Galactic Guardians

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T

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I only own the following Dimension A & B Senshi attacks: Flaming Ball Strike which I made up for Dimension B's Sailor Vesta and Dimension A's Sailor Vesta , Lightning Bolt which I made up for the Dimension A Juno as well as the Dimension B Juno, Garnet Orb(The Heart Shaped Talisman of Pluto's on the top of the Garnet Rod) Blaster, as well as the new Attacks that I made up for the Dimension A Senshi Power Ups.

I also own Karomi Kagato AKA Aquaria from Cerulean City.

Episode 30: Fall of the Dark Kingdom Part I: Ashley's New Beginning!


Hi, my name is Ash Ketchum and I'm sixteen years old, I was just an ordinary Pokemon Trainer several months ago, maybe eight or nine. I had just returned from another league loss in Kalos. This time I made the finals and lost because not only was I exhausted, but so was my buddy Ash-Greninja as well as all my other Pokemon. I did my best. Of course I was disappointed, but happy at the same time. I had never made it to the finals before, so that was quite the accomplishment for me. I was reunited with my first human traveling companion, Misty Kasumi Waterflower. Her and I decided to do some traveling together for a while. We invited Brock, but he was too busy studying to be a Pokemon Doctor. A strange voice was telling Misty and me to go to some place in China where we were told we could find a lot of unique Pokemon. Little did Mist, Pikachu, and I know that our lives were about to change forever. This was all thanks to a place called Jusenkyo where hundreds of springs dotted the landscape. That doesn't sound too strange, however the thing about these springs is that they were sacred. The were also cursed. I learned that lesson the hard way when I accidentally stepped on Pikachu's, no Orion's tail and his Thundershock sent me into the Spring of Drowned Girl where a girl drowned their 1500 years ago.

Cold water once turned me into a girl and hot water turned me back. The same thing happened to two of my friends. I also found out that I was a girl in a past life. Not only that, but the girl I was was very special. She was a Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Solaris she also had a soul mate a girl by the name of Sailor Terra. Misty, Orion and me are reincarnations of three beings from thousands of years ago along with several of my friends. I also found out after a while that I was the Solaris Princess and Misty was the Princess of Atlantis, Princess Kasumi. I was known as Princess Solaria. The cursed springs of Jusenkyo gave two friends of mine as well as myself extraordinary gifts. What's more, is that my Pikachu Code Name Orion, an Adviser to the Moon Court and the Solaris Court, and Misty's Azumarril, Code Name Andromeda was also an adviser to the Moon Court and Solaris Court in Past, Present and Future. This is the story of the Galactic Guardians and their Team up with both factions of the Solar System Guardians. I have also learned to control my condition by will and so have my two friends. What I once viewed as a curse, I now view as a blessing. Or I'm beginning to.

The Galactic Guardians are led by Misty Kasumi Waterflower AKA Princess Kasumi of Atlantis AKA Super Sailor Terra, the Senshi of Earth and Cousin of Tuxedo Mask AKA Prince Endymion AKA Mamoru Chiba AKA Tuxedo Mask AKA Neo King Endymion. I am also one of the leaders of the Galactic Guardians, Ash Ketchum AKA Ashley Ketchum AKA Super Sailor Solaris AKA Princess Solaria AKA Prince Satoshi. I am the Sailor Guardian of the Sun I'm also the Future Queen of the Solaris Colony, or so I suspect. I love this world, and everyone in it. Oh one more thing, I was also the older cousin of Princess Serenity AKA Usagi Tsukino AKA Neo Queen Serenity AKA Eternal Sailor Moon.

I wouldn't trade what I have become over the past several months for anything I experienced in the past. The present and the future of this beautiful world is what I am protecting now. I am still Ash Ketchum AKA Ashley Ketchum AKA Super Sailor Solaris AKA Princess Solaria AKA Neo Queen Solaria FUTURE POKEMON MASTER! Little did I know hat my Soulmate isn't who I thought it was

The adventures of the Galactic Guardians are off to an awesome start and will only get better as time goes on! Let the adventure continue...

In D-Point, the four Generals are bowing to Queen Beryl. In front of the quartet was a gun of sorts, Beryl was confused.

"What is the meaning of this gun Aquaria? How is that going to help us stop the Galactic Guardians?"

Aquaria cackles evilly as she speaks up, "this device will keep the Galactic Guardians from accessing their higher abilities. It will keep Solaris from accessing her Crystal, Cosmic and Super forms, and force her to just stay with her Prism form. It will also take away access to the rest of the Solaris Court's and Terra's Star and Super abilities. In other words they will be stuck in their basic forms and will be forced to attack us with their weakest attacks. Making it easy for us to destroy them. At the same time it will take away their energy to revive our great leader!"

Beryl cackles evilly, "excellent, go to your duties!"

The generals nodded and vanished in their respective elements.

Ash, Misty, Toko, Umi and the Solaris Court decided to take a vacation to Alola. They knew the Gym was in good hands because the Sailor Quintet came back from the thirtieth century to run the Gym. The Galactic Enforcers were at the Terminus Cave Base keeping an eye on things in Kalos. Chibi-Usa and her protectors were checking out the computer inside the Pallet City base.

"Well, things seem quiet for right now," Chibi-Usa said, then continued, "I really hope Ash and Misty and their guardians are okay."

Chikako, formerly known as CereCere then picked up where Chibi-Usa left off, "okay, now that we have normal names, we really should let the Pokemon League know that we are filling in for the Gym Leaders. We still better keep an eye on the Kanto and Johto Regions with Casey traveling with Ash and Company."

Momoko, formerly known as PallaPalla, continued, "What about school? Shouldn't we attend school?"

Juria, formerly known as JunJun spoke up, "I don't really think Pokemon Trainers that are traveling really go to school, so we should be fine."

Hoshi, formerly known as VesVes voiced her concern, "Are you like sure we can handle this gym? I mean we don't know much about Pokemon."

Hearing the concern of the youngest member of the Quintet, Chibi-Usa comforted her, "Ash and Misty trust us, so we should have no problem running the Gym. These Pokemon will obey us."

"I guess you're right Chibi-Usa," Hoshi said, then continued, "Ash and Misty wouldn't have trusted us if they didn't think we could handle it."

The rest of the Quintet nodded in agreement with Hoshi's assessment and headed to the arena to wait for challengers.

Meanwhile, in Alola...

Ash and Company arrived in Alola after two days of being on the road. Ash, Drew, and Ranma were in their male forms as they happily linked arms with their respective Girlfriends. They were heading to Professor Kukui's lab after getting directions and leaving the airport.

"So," Ash said as he looked toward everyone, "I think we should partake in the Island Challenge while we are here and maybe even catch us some new Pokemon."

Misty smiled and laid her head on Ash's shoulder. It was so nice to lay her head on her boyfriend's shoulder while he was male. From the looks of May and Akane, they both agreed with Misty and liked her idea.

Pluto then appears in front of the group as she takes the hands of the Solaris twins, after making sure the coast is clear, Pluto addresses the Solaris Princess and the Princess of Atlantis, "troubles are ahead so I have to take the Solaris Twins back to the future. You will be attacked by the Dark Kingdom Generals and will be severely weakened. I've seen it in the Time Stream, none of you will be able to access your Super Powers. I have to take the girls back to Crystal Tokyo to keep them safe. They will be returned once the Dark Kingdom is defeated."

Ash and Misty nodded in understanding as they hug each other and then their future daughters. Once good byes were said Pluto took the Solaris Twins back to Crystal Tokyo.

Ash, Misty and the Solaris Court after parting ways with the Solaris Twins continued their trek to Professor Kukui's house.

From the shadows, four sets of eyes were spying on our heroes. The people that the sets of eyes belonged to, had evil smirks on their faces as the sound of cocking guns could be heard from the Alley. Their sights set on eight Sailor Guardians. However, the main targets were Ash, Misty, and the Solaris Court. Ranma and Akane weren't really in their sights.

Ranma and Akane decided to go exploring on their own, since they weren't really interested in training Pokemon. Ash, Misty, Drew, Duplica, Casey, and May continued their way toward Professor Kukui's Research Lab. The group of two boys and four girls had their teams on them. Ash stopped over in Kalos to get one of his old friends back. His Greninja. Misty has Gyarados, Staryu, Starmie, Psyduck, Corsola, and Azumarril/Andromeda. Ash's team consists of Charizard(with Charizardite Y ), Bulbasaur, Pidgeot, Greninja/Ash-Greninja, Sceptile(with Sceptilite), and Pikachu/Orion. Drew has his Roserade, Masquerain, Flygon, Absol(with Absolite), and Butterfree, and a Milotic. Casey's Pokemon consist of Meganium, Pidgeot, Electivire, Beedrill(with Beedrillite), Raichu, and Raticate. Duplica has Ditto, Mini-Dit, and three other Ditto's including one Shiny Ditto that she called Shiny Morph and a Kecleon. The Pokemon that May has on her are as follows: Blaziken(With Blazikenite), Venusaur(with Venusaurite), Glaceon, Wartortle, Munchlax, and Beautifly.

With six Pokemon each, Ash, Misty, Drew, Duplica, Casey and May arrive at Professor Kukui's Lab not even knowing that the four new Dark Kingdom Generals are hot on their tails looking to extremely weaken them so they won't be able to go passed their basic Sailor Guardian forms. About half an hour later, the group arrived at Professor Kukui's Lab and rang the doorbell. Professor Samuel Oak had informed Professor Kukui the other day that Ash and several girls would arrive at his lab today. The group had boarded a plane in Viridian City bound for Alola and would arrive today. Professor Samuel Oak also said that two more people would be with Ash and Company. Just as Ash and Company arrived on the porch, Ranma and Akane joined them and waited for the door to open.

Right as Ranma and Akane arrived, the door opened and a young man about 24 wearing Tinted glasses, an open lab coat, with half of a Goatee on the lower part of his chin. He was also wearing a white hat with a Rainbow half of a Poke ball embroidered on it. He was also wearing a silver pair of shin-length pants with green sleeves and a green waist-band. On his feet he wore a pair of Green Sandals. This young man was Professor Kukui. On his left ring finger he also had what looked to be an Engagement Ring.

"Alola, you must be the kids that Professor Oak told me about." Kukui said, "My name is Kukui. I'm the Pokemon Professor of the Alola Region. What do I owe the honor of this visit to?"

Ash then spoke up from beside Misty, "my name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. This lovely young lady by my side is Misty Waterflower the Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym."

"It's nice to meet you Professor Kukui. My friends and I came here to Alola to find new Pokemon as well as to take part in these Island Trials." Misty said with a smile as she curtsied.

"My name is May Maple, I'm a Pokemon Coordinator and trainer from Petalburg City in Hoenn. and would also like to experiment with the Island Trials and possibly take on some Grand Trials as well."

Ash then spoke up again, "so their are Island Trials and Grand Trials, sounds interesting, We each have some Pokemon of our own already and will be using them, the only exceptions are Ranma and Akane. You see, they don't have any Pokemon yet."

Professor Kukui smiled and stepped aside to let the group in, "come on in kids, I think I have quite a few Pokemon for Ranma and Akane to choose from. I can also tell you all about the Island Trials and the Grand Trials."

Before everyone entered the house, the other five kids introduced themselves.

"My name is Drew Shuu from Larousse City in the Hoenn Region., I'm also a Pokemon Coordinator. I want to learn all I can about this region as well. It's very nice to meet you Professor Kukui."

Casey smiles and waves as she introduces herself, "my name is Casey Nanako, I'm from the Johto Region. I am from New Bark Town. I'm also interested in the Island Trials and Grand Trials."

Duplica giggle as she waves at Professor Kukui, "Nice to meet you Professor Kukui. I'm Duplica Imite from Sunny Town in the Kanto Region."

"My name is Akane Tendo, I'm from Nerima, I'm Ranma's Girlfriend. Actually I'm his Fiancee. It's very nice to meet you Professor Kukui."

"My name is Ranma Saotome, I'm also from Nerima. It's very nice to meetcha." Ranma finished as he rounded out the introductions.

Once all the introductions were made, the group entered Professor Kukui's Lab. Once everyone was inside, Professor Kukui shut the door behind him after he entered.

He sat down and pulled out a book about Island Trials and Grand Trials and passed it around.

"So, do all of you have Pokemon with you?" Professor Kukui asked curiously as he pointed to twenty-three Pokeballs on a long shelf. Each of them had a Region name and a symbol of some sort on them. The symbols included leaves, flames, bubbles, and lightning bolt as well as an E on them. "There are twenty-three starting Pokemon total. Three main starters from each region as well as one Pokeball that contains an Eevee and a Pikachu."

Ranma and Akane shook their heads no when Professor Kukui asked.

Kukui smiled as he motioned for the two people from Nerima to come to the shelf.

Professor Kukui motioned for everyone to follow him outside as he put all twenty-three Pokeballs in a duffel bag. The group of teens did so with Professor Kukui following close behind.

Once everyone was outside, Professor Kukui released all the Pokemon.

The collection included Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.

"Ranma, Akane, pick one of these Pokemon to have as your starter." Kukui said as he addressed the Nerimans.

With so many Pokemon to choose from, Ranma and Akane know this will take a while. Decisions, decisions. Ranma and Akane sweat drop as they try to figure out what Pokemon to pick.

In the end, Ranma picked Bulbasaur and Akane picked Rowlet. Professor Kukui then explained the difference between Trials and Grand Trials. Trials are various tasks needed to earn a Z-Crystal, while Grand Trials are similar to Gym and Battle Frontier Battles. In other words, Island Trials are tasks to complete, while Grand Trials are Pokemon Battles.

As Ash and Misty were walking hand-in-hand, Ash fell to the ground clenching his head. "Oh, my head," Ash said as he fell to the ground unconscious.

Oh no Ash!" Misty, Drew, Casey, and May exclaimed.

"Ash," Ranma started, as Akane continued, "are you okay?"

Professor Kukui and Ranma took Ash inside and set him on the sofa. After that, Ranma and Akane went on their own Island Challenge. As soon as Ash was on the sofa, he shifted into Ashley.

Dreamscape... Ash/Ashley's POV...

Princess Solaria was in her chambers with her mother messing with her hair. Keep in mind, this is inside Ashley's mind, so it's Ash's POV . I was in a familiar chamber with someone doing my hair, I was wearing a long dress with gold down the middle and purple down the sides. My gown was accented by darker gold Roses and a darker gold sash across my breasts? The gown was accented further with jewelry of gold and purple necklaces and ornaments. My hair was blond and almost to the middle of my legs in length. I was also wearing gold high heals with lacing going all the way up to my knee. I had a bead tiara gold in color and dangling earrings that were shaped like diamonds. The earrings were gold and purple in color. My bra was exposed a bit and my dress had purple straps going over my shoulders. I also had a yellow-gold beaded choker as well as a yellow-gold beaded necklace. I also had a Star-shaped locket with yellow-gold round beads going down to my navel. I was somehow able to get up and move around with expertise in high-heels. I looked over my shoulder to the woman doing my hair and realized that I was back with my Silver Millennium mother. The gentle strokes of her fingers and the brush were soothing to me. I felt like I was back in the Silver Millennium again

"Queen Solaria," I said, "what am I doing here, and why am I female?"

"Very simple my daughter," Queen Solaria said as she continued to brush my hair, "You're powers are limited right now because of your dual nature, also at this stage of your development, your Crystal Powers are too powerful for you to control. To unleash you're full powers, you must become completely a girl for the rest of your long life. As you are right now, you will not be able to defeat the most powerful of the foes. I'm sorry my dear daughter, but that's the way it must be."

"If I have to be completely female to have my full power, why couldn't I have given up my male form so Ashlynn could still be alive?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

"About that," Queen Solaria said, "I never had another daughter besides you. Also, Princess Kasumi is your best friend, her Twin Brother is the one you are destined to wed. Prince Shigeru of Atlantis is very fond of you as you are of him. Ashlynn was another piece of Chaos. Chaos was the one that created the Cataclysm that would have destroyed both worlds if it weren't for Arceus. When you wake up from this dream, you will fully embrace your female side."

"What about my quest to be a Pokemon Master?" I asked worriedly, "Can I still continue it?"

"Of course you can my dear, Queen Solaria said, then continued, however, all of your records will be changed to reflect your true name and gender. All your Pokemon, Badges, Frontier Symbols, and other accomplishments will be registered to Ashley Satoko Ketchum, which is the name of your current incarnation, or what you would have been if Chaos hadn't infected you. I'm so sorry I kept this under wraps for so long. Please don't hate me. I was trying to protect you. I hope someday you will be able to forgive me for keeping all this information from you my dear Princess Solaria. I will always be here to give you guidance through all your trials and tribulations to come. Go my dear daughter and embrace your destiny and find the current incarnation of your dear Prince Shigeru. The current incarnation of Princess Kasumi will be able to help you as well, she was Prince Shigeru's Twin Sister back in the Silver Millennium after all. You and the Solaris Court have a big battle to prepare for. Best of luck my dear daughter.

As Queen Solaria, no my mother from my past life was finishing my makeover, I smiled contentedly. I was finally in my right form. I always thought something was off about me throughout my journey. It was time for me to embrace my destiny of not only being a Pokemon Master, but being Sailor Solaris and Princess Solaria as well. Right as I was about to wake up from my slumber, Queen Solaria whispered into my ear, "All of your friends will know you as your true name of your current incarnation, Ashley Satoko Ketchum. Good luck my dear daughter."

As my mother from my Silver Millennium Life finished her words of wisdom, I got up from the chair I was sitting on turned around and embraced my mother with my arms, I let my tears flow as I cried into the shoulder of her gown smiling, I gave my mother a nice loving hug and kissed her on the cheek, "thank you so much Mother, I will not let you down. I will embrace this destiny that I have as well as continue my trek to be the worlds greatest Pokemon Master."

"I know you will my dear Princess Solaria, I know you will." Queen Solaria said as consciousness faded back into my current incarnations being.

End of Ashley's Dreamscape, back to normal point of view.

As consciousness returned to Ash, no Ashley she found herself in a female version of her Kalos traveling outfit and completely female. She almost cringed but realized this was who she really was. As Ashley went outside, she smiled. The burden that she had been carrying for so long had been lifted off her shoulders. She joined the others as they were heading out to explore Alola. They would definitely be here for a while.

As the group set out to explore Alola, a beam grazed them, it didn't harm them much at all, but it felt like a sting of some sort, but there weren't welts or bruises. Playing it off as part of their imagination, our group brushed it off as if it was nothing. Little did the group know, that the next time they transform, they won't be able to Transform using their higher phrases.

Ashley explained what happened to her group. She told them she was fully female now and could no longer turn into her male form. She also told them she was okay with it. Gender doesn't matter when it comes to striving to be a Pokemon Master. She was Ashley Satoko Ketchum now and forever. She was also Princess Solaria, Silver Millennium Cousin of Princess Serenity. She was also Sailor Solaris. Ranma and Akane sent her a text saying that they were going to travel Alola on their own. They would still show up to help fight occasionally, but it wouldn't be very often. In fact it would be hardly at all. Misty looked toward Ashley and spoke up, "Ash, I will still show up to help from time to time, but I'm going to go on my own Island Challenge. You're in good hands with May and the others. I have to keep studying to be a Water Pokemon Master. I also, have no interest in you romantically as a girl. I am still one of your best friends, but I can't really see myself spending my long life with a woman. Besides that, I know someone else who has had his eye on you ever since you fell into that spring. He specifically has his eye on your female form."

W-what? Wh-who?" Ashley asked as she blushed as red as a tomato, and it wasn't sunburn either. She was blushing in infatuation having a suspicion of who it was. "It's Gary isn't it? I hope it is. He is so cute!"

Misty smiles and nods as she goes her own way promising Ashley and the others that they would meet again. With that, Misty leaves Ashley in the hands of May and the others. She hugs Ashley and runs her fingers through her hair one last time and sends out her Swanna and takes off into the sky on her own Alola Island Challenge. Ashley sighs sadly as she waves goodbye to her oldest friend, but knows that they will meet again.

Once goodbyes were said, May, Drew, Duplica, and Casey flanked Ashley, two on each side as the now group of five headed off on their own Island Trial/Grand Trial journey. They each had a Z-Power Ring on their left wrist and had a Z-Crystal that matched their starter. Duplica knew she had to expand her collection if she ever wanted to use her Normalium-Z Z-Move. Ashley had an Electrium-Z on her Z-Ring, May had Firium-Z, Casey had a Grassium-Z, and Drew also has a Grassium-Z. They would have to undergo different Island Trials and Grand Trials in order to collect more Z-Crystals.

The group of five then headed to the Hau'oli City Shopping District. The clothes they had are not meant for a tropical climate like Alola. It was time that they treated themselves to a makeover as far as clothes were concerned. Also, now that Ashley had embraced her true form, she could wear her now long hair in quite a few different styles.

After the makeover sessions in Hau'oli City, the girls were ready to go. Ashley smiled as she ran her fingers through her long hair. She ran to the Pokemon Center followed shortly by the others and checked everyone in.

In the shadows, four voices cackled as they vanished, however Aquaria and Flare stayed behind and assumed their Civilian Identities as Ayame Ichijouji and Karomi Kagato. Koquilion and Darkmann returned to their Civilian forms and teleported back to D-Point. Ayame and Karomi would remain in Alola and follow Ashley and her Solaris Court.

Ashley rushed up to her room anxious to try out some new hairstyles. She couldn't help but wonder how she would look with Twintails and her Mid-Riff showing. She had to find out. The other girls and Drew opted to stick with their current looks, however, being the only guy now, Drew felt really awkward so he quickly shifted to his female form as Darcy. Besides, it may get to the point that she may have to remain in female form to reach her true potential, so she thought she might as well get used to it.

When Ashley emerged from her room she now had her hair up in Twintails with a blue bow in her hair, she also had a pair of blue star-shaped earrings in her ears. When she embraced her true form, her ears were already pierced. She was now sporting a blue and white mid-riff revealing shirt. She had one blue stripe and two white stripes on her shirt. her sleeves were white and blue. Her Mid-riff revealing shirt highlighted her bust very closely. She was also wearing a mostly blue miniskirt with a single white stripe around her waist. Across her chest from her right shoulder over to her right hip was her new Pokeball purse. The bulk of the color was white, with the Pokeball in the center being blue. On her feet was a pair of white strapped sandals with a heel on them. They were a form of high heels, but they weren't too high-heeled.

When her friends saw her, they were stunned, she was very beautiful. Ashley smiled and giggled as she saw the looks on everyone's faces. "I'm guessing you like my new look? I'm going to continue to wear this look throughout our Alola Journey."

Darcy gasped as she spoke up, "Are you sure you can walk around in that? Won't your feet get sore?"

Ashley giggled as she looked at everyone who also had the same looks on their faces that Darcy did, "I wear high-heels on nearly a daily basis. It shouldn't be too surprising that I want to wear them while traveling. We all wear them. I'll be just fine, besides that they aren't that high."

The group of girls giggled and smiled and nodded as May spoke up, so Ash, do you want to explore more of the town. Maybe we could hit the beach. I hear that Mantine Surfing is one of the most common ways to get around Alola. We should try it."

Ashley smiled and nodded, "that sounds like fun. For right now, Let's head back to Professor Kukui's place and see if we could each get a Pokedex for Alola. I heard the Rotom Dex is the latest variation."

The group nodded and headed to Professor Kukui's Lab again. However, before the group left, Darcy shifted back into Drew. Professor Kukui didn't know about his dual nature, so he decided it was best to keep it that way. When he was away from Professor Kukui's Lab he would shift back into Darcy.

Kukui Pokemon Lab...

After shopping until they dropped for a few hours at the Hau'oli Shopping District, Ashley and company arrived back at the Kukui Pokemon Lab. Ashley went over to Professor Kukui and asked him a question, "Professor, is their a way we can transfer Pokemon between here and Kanto? I was able to do it Unova, but I'm not sure if it will work here."

"Of course there is. We just upgraded the Pokeball Transport consul to transport Pokeballs over long distances. Why?" Kukui asked.

"Well," Ashley said as she placed a couple of Pokeballs on the Pokeball Transport Consul, "I want to send Bulbasaur and Pidgeot back to Professor Oak. I'm keeping Pikachu, Charizard, Sceptile, and my Greninja with me. Do you have any Pokemon that I can take care of while I'm here in Alola?"

"I actually do," Professor Kukui said as he sent a message to Aether Paradise, "the Rockruff I'm going to give you is a special one, it's ability is Own Tempo."

"What does Own Tempo Ability do Professor? I've heard of it before, but I can't remember what it was," Ashley asked then said.

"It prevents the Pokemon from being confused. Also, if you work hard with it leveling it up, it will evolve into a special form of its evolution." Professor Kukui said, then continued, "you will have to wait until it evolves to find out what I'm talking about."

Ashley smiles and accepts the Cherish Ball from Professor Kukui after transporting Pidgeot and Bulbasaur to Professor Oak. "Thank you Professor Kukui. By the way, my friends and I have heard of a special type of Pokedex we can get from here called the Rotom Dex. I was wondering if you have enough for all of us? If you don't that's okay, I will let you choose who you give it to."

Kukui ponders to himself as he points to several Pokedexes on the counter, "I think I can arrange for all of you to have a Rotom Dex, but I'm going to need to give you different colors so you can tell which ones are yours. Follow me downstairs and I will show them to you."

Kukui grabs the five Pokedexes and carries them downstairs.

The group nods and follows Professor Kukui downstairs and sees several Pokeballs on shelves, they also see five different Pokedexes. Each is a different color. They also see a glass enclosure with several appliances and yard tools inside of it.

"I recently received several Rotom from Aether Paradise," Professor Kukui said, then continued, "I have five right now, and there are five of you. These Rotom will not count toward your Pokemon Limit. Pick a Pokedex and I will put these Rotom in them. However I ask each of you a favor."

"What is it Professor?" Ashley asked, then continued, "we will do what we can to help you if you want us to."

Professor Kukui nods, then speaks up, "I would like to analyze each of your Pokedexes, those that have one anyway. I'm guessing all of you have traveled around a lot and picked up much needed data. May, Ash, Drew, and Casey; I will make an even trade for you. Your normal Pokedexes for these Rotom Dexes."

May Ashley, Drew, and Casey nodded in understanding and handed Professor Kukui their Pokedexes. Once that was done, Kukui released four Rotom and told them to get into the Pokedexes. Kukui then saw the fifth Pokedex and decided to give it to Duplica. She would need more Pokemon than she already had to succeed in the Island Trials and Grand Trials. Professor Kukui had the fifth Rotom go into the fifth dex. When all was said and done, the group each had their own Pokedexes. Ashley had the red one, May had the yellow one, Drew had the light green one, Casey had the tangerine-colored one, and Duplica had the purple one. This was so they could tell them apart. Professor Kukui copied the data the group already had from their original dexes and downloaded it into the Rotom Dexes. He also told them that the Rotom Dexes came with a map already on them and that they could be used as communication devices. The group then smiled, thanked Professor Kukui and headed out on their journeys. Though, Professor Kukui talked them into checking out the Pokemon School first. The group was already familiar with how the Pokemon Centers/Pokemarts worked. However, Professor Kukui also explained how there was a cafe in each of the centers in Alola.

Once everything was set up, the group headed off on their journey together through Alola.

As the group was exploring Hau'oli City including the Apparel Shop and Mall, they heard a scream coming from what looked like the Pokemon School that Kukui was talking about. Ashley gasped as she realized that an innocent student was being attacked by someone. That someone was Karomi Kagato, one of Misty's childhood friends. That only meant one thing to Ash and Company, the Dark Kingdom had followed them to Alola.

"Guys look," Ashley said as she pointed to Karomi, then continued, "that's Karomi Kagato, I think we all know what she's doing here. She's after that girls energy. We have to find a place and transform now!"

The group nodded as they found an Alley to hide in, once they found out the coast was clear they summoned their transformation items and noticed something was off, "um guys," Ashley said as she looked at her broach and the group looked at their wands. They were the original ones they had. They were stuck with their basic forms.

"That's what that beam was," Drew growled, "the Dark Kingdom must've created something to strip us of our higher transformation powers. Well I guess we have to use these."

May sighed and huffed, "it just figures, they probably did that in hopes of keeping us from defeating them. Well we just have to make the best of things."

"Right!" Duplica and Casey chimed together, "we have to battle no matter what. We can do this!"

Everyone nodded as they called out their phrases.

"Solar Prism Power!"

"Rhea Power!"

"Triton Power!"

"Ganymede Power!"

"Io Power!"


The group transformed into their basic Sailor Guardian Forms. They fought the Dark Kingdom just fine in these forms before and won all the time, so they could do it again.

As the innocent student had her energy drained by Karomi, who had now manifested her Aquaria form, a Youma was sent out. Solaris still had her healing ability, she was just restricted to her first two attacks Solar Beam and Plasma Blast. The rest of the group were also limited to their first two attacks, but that was more then enough to battle the bad guys. They also had their Pokemon with them as well.

"Hold it right there Aquaria!" Solaris voice chimed through the sky, "we know what you and your group did to us, it's not fair, we earned those powers, but we will have to make do with them. We will not let you get away with what you did to us. In the name of the Kingdom of Solaris, we will punish you! Solar Beam!"

The Solar Beam broke through the sky and pierced Aguaria causing her to stumble backwards as she cackled, "I've gotten what I came for you stupid Galactic Guardians, this energy is coming with me see you weaklings!" With that Aquaria vanished in a wave of water. The Youma,that looked like a cross between an Alolan Vulpix and a normal Vulpix attacked the group. Half of the body was orange, while the other half was white. The same can be said about the six tails. Three of the tails were orange, while the other three were white.

"Volcanic Eruption!"

"Rose Petal Blizzard!"

"Rain Storm!"

"Rock Storm!"

The four attacks connect with the Vulpix Youma significantly weakening her. This then gives Solaris the opening she needed. Seeing the weakened Youma, she use her second attack.

"Plasma Blast!"

The attack cuts the Youma down to ashes as it disappears and all the energy that Aquaria had gotten vanishes. Sensing the energy vanishing, Aquaria huffs and vanishes into her room in D-Point.

With the Youma taken care of, Solaris and her group take the girl into the nurses office at the school.

From the top of the school building, A man wearing an eye mask and a suit of silver with a Silver Rose in his hand looks on as he chimes in, "I guess they didn't need my help this time. I guess I will see them again."

The man that just spoke was Silver Rose. Silver Rose quickly landed in a nearby alley and reverted to Gary. "Well, I guess I better go track down Ashy-Boy. I wonder where he could be. Gary then realized his mistake as he remembered all of his memories that had been revealed, "oh yeah, Ashy-Girl, wait a minute is Ash a girl or a boy? Why can't I get the picture of a blond long-haired girl out of my head? I'm completely confused right now. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion that Ash is actually Ashley for some reason. I guess I will just have to find out. Also, why do I keep on transforming into that guy with the Silver Rose whenever Sailor Solaris is around? It seems like my world just got a bit more complicated."

With that Gary heads to the Pokemon Center.

Once the girl was in the nurses office, Sailor Solaris and company took to the roof and jumped down into an Alley De-Transforming. The group then headed to the Pokemon Center. Ashley had a new identity and a new life, though her mind set stays the same, she is going to be the world's greatest Pokemon Master!

What is in store for the Galactic Guardians next? Be on the lookout for more!

To Be Continued...

Next time: Gary is in for a big surprised when he finds out that his suspicions were correct and Ash is indeed Ashley. Also, the group is off to Verdant Cavern to search for more Pokemon. Also, Flare is back and she's got a mission. What will happen when she turns several Pokemon into and army of Youma with the Dark Crystal? Also, the group comes face to face with their first Totem Pokemon. Be on the look out for more!

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