Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Angst
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, Mpreg(?), and Voldemort being weird.
Summary: Seventh year has begun and Remus comes back completely different. He is cold, distant, depressed, and uncaring. Something happened to him and the Marauders are determined to find out.

Notes: I feel like continuing this one and what not. I am really tired so there will not be a lot of Notes. Okay, continuation now!

Yah, yah, on with the story!

-Chapter Two-

Needless to say the trip to Hogwarts was an awkward one and nothing any of them said could coax Remus into saying anything. He sat, silent, staring out the window with half glazed amber eyes, as if he was I his own little dream. Sirius didn't touch him, he was afraid Remus would shy away from him, which was something he couldn't handle very well at all.

When the train had finally come to a stop, James and Peter had gotten out of the compartment in a rush, hoping that they could get away from the awkward situation. Still, Remus did not move, he continued to stare out the window. Sirius went over to him, tapping the boy on the shoulder and allowing a few moments go by before he cleared his throat.

"Rem, we arrived, come on now," Sirius gently prodded.


"No papa, please don't!"

Sirius released Remus when a silent scream gave way, knocking him down and hitting his head on the chair, everything going black.

Remus came out of his daze with a small tap and with calculated eyes he examined Sirius on the ground for a moment before standing up and going out to get a teacher to help him.

"Oh man, his head is bandaged," a voice said blurrily from a distance.

"He was out for such a long time. What happened, Remus?" A squeaky voice said afterwards. No response came and Sirius opened his grey eyes to find that all of the Marauders were sitting beside him, looking down at his prone form in worry and a little fascination.

"Hey Sirius, how are you feeling?" James asked, reaching out to pat his shoulder gently. Sirius shrugged, he struggled a bit to sit up and allowed James to prop his pillows. "Pomfrey says you'll be out in a few minutes, says it wasn't that serious but only a slight cut to the back of your head. So, how did it happen?"

"Well," Sirius began, but a look of panic in Remus' eyes caught his attention and he quickly said something else. "I was sort of startled, my bag tumbled out of the overhead carrier and it made me stumble backwards." With a grin he made the lie complete and he noticed that Remus had visibly relaxed.

James cracked a grin and Peter nervously followed his example.

"Be careful mate! Those things are bloody dangerous!" James laughed, slapping him on the shoulder. Sirius grinned mischievously and threw the covers aside, diving on James and sending them both to the ground, rolling around and laughing while trying to keep the other down. Peter cautiously cheered the boys on while Remus sat completely still, eyes focused on where Sirius had been laying.

Standing up, he left silently. James and Sirius immediately stopped their play fight and watched as their silent friend exited through the large doors.

He couldn't sleep, he had been tossing and turning for over an hour now and he still couldn't sleep a wink. What he saw was something inhuman. Remus lying on the ground at his father's feet, his boyfriend crying for the man to stop what ever it was he was doing. Throwing the covers aside, Sirius go out of bed, walking over to Remus' beside where he was also tossing, but not from lack of sleep, from a nightmare. To see that memory all he did was touch Remus' shoulder and he was pulled in. Sirius glanced around to make sure the other two were asleep and walked forward holding out his hand. He had to find out, whether his boyfriend wanted him too of not. Grasping the thin shoulder firmly he immediately pulled in.

He was in a living room, the furniture neatly polished and set in appropriate places. Remus was sitting in the middle of it, shaking as an angry looking man approached him. A brief moment passed as he noticed a tired woman peek through the doorway, her eyes shimmering with tears.


"No papa, please don't!" Remus cried, covering his head with his hands. He bit his lip as a thin piece of pure silver touched his neck, leaving a heavy burn. Remus was shaking violently now, his amber eyes leaking crystal tears. His mother gave a silent gasp from the doorway, her frail frame shaking like a broken blender.

"You wretched child! You cursed beast, you! No one should hear that voice! Ever!" With a scream of rage he took out his wand and pointed it directly at Remus' throat, watching as the blue jet stream sucked away everything, the life in his boy and his voice.

Remus touched his throat, silently sobbing.

A silent scream…

…slowly brought Sirius back to the waking world and he stumbled back, making sure to catch himself before he fell that time. Looking upon Remus he slowly walked forward, watching as the boy he so loved calm down and turn to his side, his chest slowly rising and falling in slumber.

"Oh Remus, why did he do that to you?" Sirius asked to no one.


Short I know, but I really am tired, good night people!