Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Angst
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, Mpreg(?), and Voldemort being weird.
Summary: Seventh year has begun and Remus comes back completely different. He is cold, distant, depressed, and uncaring. Something happened to him and the Marauders are determined to find out.

Notes: Okay, I know! I have other duties to my stories but I just arrived in Omaha (my home before I moved, it is so much better) and my inspiration is back into its proper working gear. Okay, this story is beyond angst, it is most likely one of my darkest ones. Um, some of the stuff Remus does in this story is some of the things I do because I am still getting over a serious depression. So, it would be really appreciated if you could all leave a review and check out this and see where it goes. Okay, well as long as that is out there I must say there will be Voldemort, he takes…never mind! You will find out, won't you! Yay! New story-ness!

Gaspeth! On with the story!

-Chapter One-

King's Cross was alive with chatter of the many young students, all of them excited to start a new year from the last, prepared to see what would come next. One of the people among these packed crowds was none other than Sirius Black, a tall young man standing on his tip toes, trying to seek out his companions. With his truck parked next to him and his owl perched in his cage, Sirius felt pretty good…now all he had to do was…

"Aha! James I'm over here!" He called out, his hand waving towards the messy haired boy to come over to him. James Potter glanced over, a bright smile lighting up his features, making his way to the boy that called. After a few more hectic moments, he made his way over, embracing his brotherly best friend.

"Good to see you man! Good to see you!" James said, patting Sirius' back and stepping back, both of them about the same height. "How are you? Your new flat working out well?"

"As well as it can be, still can't believe that just one year ago I was on your doorstep, soaking wet with my trunk and Kaist right next to me," Sirius sighed, almost reliving those "good" times. James looked down at Sirius' black owl, kneeling to get eye level with him.

"And how is Kaist?" He asked, pushing up his glasses so he could see well. Sirius smiled, giving a nod as a reply. James sat back up, motioning towards the train. "Let's find a compartment; we can for Moony and Wormtail there." Sirius gave one last look around before both of them started to wheel up to the train, dropping off their trunks in the right place and getting on their train, finding the perfect compartment near the end. Both of them got perfectly situated, beginning their conversation about Quidditch.

Soon enough Peter had arrived, his fat cheeks brightly red.

"Hey guys, where's Remus?" He asked, seating himself next to James. Sirius bit his lip, usually Remus was the first one to arrive, and he being the last was strangely unsettling. He suddenly got jolted out of his thoughts when the train lurched forward, the loud whistle going off to announce its departure. James stood up, going to the door and opening it, sticking his head out and trying to see if Remus was out there. Many of the students were filing back into their proper compartments when the train started to take off. Shutting the door he turned to Sirius and shook his head. The young man began to chew his lip and he walked passed James and out to the hall.

Sirius made his way down the hall, checking each compartment as he went by. Walking forward he made his way to the end, looking into the last compartment which was empty except a figure sleeping. Opening the compartment Sirius stepped in silently, making his way towards the prone figure and kneeling down, his worry vanishing once he saw it was Remus, his chest slowly rising and falling in slumber.

Sirius smiled gently, standing up comfortably and reaching down, slipping an arm under Remus' knees and his other under his upper back, gently lifting the young man and holding him close to his chest and making his way back out, towards their compartment. Upon entering the other two let out sighs of relief, Peter getting up to make room for Sirius to set him down.

"Where was he Pads?" James asked, laying his uniform robe on top of the sleeping boy. Peter laid his robes where James' left off; making sure it wouldn't slip off and made his seat again, sighing.

"He was in the last compartment, fast asleep," Sirius answered, absently brushing a few strands away from his crush's eyes. Stopping he noticed that Remus' face was stricken, like he was having a nightmare. The young werewolf's breathing had become sharp and quick, like he was fighting for his life.

"What's wrong with him?" James asked, noticing the stricken look on his friends face.

"I…don't know but he must be having a nightmare," Sirius said, grasping Remus' shoulder and gently but roughly shaking him. "Remus wake up, come on wake up now." A small groan answered him and he sighed in relief, watching the young man rub his eyes and open blurry amber orbs, glazed by sleep.

"You were having a nightmare," Sirius said. Remus seemed to study him for a moment before he sat up, smoothing out hislight browncolored hair and stretching. Picking up the cloaks that slid off of him he tossed them back towards the others silently, not saying a word. They all waited for a response but nothing seemed to be happening.

Sirius shifted a little nervously. "Uh, hey Remus? Are you okay?" He asked. The only response he got was a quick nod but nothing else. James and he exchanged a quick look before Sirius sat down across from the werewolf. Amber eyes examined him for a moment before they switched to gaze out the window.

Silence went through the entire trip, Remus depressed and silent.


That was a stupid beginning I know but I must say that I think I could like this one. I know I have another new story out but give this one a try, okay? Reviews!