in a short amount of time, she would be at the full acuity she'd had a millennia ago. It was her newfound sensitive hearing that alerted her to someone following her. She waited until the footsteps reached her to the point a normal person would have heard and turned her head. It was a woman; she was tall, elegantly dressed in a long skirt that had two slits on either side of her thighs. A silken blouse, unbuttoned at the bottom to show her navel and at the top to expose the top of her cleavage hung loosely about her shoulders and expensive-looking heels clicked at a leisure pace. The blonde could easily tell that this woman was not human from the extremely pale skin under the light of the moon and the lamps. She was a vampire. Turning forward once again, she began to walk faster and nearly bumped into a man that had appeared seemingly from nowhere.

Now she was nervous.

"Gomen nasai. I'll be more careful to watch next time," she spoke softly and tried to go around. He stepped in front of her, flashing what would have been a charming smileā€¦ if not for the unnaturally elongated canines flashing in the pale light. Gasping, Usagi turned around to find the woman had caught up to her and grasped her arm. Terror gripped her for a moment before she screamed as loudly as she could. Instantly, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus were there, kicking their princess's attackers to the ground. Dropping her bag, she pulled out the broach and thrust it to its place on her chest.

"Moon Eternal, Make Up!" she cried. In a flurry of ribbons and feathers, Tsukino Usagi was transformed into one of the most powerful senshi in the galaxy. Eternal Sailor Moon stood before them in all her glory. The two vampires looked on in awe, unsure of whether they should attack or flee at the sight of the most famous heroine in all of Japan. Deciding it was best to get rid of her, they both lunged and the three senshi dodged gracefully. Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon all managed to land themselves in tactical positions.

"I knew doing those drills every week would come in handy," Sailor Mars muttered. Immediately, she posed to attack, waving her hand down to create a fiery bow while the other slowly drew back to form an arrow. She grasped her weapon, the words already coming to her lips as the magic from her planet flowed down to envelop her. The heat gave her comfort. "Mars Flame Sniper!" The arrow flew from her fingertips, a trail of fire in its wake as it struck true, hitting the male in the back. He screamed only for a moment before he turned completely to ash. The woman turned and hissed.

"I guess he couldn't take the heat," Sailor Venus joked, as she walked to stand beside Sailor Mars. The red planet's princess smirked.

"Then, maybe he should have gotten out of the kitchen." The vampire backed away from the two of them and turned to Sailor Moon. The blonde looked at the vampire as if trying to figure it out.

"What kind of youma are you? Who sent you?" she asked, her voice ringing with authority. She looked at her in confusion.

"Youma? What the hell is that?" it hissed. The three senshi looked at each other in surprise.

"What do you mean, 'what the hell is that?' You're a youma!" Sailor Mars growled out. She had a feeling that this was some kind of diversionary tactic.

"No, I'm a vampire. No one sent me; my companion and I were hungry and out for a midnight snack. Since you killed him, I'm going to have to feast alone and you're going to be the main course!" she snarled as she took a flying kick at the two unprepared senshi. Then, it turned to Sailor Moon, but she was ready. Using her oldest attack, she raised her hand and a glowing discus appeared; her tiara. She thrust it forward, not even uttering the attack words, and it cleanly cut the vampire in half at the waist. She looked up and then at her midsection before she burst into flame and fell in a pile of ash. The tiara faithfully flew back into its mistress's hand before she clenched her hand and it disappeared in a shower of sparkling dust that settled on the ground.

The three of them looked around for a moment, trying to determine if anyone had seen what they'd done. When they were satisfied, Sailor Moon grabbed the bag she'd abandoned and they all leapt to the rooftops, deciding that it would be better to avoid more confrontations for the evening.

AN: I revised the last chapter again, since I noticed that I'd left out Minako and I had misspelled a few things. That's all taken care of now. I hope everyone is satisfied with how I'm taking the story for the moment. For the record, Blade won't be introduced to the Senshi for another chapter or so, so please be patient. I'm trying to make this as interesting as possible without over-doing it. Ja ne!

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