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Chapter Nine

The Plant made a soft clicking sound as Pippin, standing on tiptoe, reached towards the pot. At first the hobbit had been disappointed when the others had told him that he was not to be helping them with the preparation of Arwen's hair, but once the twins had told him of his duties tonight he had soon forgotten his regrets. He was to retrieve the object for Sam's prank and set it up all by himself! They were going to have two pranks tomorrow! Pippin felt himself glow with pride to think that they trusted him with such a dangerous mission… Well, he would show them that he was perfectly capable of handling such a task – he would get it right this time and not botch things up! So far he had managed to get into the Lord Elrond's study without causing a disturbance. Being a hobbit had its advantages. Now he stood before a shelving cabinet upon which the Plant stood, glowing softly in the eerie light of a stray moonbeam. It resembled something Pippin had seen in his childhood, a Flytrap or something… But instead of the broad, flat leaves and small size of the Flytrap, this Plant was considerably larger, and thick green tendrils grew from its center, curling at the tips. Some stood erect, watchful, and some drooped lazily over the edges of the pot, but every now and again the tendrils (or shall we call them tentacles, for I do not think that these are your average tendrils) moved, curling and then uncurling again, like some great slumbering beast. It was as if the Plant was watching the hobbit with the lazy air of a predator lying in wait, biding its time. Its traps cast strange shadows upon the walls, and one slowly stretched, opening and shutting slowly, as if anticipating the taste of hobbit flesh. It hissed softly as Pippin placed his hands firmly around the pot and picked it up, grinning nervously. A sudden, more venomous hiss from the Plant when the hobbit ignored the first warning, and then a tentacle shot out and wrapped itself tightly around the hobbit's wrist. Pippin let out a muffled yelp, remembering that, no matter what, he must be quiet, and leapt backwards, nearly dropping the Plant. With a contented sound somewhere between a purr and a croak, a second tentacle was wrapped around Pippin's other wrist. The hobbit's eyes widened with fear and he gave a little whimper. Oh! Curse those elven twins! It had all been their idea. Now Pippin would be killed by this evil mutant Flytrap! And he daren't yell for help lest the Lord Elrond should hear him. Pippin doubted that the Lord of Imladris would take well the fact that the hobbit had been 'messing' with his potplant. Either way, he was going to die. Oh, it was a sorry way to go! .:I'm too young to die:. thought Pippin desperately, .:I'm not even out of my tweens:. With this sudden thought, Peregrin placed the pot on a desk and drew himself up to his full height. He took a deep breath.

"Back! Evil fiend!" he cried in a shrill voice, "You shall not best Peregrin, son of Paladin!" The Plant squeaked; it sounded taken aback. Its tentacles went slack for a few precious moments, but that was all Pippin needed to disentangle himself from its clutches and pin it to its pot. "AH HA! Now who is the victor, pray tell? I have you, and I'm not about to let go either!" The Plant croaked and struggled, snapping its traps irritably.


"Oh no you don't, you!" Pippin's cheeks were rosy and his face glowed with excitement. The Plant was silent, sulking. Head held high, Pippin carried it out of the study and padded up the passage to Sam's room.


Luckily, the door was slightly ajar, and so Pippin had only to nudge it slightly and tiptoe in. The room was bathed in moonlight, so Pippin needn't worry about stumbling in the dark. He padded up to the bedside table, hoping and praying that the Plant would not break the silence. The little wooden table was a little way away from the bed and quite tall, so provided Pippin placed it near to the edge, the Plant would not be able to reach Sam. Holding his breath, Peregrin leant over and carefully placed the Plant on the table, then jumped clear as if he'd been burned. The Plant stretched out its many tentacles and purred softly. Then it was still. Satisfied, Pippin tiptoed out, making sure to leave the door as he'd found it.


The hobbit wanted to laugh with glee as he padded up to Merry's room. There he found the rest of the group waiting for him.

"I did it!" he squeaked, bouncing up and down in his excitement, "I did it! But you might've told me of its behavioural problems…" he added as an afterthought, frowning. Elladan sniggered.

"Gave you a bit of trouble, did it?" Elrohir asked. Pippin nodded. .:If only you knew:. "Well, you seem to have handled it mightily well." The elf patted the hobbit on the back.

"Thanks. How did it go with you guys?" he asked. Merry grinned.

"Oh, Pip, you should've been there! Well, no, you shouldn't've; what I mean was that it went right as planned! Not one single mess-up!"

"Not even courtesy of you?" Pippin grinned wickedly.

"Aww, Pip." Merry glared venomously at his younger cousin.

"Well, actually, young Meriadoc here managed to drop the bottle of shampoo. Fortunately for him it didn't break." It was Elladan's turn to glare at Merry. The hobbit shuffled his feet.

"It wasn't my fault, okay? I tripped over Elladan's boot, therefore it was Elladan's fault!"

"Excuse me! Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Guys!" cried an exasperated Elrohir, "You can take this outside tomorrow if you must, but right now let's just get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. Ada's holding that important council something or other, so we must be ready. He winked slyly as he said 'ready'.

Pippin yawned and swayed on his feet. Merry too stifled a yawn, but not before glaring at Elladan.



Pippin trudged off to his room, so tired that he could hardly keep his eyes open. What was that Elrohir had said about a Council tomorrow? No idea. It probably didn't concern him anyway, though Elrohir had mentioned being 'ready' for it, so even if it didn't involve them, it would still herald good fun. Oh, he couldn't wait for tomorrow! And Pippin went to bed tired but happy.

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