Chapter 2 of Meet the Parents

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The Meal

After the arrival of one Christopher Potter, Severus fed to his dungeon workshop. He had promised his wife that he wouldn't kill or poison the boy, but he never said he wouldn't do something else. Down in his workshop he poured over the texts in his bookshelf. He needed something embarrassing that had no quick antidote. There was Transfiguring Tools, Nastily Evil Potions, Unforgivable Draughts, Stoppering Death, Medical Draughts, - now there's an idea, Severus thought. I wonder if it's still in there. He took the text down and rifled thru the pages until he said,

"Yes, this will do quite nicely."

The potion Severus made was clear, tasteless and scentless, as well as only taking minutes to make. After it was done he thought, now how to get the potion into Potter's food? I'll have to distract Katrina. Hmm, how to do that? Ah, I know.

He picked up the vial with the potion in it, put it in his pocket and marched up the stairs. He came up behind his wife in the kitchen, wrapped his arms around her, took a deep breath and said,

"Smells delicious."

"What are you up to Severus?" Katrina asked.

He replied, indignant, "What are you talking about women? I compliment you cooking and you accuse me, of being up to something?"

"Yes Severus, I am. Considering the last time you complimented my cooking you were trying to poison Sirius Black."

" I was not."

"You were. Now what are you up to?"

" Nothing."

"Well then, since your doing nothing, get out of my kitchen."

Severus slouched out of the kitchen. He would have to find another way to get the potion into Potter's food. As he was walking through the dinning room he had an idea. The table was set with him and Katrina at either end of the table, while Potter and Jocelyn were on the side. He gently dripped the potion down the inside of a glass and rubbed some on the fork at the same setting. Now all he would have to do was make sure that Potter sat there. He then glided into the living room to male life a living hell for Potter.

However, Katrina was not fooled by her husbands trickery and had been spying, on him. She went into the dinning room and switched the fork and glass with the potion on them, for the ones at her husbands setting. She then removed the wine goblet's from her and Severus's places so he would see the change. Dinner tonight would certainly be entertaining, at least for her. She then finished setting the table, and called out, "Dinner is ready."

In the living room, Christopher Potter breathed a sigh of relief. It was embarrassing, irritating and unnerving how much his Professor knew about him. Jocelyn grabbed Chris's hand and pulled him into the dinning room. Severus swept after them, smirking.

The smirk fell from his face when he noticed the wine goblet's missing from the table. Damn, he thought, Katrina saw. I'll just have to get the potion off without anyone noticing.

Severus then directed people to their chairs. He held out the chair for Katrina, which was common in their household. Chris had never realized or even believed how gallant his Professor could be.

When Severus sat done, he immediately went to work by knocking his fork onto the floor. As he picked it up, he rubbed it vigorously on his cloak.

Katrina raised an eyebrow and asked, " Everything alright Severus? Nothing wrong with the fork, is there?"

He replied, "No, nothing wrong. I only brushed it with my arm and it fell onto the floor."

Unsurprisingly, discussion during the meal was scarce, very scarce indeed. Katrina and Jocelyn made casual small-talk about their day, interspaced with long stretches of silence. Every time Chris tried to add to the conversation, Severus sent him a glare that would have reduced a fourth-year to curl up in a corner and whimper.

Severus didn't drink anything during the meal, and avoided Katrina's accusing glances. When it was time for desert, Katrina requested her husband's help in the kitchen.

After shutting the kitchen door, Katrina turned to Severus and asked, "What did you put in the glass and on the fork?"

"Nothing." Severus replied.

"Severus Tiberius Snape, do you want to be locked in the broom shed for a year?"


"Then what potion did you try and feed to Christopher Potter?"

"A puberty potion."

"Refresh my memory on exactly what that potion does again."

"The drinker will get a high voice, acne, voracious appetite and sleep excessive hours of the day."

"So he would basically have all the symptoms of puberty, but increased significantly, I would imagine. Is there an antidote for this particular potion?"


"What else haven't you told me about the potion Severus?"

"The drinker reverts back physically, to early puberty."

Katrina's eyebrows shot up and she asked, " How long does it last?"

"3 months, give or take several days."

"I thought I told you not to hurt or poison the boy Severus."

Severus now looked shocked, "Do you not care that I may have ingested some? It takes several hours for the result to be visible."

Katrina replied, "At the moment, I'm tempted to tie you to a chair, take that vial and force you to drink all of it."

"You're not seriously considering that, are you? I have student's to teach women!"

"I know. Maybe you'd learn how immature your acting. Then at least, you'd look your age."

"Fine, I promise not do anything else to the boy. Unless he hurts Jocelyn."

"You'd better not. In the meantime, give me the vial and take the wards off your workshop."

"What? Are you mad? Why would I take the wards off?"

"So I can lock you out of it."

"Fine." He grumbled, and removed the wards. He then slouched back into the dinning room with desert.

Katrina just smirked, and silently chuckled to herself as she locked her husband out of his dungeon. She then followed him back out, to what would hopefully, be a better end to the meal.