This is just a little one-shot I have been thinking about writing for awhile. Like the title says, it pretty much continues where the episode left off. So, with that said let's get started.

We see Jake walking Jasmine home the morning after the dance. It was a bit chilly so Jake being the gentleman he is, let Jasmine wear his suit jacket to keep warm.

"Thanks for walking me home, I'm sorry I sucked the souls out of your friends"

"Don't worry about it, you told me you had to go home like 8 times, but I was too caught up in my own thing" About this time they reached her house.

"Well here's my house, thanks again for walking me home, and letting me borrow your jacket"

"Hey no prob, I'm just glad that every one's soul ended up in the right body"

Flashback to previous night at the school gym where only Trixie and Spud remain.

"Sweet mama flapjack, please tell me I'm looking in a mirror"

"Dude I could've sworn I was a dude"

"Yo spud, how we gonna get out of this one" she asked somewhat desperately.

"Your skin is so soft" he mused. Trixie (in Spud's body) blushed at the compliment.

"First of all, thanks. Second of all, focus!" she yelled.

"Sorry, it's just that your skin and hair are so soft and silky smooth that I could touch it all day"

"FOCUS" she yelled frustrated as she tried to conceal her red face.

Ok, ok jeez, calm down"

"Uh oh"

"What's wrong?"

"I think I, or you, have to go to the bathroom"

"So?" "So! What do you mean so?" she shrieked. "I'm in your body and you don't see a problem?"

"Oh" he said as his eyes widen in realization. "Well, you could hold it" he suggested. "I don't think that'll work" she said worriedly.

"Why not" "Because I really got to go" she said as she got up and made her way to the bathroom. But in her haste she forgot she was temporarily male and went to the girl's washroom. After finishing her of business she went to wash her hands and saw Rose standing there fixing her make-up.

"Hi Rose" she said casually.

"Hey" she replied looking over only to see Spud standing there.

"PERVERT!" she screamed. Trixie looked in the mirror confused and saw Spud looking back at her.

"Oh snap" she said as she realized her error.

"I'm gonna kill you!" she threatened as she went into Huntsgirl mode (minis the outfit of course) and gave Trixie a look that would intimidate the Huntsman. Trixie turned and ran for her life. Fortunately, Spud happened to wear sneakers, while Rose was in heels. Unfortunately, Rose was smart enough to take off her heels before chasing after her/him. And even in a dress and no shoes Rose was quickly gaining on poor Trixie.

Meanwhile Spud was getting worried, Trixie had been gone awhile.

"Man, how long does it take a guy to go to the bathroom?" he wondered. "Oh, wait" Suddenly he heard screaming coming from just outside the gym.

"That sounds like Trixie, and she's in trouble! I'm coming!" so saying he ran out of the gym which was pretty impressive considering he was wearing two-inch heels.

"Back off Rose" he said threateningly after seeing Trixie backed into a corner with Rose advancing slowly with her heels pointed outwards towards Trixie.

"Why should I?"

"Because we're Jake's best friends and if you hurt either one of us he might never ask you out" Said Spud in his Trixie voice which wasn't too good.

"Fine, but if he pulls something like this again I'm going to neuter him" She said threateningly.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him" said Spud still doing a poor imitation of Trixie.

"See that you do, and by the way you might want to try a throat lozenge" she advised as she left.

"Thanks for the save back there said Trixie as they walked to her house for the night as Spud already had permission from his parents and Trixie's grandmother.

"You would have done the same for me" Spud replied.

"True, but please never try to impersonate me again. You stink at it" Trixie laughed then remembered their predicament. "How are we going to get back in our own bodies?"

"Well, while you were off having your girl talk" Spud joked "I actually had an idea"

"You had an idea!" Trixie asked jokingly "Stop the presses"

"Anyway" Spud said slightly annoyed "I was thinking we could try kissing and see if that works"

"Are you nuts!" Trixie yelled.

"Hear me out, I saw it in a movie once maybe if we kiss our souls could get in the right body" Trixie thought about this for a few minutes, sure she acted upset, but secretly she was overjoyed. She had been developing a crush on Spud recently which is why she took him to the dance. The whole 'I'm only taking you to the dance so no other women suffer was a bold faced lie.

"Alright I can't think of anything else anyway" By this time they reached Trixie's doorstep. "Well, here goes everything" Trixie said as their faces inched closer together 'This is it' Trixie thought excitedly 'the moment I've been waiting for' Finally their lips met in a somewhat passionate kiss that both would later swear sent sparks flying.

"For a first kiss that was incredible" Trixie said breathlessly.

"That was your first kiss too?" Spud asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Certainly felt like you knew what you were doing"

"So you enjoyed it too then?"

"Yes, so what now?"

"Apparently it didn't work, were still in each other's bodies"

"Well it didn't work in the movie either"

"I guess were stuck like this" Trixie said dejectedly.

"Hey, at least we have each other" Spud said optimistically.

"Nice try" Trixie said depressed.

"Maybe we should try kissing again"

"Don't push your luck"

"Maybe we should just go to sleep, and then maybe when we wake up this nightmare will be over" suggested Spud.

"Fine there's nothing left to do" After saying this they went to bed, and the next morning they awoke back in their own bodies.

"Yes! I'm back in my own body!" Trixie cheered waking Spud up.

"What's going on?" Spud asked groggily.

"We're back in our own bodies!" Trixie yelled still excited.

"What's going on out there?" called Trixie's grandma.

"Nothing grandma" replied Trixie.

"I guess it was all a dream" said Spud.

"Maybe, maybe not" Replied Trixie, "either way I'll never forget what happened."

"Nor will I" added Spud.

"Tell ya what, let's have some breakfast and then we'll call Jake and see if he wants to hang out at the skate park"

"Sounds like a plan" After breakfast they called the Long residence where Mrs. Long happened to be up.

"Hello?" she said as she answered the phone.

"Mrs. Long? It's Trixie, is Jake there?"

"Hang on a sec" she replied looking for Jake, only to find him sleeping on the couch with Jasmine. (Fully clothed of course)

"He'll call you back" she said then hung up the phone. 'When he's my age that is' She walked back to the living room and woke the happy couple up then asked "Jacob Michael Long, what is going on here?"

"Well…you see……" Jake stuttered.

"I'll tell her what happened" Jasmine said saving Jake's butt. "It started at the dance…"

Sorry to cut it off there but I want to save it for the next and final chapter of this story. I should finish it by Wednesday at the latest. I really can't think of anything else to say right now except read and review please.