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About the same time that Trixie and Spud woke up and realized that they were back in their own bodies, Min Long awoke to brilliant sunshine streaming in through the windows of her and Scott's room. Scott, of course, was still sleeping soundly so she decided to get up and make breakfast. As she walked downstairs into the kitchen she could hear Jake snoring softly on the couch in the living room. Of course she knew why Jake was on the couch. Jake and Lou Shi filled her in on what happened at the dance the previous night. Just has she began getting out the ingredients and utensils for making pancakes, eggs, and sausage the phone rang.


"Mrs. Long? It's Trixie, is Jake there?"

"Hang on a sec" she replied as she entered the living room to see if Jake was up yet only to be greeted by a sight that momentarily stunned her. Sure enough Jake was still asleep on the couch but in his arms was a sleeping Jasmine.

"He'll call you back" she said hanging up 'when he's my age that is' Just then Hailey came bounding down the stairs and saw the sleeping duo.

"Why's Jake sleeping with his girlfriend mommy?" This innocent question made several questionable images run through Min's mind.

"Now honey, why don't you go upstairs while mommy talks to them about this, I'll call you when breakfast is ready"

"Ok mommy" she said sweetly. But, being the little sneak she is, she only went about halfway up the stairs so she could eves drop. Meanwhile Min woke up the sleeping couple.

"Morning already?" Jake said still half asleep.

"Busted!" said an angry Min. This statement woke Jake right up.

"Aw man" he moaned.

"Start explaining, now!"

"Well…you see…I...um…" Jake stuttered.

"I'll tell her what happened" Jasmine said saving Jakes butt. "You see, it started at the dance…"


Jasmine looked at the sky worried because the moon was near the middle of the sky and she didn't want to turn into the nix again.

"Uh, Jake I really need to go home"

"Yeah, yeah, in a minute" Sadly Jake didn't listen which caused her to turn into the nix and suck the souls out of the entire student body. Fortunately though, Jake used his super bad dragon breath to defeat the nix and return her to a human.

Flash forward to about 10:00 P.M.

"Jake, you must take her home with you" Said Lou Shi.

"What! Why me?"

"Cause you're the American Dragon kid" said Fu Dogg.

"Plus it's your responsibility to keep her safe until morning"

"Alright, I'm too tired to complain anyway"

"Very good young one, I already called your mom and explained the situation"


(2:18 a.m.)

Jasmine awoke in Jakes bed looked around and started to panic because she thought she'd been kidnapped.

"Where am I?" She decided to explore her surroundings. She saw posters of skateboarders and dragons on the walls and a picture of Jake with Trixie and Spud on his dresser.

"I'm in Jake's room? How did I get here?" She then remembered what happened at the dance.

"I hope he can tell me how I got here" She then went looking for Jake which would be easier said than done considering she's in a house she's never been in before and it was dark. Fortunately, being a nix meant that she could see well in the dark. She soon found Jake sleeping soundly on the couch.

"He's so handsome when he's asleep" She hated to wake him up but she had questions that only he could answer.

"Jake you up?" she asked as she shook him.

"Rose is that you?" Jake asked groggily.

"Who's Rose?" she asked in mock anger waking him up.

"Huh? Jasmine, what's wrong?"

"I was hoping you'd tell me how I got here"

"After the dance I took you to my grandfather's shop so we could discuss what to do. We decided to let you spend the night here"

"So, it was kidnapping eh?" she said jokingly.

"Hey, I bet I could get a couple thousand dollars for you"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Of course"

"Look, about the dance I'm sorry I took your friends souls"

"You couldn't help it. If anything it was my fault, you warned me but I didn't heed it"

"You are so sweet" She then gave him a peck on the cheek.


"For what?"

"For making it a dance I'll never forget" he said pulling her into a real kiss that lasted for about 3 seconds.

"Handsome and a good kisser, I got the best of both worlds"

"Flattery will get you everywhere" he said as he started kissing her again. After a brief make-out session they fell asleep in each other arms.

(End Flashback)

"And that's what happened" she said leaving out the part where they made-out so Jake wouldn't get into anymore trouble than he already was. Min had calmed down considerably.

"Ok since nothing happened I'll let you off with a warning, this time. But if I catch you again you're grounded for a week"

"Ok mom" suddenly they heard the smoke detector go off.

"Crap! I forgot about breakfast!" Min shouted running to the kitchen only to see the eggs and pancakes were burnt and the sausage was lukewarm in the microwave.

"Jake get Hailey and your father, where going out to eat" After a delicious breakfast at IHOP (which I don't own) Jake took Jasmine home where they said their good-byes and shared one last kiss. Later Jake was at the skate-park with Trixie and Spud.

"So, what did you guys do after the dance?" Trixie and Spud looked at each other for a moment before they said simultaneously "Nothing" Jake gave them a weird look for a moment before getting back to skating.

"So dude, what did you do after the dance?"

"Same as you, nothing" Trixie and Spud shrugged it off and continued to ride their skateboards until the sun started to set. One thing's for sure last night was something they'll never forget.

The End

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