So now I'm trying my skills with an Inuyasha-fanfic. It's my first, and it's SHOUJO-AI, so don't read this if you have a problem with that. And, the demon appearing in this Chapter is Baal from Diablo II, right? he's called Baal.

I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, because my computer actually doesn't have a spell check in English.

Alright then.

Have fun.

All for you

An Inuyasha-fanifiction by Mireille 29

Chapter 1

She didn't even know when she realized it. There had been many hints, but… After all, she didn't even care. But she was quite sure.

She was in love.

Kagome was in love with Sango.

And she knew Kagome felt the same. But they were both to shy to tell each other. She realized Inuyasha giving her strange looks. Jealous glances.

Does he know? No… How should he?

But Kagome knew that Inuyasha wasn't stupid. He COULD know. Because everytime she was with Sango her heart beated faster and she felt her face blush. Maybe he knew. But she didn't care for that either.

It was this evening she wanted to tell her. After dinner she slowly approached her.

"Sango… would you… take a walk with me?", she asked with low voice. She could tell from the twinkle in the demon slayer's eyes that she had been waiting for this.

"Of course.", she whispered softly. She took Kagomes hand and they left. Inuyasha, Miroku and Shippou gave them a curious look, but they let them go.

Sango and Kagome took their time. There was no need to hurry. Hand in hand they walked through the forest. Kagome felt like flying. It seemed so right, so good being here, alone with Sango. They finally reached the hot spring where they sat down at the shore. Kagome rested her head on top of her knees and looked at Sango. Sango was sitting next to her in the same position, but with eyes closed.

She's so… beautiful.

Kagome didn't know why she was so attracted to the demon slayer, who was actually her best friend, but it didn't really matter. Kagome glanced at her once again with dreamy eyes. Now Sango was looking at her, too. They both started at the same time.



A small smile of embarrassment and they both blushed. Why was it so difficult to tell the person you loved what you feel? Suddenly Kagome heard a surprised yell and a body falling onto the ground. She smelled something… a smell she was used to…

"SIT!", she shouted.

"AAAAAAHHHH!", Inuyasha screamed as he fell down again.

"Inuyasha! What the hell are you doing here!" Inuyasha got up and glanced at her angrily.

"Just makin' sure you're alright… But looks like you're busy… see ya…" And with a rush he disappeared. Kagome was on her feet now. She was so… dissapionted for him to interrupt them. She was angry. So angry. She turned around and ran away. But Sango just didn't let her go. She was after her.

"Kagome, stop!", she called, but Kagome didn't. Then – mentioning the fact Sango was faster than Kagome – Sango caught her and pulled her close to herself in a tight hug. Kagome buried her face in Sangos neck and cried. Sangos gently stroke her back and ran her fingers through Kagomes hair.

"Shhhhh… it's alright, don't you cry, Kagome."

"Sango…", the name escaped her lips as a sob, tears fell down onto Sangos Kimono. Sango gave her all the comfort she needed right now. Like friends do. And she knew this was the time to tell her. Kagome hesitated. She took all the courage she could find within herslef and whispered so softly Sango could harldy understand.

"I… Sango, I… love you…" Sango only tightened her grip, then answered

"I love… you, too."

They knew they had to return. Sangos fingers found Kagome's and interlocked. SO they went back to Kaede's.

When they arrived the others were already asleep. When they reached Sangos room they hugged each other once more. Sangos beautiful eyes lingered on Kagomes.

"Good night…", Sango whispered softly before placing a gentle but yet shy kiss on Kagomes slightly parted lips. She let go of the smaller girl and went inside her room.

"Good night.", Kagome said just before Sango closed the door. Slowly she went to her own room and lied down onto her bed. Her thoughts were still with Sango, as her heart was, too. She was ujnable to fall asleep. She turned around in her bed, but it didn't get any better. She finally gave up and let her thoughts fly to Sango. She tried to remember the sensation of Samgos arms around her, tried to remember the taste of Sangos soft lips. When she thought she couldn't take it anymore she heard the dorr open. She was only a little surprised to see Sango come in.

"Kagome?", she asked quietly.

"Yes.", Kagome answered.

"Can I… sleep here?", Sango demanded shyly. Kagome gave her space and Sango lied down beside her. Immediately they embraced. Kagome let out a content sigh.

"I couldn't sleep…", she mentioned.

"Neither could I.", Sango said. Her arms around Kagome tightened. Kagome looked up to her. Sango looked beautiful in the pale moonlight. She rose one hand to stroke Sangos soft cheek. Sango turned her head and brought her lips to the caressing hand, kissing the palm. She started showering kisses all over Kagomes face until she finally reached Kagomes lips. Her mouth lingered there pretty long. Their tongues danced playfully, neither of them wanting to break the contact, but despite that, they had to breathe. And they breathed heavily, looking into each others eyes. Kagome wrapped one leg around Sangos, Sango gasped and ran her fingers through Kagomes hair. They kissed again passionately. Their legs were hooked together, their skin gently touching. Kagome hid her face in Sangos neck, ready to fal asleep. She felt Sango resting her head above her own and kiss her on top of her hair.

"Good night, my sweet little girl.", Sango whispered softly.

"Good night, my love.", Kagome answered quietly.

Soon they both fell asleep.

The next morning they were woken up by Inuyasha calling their names. Kagome sighed angrily.

"No… I don't wanna get up…", she murmured. Sango laughed.

"Neither do I… But better look what he wants, huh?" Kagome nooded and so sthey got up. Sango made her hair to a plait and bound her kimono tighter. Just then Inuyasha bursted in.

"Kagome! Sango! C'mon, there's a demon outside! Hurry up!" Sango put on her demon salyer's outfit and took her bumerang, Kagome took her bow and arrows and they followed Inuyasha outside.

"Oh no…", Sango gasped, "No… It can't be…!" Kagome looked at her worriedly.


"He… he attacted my village two years ago… I thought he was dead…" Kagome could hear anger in Sangos voice, Sango gritted her teeth, then shouted:

"BAAL!" The huge spider demon turned to face her.

"HAH! DEMON HUNTRESS SANGO! I thought you were dead!"

"I thought YOU were dead! Well, I am not!"

The demon spitted a sticky thread in Sango's direction, but she evaded easily. She threw her bumerang and hit his eye. He screamed in pain and continued spitting his threads. She was fast, but he was faster. His threads made a net around both of them now, Sango was unable to escape.

"SANGO!", Kagome screamed.

"I'm okay, don't worry!", Sango answered. She was captured on the net, nobody could help her. Not even Inuyasha or Miroku.

"So, what are you waitin' for, Sango?", he laughed, "hit me."

Inuyasha and Miroku were busy with Baal's slaves. Kagome tried to destroy the net with her arrows, but she didn't have any success.

Sango was afraid. So terribly afraid. The last time she had faced him she had been with her family. With her father and… with Kohaku. Tears filled her eyes, but she blinked them away. Her sadness turned to anger and she started to run. He seemed to be surprised of her sudden action. She jumped onto one of his legs. He kicked his leg out, but she was already climbed onto his huge back.

"Hey, wha-" she pushed her sword into his neck with all her power. He made a gurgling sound and buckled so that Sango fell down. She hit the ground hard, all the air escaped from her lungs and a harsh pain flushed through her body. He screamed and spitted out a poisonous gel. Sango tried to roll away, but just then he fell right on top of her andf the gel was all over her. She tried not to open her mouth, but she needed to breath abd he was almost killing her with his weight.

"Kagome!", she managed to scream from under him. He was choking her, she felt it. The net slowly faded and Kagome ran to Sango.

"Sango. Sango!" She pulled Sango away from the corpse of the demon. Sango coughed badly, she felt the poison inside her body.

"Sango…", Kagome whispered. Sango breathed heavily, then coughed again.

"Inuyasha! Over here!", Kagome shouted and waved. Inuyasha came to them.

"Oh shit, she's poisoned!", he said and lifted Sango in his arms. Miroku gave her a sad look. Kagome saw a piece of the Shiko No Tama laying beside the dead demon, She picked it up and put it to the others. The demon fell to dust and disappeared.

"Hurry! To Kaede!", Inuyasha said and ran. Sangos cat demon Kirara came to them.

She must have felt that something happened to Sango.

Kagome climbed onto her back. Miroku was already after Inuyasha, and now Kagome followed them to Kaede.