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The battle was chaotic. The Ori ships were winning and Earth's fleet was losing.

Many of the ha'tak class ships had been destroyed and even the arrival of three ships from the Lucian Alliance wasn't helping at all.

Suddenly two Ori ships fired at the Korolev. Everyone on the Odyssey and Colonel Carter in space could only watch in horror as the blast penetrated the ships shields and destroyed it.

Meanwhile on the Odyssey they were trying to figure out what to do when Daniel suddenly beamed onto the bridge surprising everyone.

"How'd you get off the do that," asked a surprised Colonel Emerson.

"I saw the blasts coming at the ship and knew it was over so I managed to beam out targeting the Odyssey for the landing point before the ship could be destroyed," said Daniel, "unfortunately as far as I know I'm the only one that made it."

Suddenly Colonel Mitchell's voice came over the radio.

"Odyssey this is Mitchell I managed to get out in an F-302 before the Korolev blew up and I'm requesting permission to dock."

Everyone was surprised and relived and let him come onboard.

Meanwhile Major Marks noticed that Colonel Carter had drifted far enough away from the Supergate to be beamed back and onboard and did so.

"Sir if the hyperdrive is still working I suggest we retreat and come up with a better battle plan," said Colonel Carter.

"Agreed. Our sublight engines are down but the hyperdrive still works," said Colonel Emerson. Then engaging a fleet wide com, "everyone retreat into hyperspace we'll regroup at Earth and come up with a better plan." Then to Marks "engage hyperdrive."

The Odyssey and the rest of the fleet jumped to hyperspace and thankfully the Ori ships did not follow.

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