Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Angst
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, and Voldemort being weird.
Summary: Seventh year has begun and Remus comes back completely different. He is cold, distant, depressed, and uncaring. Something happened to him and the Marauders are determined

Notes: You know, the other one seemed rushed to me but you all seemed to like it. So, in honor of all of your guys' love, I will give you a little description of the chapter coming up. Sirius gets confronted with a group of Slytherins intent on finishing what they started with the marauders and a rogue spell goes horribly wrong. Remus contemplates what he wants most of all; his voice or Sirius, or whether he will be his fathers toy forever. James continues to suffer while Lily tries to help him again. Also, from John Lupin's point of view on where everything went wrong as he recalls every step of their lives from the twins birth to where he is now. So, shall we continue?

Gaspeth! On with the story!

-Chapter Six-

Sirius was thinking again. He found himself doing that a lot lately.

He couldn't remember the last time Remus had collapsed, but it certainly did not happen very often, especially in front of one of his friends. Sirius had been unable to catch his friend when he fell, and now he sat on the floor, Remus' head in his lap, contemplating when the other would wake up. Sighing, he brushed his hands over Remus' forehead, noticing how hot it felt.

It was after that Remus had snapped his eyes open, looking around the room in a feverish effort to gather his surroundings. Sirius bit his lip, waiting for Remus to calm down before hoisting him up, carrying him over to the respective bed. The young man didn't give even a glimmer of protest. Looking into amber eyes, he smiled, hoping to give comfort to the smaller one.

"Hey, you scared me, how are you feeling?" He asked, looking into Remus' eyes for a response.

Remember the reason you consulted him Black, you have to end it with him.

Remus wasn't responding, his eyes slowly steeling over into a glossy wall of nothing. Sirius' smile ceased and he looked away, suddenly ashamed.

"I suppose, I am the reason you collapsed in the first place," he said softly. "But Remus, we need to end it, there are just too many problems with us both."

Nothing, no flicker of anything. Sirius was beginning to feel like the smaller man wasn't even there anymore.

"We-I can't support you anymore," Sirius said, feeling a deep urge to blame it on Remus. "You have problems I can't control and that-that…"

"Scares you," James spoke from behind him and he noticed for once the looming presence behind him. Remus was looking at James now, slowly his eyes seeping into the blindfold around the others eyes. Sirius gave a defeated sigh, shaking his head and letting his bangs obscure his vision. Who knew seventh year would go so wrong with everyone.

"I'm sorry Remus, I think we should all go to bed now," Sirius said quickly, shuffling over to his bed. Looking at the mess, he grimaced, waving his wand and watching as the blob of vomit disappeared. Sighing, he laid down, not even bothering to change into his pajamas. Strangely enough, he knew he was running away, but he couldn't help but feel scared. It hurt.

Was it because he couldn't help, or because he refused to help?

Closing his eyes, Sirius began to dream.

He was looking through Remus' eyes again, though this time they weren't clear. They were blurry, like he was crying.

Wait; because his father had raped him again, that's why he was crying.

"A toy, nothing but a toy for him, he tells me I'm special," he was speaking, a mumbling, and quick voice. "Help me somebody, mommy, I want to leave I want…Sirius." Why was he saying his name in third person? Oh yeah, this was Remus. Suddenly, the door blew open, a very tall and very threatening man standing in the doorway. His father.

He turned around, covering his face immediately.


"No papa, please don't!"

Sirius knew where he was now, in the living room, he had seen this before. Everything perfectly set and looking like they were expecting guests. Looking through Remus eyes he grew terrified as a thin piece of silver was gripped in his father's hand. He gasped, feeling the burning sensation on his throat.

"You cursed child! You wretched beast! No one will ever hear that voice again! Ever!" His father bellowed, and Sirius felt the burning on his throat again, this time kept there until his vision swam. With a cry of rage his father whipped out his wand, screaming things he couldn't understand. A blue jet stream of light smacked into his throat, sucking out the voice within. He touched his throat in horror.

He was sobbing, but nothing seemed to come out. His body froze in terror as a laugh rang out in the room, allowing him to look up, despite himself. His father, the one that was supposed to love him, was laughing at his pain.

He dropped his head, tears falling onto the carpet in little droplets.

"Try running like that again Remus," his father was speaking again. "And it will be more than your voice that is taken." Swallowing hard, he began to shiver, and even though Sirius knew this wasn't happening directly to him, he felt sullied and destroyed just the same.

"Everyone will be punished for your action," that voice was so rough and scary. "I control everything, and even the Malfoy's have to bow to me eventually."

Remus -no, Sirius, this was him- was blinking. Malfoy? Remus was looking up again, when a hand had dipped down to bring him to face the horrid man.

"Four years ago you asked about that lump in the backyard." Remus was unconsciously shaking his head, Sirius feeling the exact same fear. "I think it's about time I showed you what it is."

He was so scared. He was struggling against the hold that lifted him to his feet and began dragging him towards the door. Stepping outside, his father pulled over to the lump, almost completely unseen now. Shaking his head he watched as his father pushed aside the vines and grass and the mound of dirt, only to reveal a rotting corpse. Sirius couldn't even believe what Remus must have felt, to see his decaying look a like lying in the dirt.

"Don't you see," the voice whispered in his ear. "This will be you, unless you behave. I'm afraid your brother was not so fortunate."

So many things flashed his mind at once, so many feelings, moments, actions. He was falling into consciousness.

Sirius sat strait upright, eyes wide and searching, unable to get the corpse out of his mind.

Sirius walked down the halls, wandering aimlessly. After waking up to find that it was only one in the morning, he thought a walk would do him good. He didn't even think, just kept walking, not knowing if he would get caught or not. A sick part of him wished he did, hoping that he could be even more miserable. Shaking his head he continued to walk, smacking strait into a wall.

"Ouch…" he muttered, rubbing his nose. Looking up, he stared at the wall, wondering if he needed to get up and move on or just sit there. Well, the voice from behind him answered that one.

"Well Black, see you are still up to no good, even after midnight," Malfoy's voice drawled. Sirius blinked, looking behind him with disconcert. He felt so tired, too weak to fight with his enemy now. Looking towards the wall again, he felt a strange sort of annoyance and fear at the same time, an interesting combination for someone with his personality.

Malfoy didn't even respond, walking up to him and clapping his hands next to his ear. Sirius blinked up at him, mouth forming a nice retort when a strange sense of silence crept up on him, leaving his voice blank.

"Not going to say anything? Well then, I'll have you know Goyle and I have been preparing a spell," Lucius snickered. "And well, you just happen to be here."

Alarm bells were going off inside Sirius' head and a strange sense of weakness kept him from saying anything. And why the hell was he still looking at the wall? When a flash of light caught his eye, he turned, just in time to be swallowed by it.

Perfect, he thought tiredly. A backfired spell to make my day.

Remus was wide awake, unmoving, even after he heard Sirius leave the dorms to do god knows what. He knew for a fact James was wide awake too, staring in the direction of the window. Shrugging, he sat up, blinking away the persistent sleepiness. Getting out of bed he walked down to the common room, sitting in front of the dying fire. Maybe, things were meant to be like this. Maybe, it was the fate of a monster.

After all, who could truly love a werewolf? He had been fooling himself, when he thought Sirius had truly accepted him in a lover's way. Remus didn't know why he kept falling for this. His father would always whisper his love to him, and Remus always felt himself listening and smiling. He felt…wanted, cared for, needed…only to have it shot back in his face when he was screaming for his father to stop. Over and over again, why wouldn't the screaming stop?

Remus wiped at the tears, shaking his head and pulling his knees closer to him, hugging and leaning on them, his face buried. Why do people say they love him but shoot it back into his face? Why him? Doesn't the lonely werewolf get a chance at love, like everyone else? He was tired of thinking this way, tired of being tricked into believing someone actually cared about him. He was so sick of the tears that always seemed to pop up when he didn't want them. He was so tired of having unnatural things about him; his strength, his eyes, his personality. Remus always thought about running away, and when he finally did, when he finally mustered up the courage to tell the police on what his father had been doing, they shoved it back into his face with a laugh and sent him right back home. No one even cared. No one even bothered to care, like it was a simple waste of their energy and time to set aside for a boy in need of something, anything, to tell him that their were people that wanted him there.

Now he wasn't even sure what he wanted. Everything became so muddled in his time of need. But…this could also be his fault too. He had pushed Sirius' help away to the point that his friend had given up hope, believing that everything was pointless. He had caused that burning in the young man's eyes to go out. The flame that made him different from his family. The flame that, despite many disappointments, always came back with ten times the strength it used to. Maybe Remus had taken advantage of Sirius' love to a point that the young man was far too gone in misery to even come back. To even begin to light that passion fire again.

Remus blew it, and somehow, deep inside, that hurt worse than his lifestyle. He had wanted his voice so bad that he turned a blind eye to Sirius, the man that would give up his life to help. He ignored Sirius' pleas, became deaf to them, he blinded Sirius' love, making him unable to see, and he even muted Sirius' open arms, making them unable to cry their way out of the dark.

Was that the double edged punishment his father had given him? Remus recalled a time where his father had shown him three monkeys that sat on top of his study desk.

"Hear no evil." He had pointed to the one covering its ears.

"See no evil." He continued to the next one, covering its eyes.

"And speak no evil." He said, while directing Remus to the final one, which was covering its mouth. "These represent the perfect punishment."

The perfect punishment.

Remus blinked at the flames, suddenly everything becoming clear. James was blinded, so he wouldn't be able to see if Remus would be in danger. And he couldn't talk, so he would never be able to tell a soul about his pain. So that left…

"Hear no evil," Remus said suddenly. "Sirius." Almost as an earthquake hitting the Middle East, Remus' hands shot to his throat, a look of pure surprise on his features. Getting up he ran out of the Gryffindor Tower.

I have to find Sirius.

John Lupin, if anything, was deemed a savior to the ministry and people as a whole, but a devil in the eyes of the people that cared about him most. His beautiful, perfect son, that was too innocent about anything, was finally able to see the world for what it truly was. John couldn't help but laugh. After all, a parent was meant to help their children, not be the ones to actually show them how cruel life could actually be. A brief sense of guilt had made its way into the pit of his stomach, where he quickly squashed it like a persistent bug.

He didn't know where everything went wrong, just that, when his sons were first born, they had been the light of his life, his gift from the lord almighty, a sign of deep love to his beloved wife. Anya Lupin was a true gift, with her gentle looks and subtle but powerful flirts. That was what drew him to her and she never resisted. Gods she was so beautiful, so kind, so gentle, and so willing to give her whole heart to him.

John continued to wind the magic around the three monkeys on the study desk, smiling to himself as the threads were nearly done around the deaf monkey.

He could recall everything, having a photographic memory.

"Twins, I never even knew," John breathed, holding the twins gently, smiling at them. Anya smiled at him so beautifully, he felt his heart melt. She was looking at him, though tired from the child birth her eyes held such devotion he could feel the tears in his eyes.

"Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Let's name them that," she suggested, eyes drooping slightly. John kissed Remus on the forehead, then Romulus, who giggled like mad at the contact.

"Of course, you did all the work," he said. "I love you so much, but now you just have to make room for these two." She stuck her tongue out playfully.

"Oh pooh, and I thought you could be all mine forever," she giggled. It was like music to his ears.

"They are a symbol of our love," he said strongly. She smiled, giving a large yawn.

"Yes, that makes them…perfect," she said softly. He grinned at her, setting the twins down in her arms.

"You should get some sleep," he said softly. "You worked so hard, I have never been more proud of you." Anya yawned again, her body shivering.

"Yeah, and soon, we can go home together," she whispered. "The four of us."

"Gods I can never fully express how beautiful you are," he sighed, almost like a love sick teenager.

"Then, I am your light," she said, her eyes closed. "And you are mine."

"Of course," he replied, sitting next to her bedside. Sighing he laid his head on the bed, closing his eyes and joining her in sleep.

Things had been perfect back then, and John picked away at a random stain on his desk. Of course, back then he thought everything would be perfect. John couldn't help but scoff at his foolish self, that young form that thought the world was perfect. Though, the world seemed to have enough of babying him after a while, John mused silently. Must have definitely stopped babying him.

"I'm sorry, but Anya is a bit sick right now," he said, speaking into the phone, gripping it like a lifeline. "Yes, of course, I'll check the mail everyday for your get well card. Of course- no, that's not, well she has something -excuse me? No, more permanent than the…flu. Yes, I know, I'll manage. Okay ma, bye." He hung up the phone, sighing shakily.

Walking into the living room he grinned at the twins. They were playing with the Lego's he had bought them, making castles and trying to knock the others down. Romulus threw his hands up in the air when he managed it. Remus pouted, hugging his teddy bear close.

"Rommy, you cheated!" He said defiantly. After all, he always lost to his older brother.

"You're just jealous Remmie," he said, sticking out his tongue. He looked up when John had entered the room. "Papa!"

Remus stayed put, just staring at his father as Romulus hugged the man deeply, getting a hug in return. John smiled, patting the young boy on the head before going upstairs, squeals of delight being left behind. He walked to the end of the hall where the guest room was; where Anya was lying sick.

Sucking in a breath he opened the door, stifling a choked cry at the air of death in the room. She was dying, and he knew it.

"John, is that you?" She asked weakly, coughing slightly at the strain. Sitting down next to her he bowed his head, kissing her deeply.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked. She looked up at him, her hazel eyes searching.

"You know the answer to that, I won't lie and tell you I'm fine," she spoke so softly he almost didn't catch it. How very much like her, never one to lie about her condition. Giving a shaky breath he laid his head down on her leg, resisting the urge to cry.

"Don't cry, you know the doctor gave you fair warning it will be tomorrow," she said. Her hands were gliding over his hair, no matter how shaky the movements were, he found himself comforted. Reaching up, he kissed her again, marveling at how beautiful she still was.

"I'll miss you so much," he choked, sobbing into her shirt. She continued to stroke his hair, humming a soft tune for him. Her voice was…gods he was going to miss it.

"Remus knows, doesn't he," she said softly, keeping the conversation on a different path, though will eventually lead to this topic. He sighed softly, grabbing onto her hand like a lifeline.

"Yes, whenever that boy is alone he will just cry until he falls asleep," John said. "Romulus knows too, but he doesn't dwell on it like Remus." Anya was staring out the window, a look of happiness on her face.

"Erase their memories please," she said softly. "Of me. Erase their memories of me." John gaped at her.

"You are their mother!" He hissed. "I can't do that!" Anya smiled to herself.

"Do this John, it will help them in the end, besides, I made a spell," she said. "I-my illusion will keep you company."

"I don't want a fucking illusion Anya!" He said loudly, standing up. She grinned at him, the same goofy grin that used to cheer him up whenever he was sad.

"Hush now, a living puppet will be put in my place," she whispered. "Nothing will go wrong, when I die."

"This IS wrong," John pleaded.

"I can't stop the spell John," she said, this time more forcefully. Her face scrunched together and she got into a coughing fit, holding a hand over her mouth. John sighed, taking the glass of water and watching as she sipped it when the fit was over. He gingerly wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and on her hand.

"Something is bound to go wrong," he pleaded once she was lying down again.

"Remember to take you pills John, and everything will be fine," she responded. He bit his lip.

"The fits don't happen anymore Anya," he said softly. She smiled at him, reaching out and stroking his hair again.

"After a while you'll go insane John," she spoke, her voice soothing his nerves. "If you don't take those pills, I don't want you to hurt anyone." He nodded, smiling a bit as he laid his head down on her leg again, breathing in her smell one last time before he fell asleep.

He should have stopped her when he had the chance. Other wise, none of this would have happened. John cut the string around the deaf monkey, waving his wand around it in new movements. Gods, he should have persuaded her to stop earlier. That doll, gods that doll. He was forced to lock it in the shed after a while, as it made him…something John couldn't describe. That thing did something to him that even the pills couldn't correct. Anya had made such a gruesome mistake in making that thing. It was…evil.

John shook his head, trying to rid his mind of the constant cloud that seemed to appear every time that THING was nearby. It did something, it made him hurt his sons, it made him hate Anya, it made him do things he didn't want to do. All with a flick of that devils wrist the haze was back, he, in the back of his mind, only briefly catching Remus and Romulus begging for him to stop…whatever it was that he was doing to them.

John let out a shaky breath as he stared out the window. He began to lock that beast in the tool shed outside of in back yard. It was…doing something to his head again.

"Papa, why is mama outside again?" It was Remus. That boy was too clever for his own good. Raising his head he winced at the sudden pain in his head. His son, he was…was just standing there, looking at him but…no, he was just standing there…planning to hurt him. Like he always did.

"Because she likes it out there you wretched boy," John snarled. Gods why was he saying this stuff? His son was looking at him like he had just been slapped too. Looking down he shook his head again, staring down at the letter he was previously reading.

From Greyback, that monster who worked at the ministry. John snarled suddenly, a feeling of unpleasant things going into his head. It was that THING again, it was back in the house. Getting up he attached a message to his owl, sending it off to the ministry. Stiffening, he realized Remus was still standing there, watching him.

"Honey, I think you should calm down," it was that horrid voice. Turning around he noticed she was holding Remus' shoulders, his son looking up at her curiously. Alarm bells were going off inside his head, and he stepped back, feeling that haze coming back to his mind. She was smiling at him, like she always did.

"Get away from my son beast," he snarled, taking Remus by the wrist and protecting him with his body. Remus was looking between the two, his old teddy bear still stick to his chest like glue.

"Honey, you need to calm down now," she said again. She was still smiling damn it! She was raising her wrist again. He couldn't let that fog take over, every time it did, he would do something to either one of his sons. He hurt them, gods he didn't want to hurt them anymore. Remus suddenly clung to him, looking at him, those hazel eyes clearing the invading fog.

"If you and mama keep fighting, I get hurt," he stated, smiling. "I don't want to be hurt anymore papa." John's eyes widened to considerable heights.

That thing in the doorway was frowning, he could feel the disappointment radiating off of her. Remus hugged him tightly, bouncing slightly as a way to tell him that he wanted to be picked up. John grinned, complying to his sons wants and holding him close, balancing the five year old on his hip. Remus laid his head down on his shoulder, smiling to himself.

Frowning he saw that Anya's fake was gone, her footsteps going down the hall. His thoughts were jolted when his ear was being tugged, Remus looking at him.

"Mama scares me papa, I don't like her anymore," he said. "She's really mean on the inside," -he pointed to where his heart was- "although she likes to be nice on the outside. Romulus doesn't believe me though." His son was smiling, like he just let go of some burdened news that had been bugging him forever. John kissed his forehead, sitting down at his desk with his youngest on his lap.

John paused in his work for a brief moment. He remembered that conversation, Remus being able to pinpoint a problem like radar. He was smiling at his sons abilities, but it wouldn't help, and deep down, he knew it. No matter how much he screamed for it to stop, SHE never quit in her acts.

"Go away creature."

"I am your wife."

"No you aren't, now go away before I lock you up again."

"No matter what you do that spell Anya put on me will not allow you to be rid of me."

"I fucking know that woman."

They glared at each for a full five minutes before John growled, sitting down at the kitchen table, and ready for breakfast. He was so fucking sick of this woman. The spell Anya had cast horribly backfired, and he knew it. This thing was fully intending to use him to destroy the Lupin family. She was sitting across from him, a smile on her face.

"That spell was her fault, she couldn't control her magic when being so weak," she whispered. "She wanted you to suffer though, thought it unfair why she was stuck with that disease and you weren't."

"That isn't true you lying filth," he snapped.

"I hold all of her thoughts and memories, I can't lie when it comes to her, even if I wanted too," she hissed. "Jealousy, rage, sadness; that is what she is feeling at this very moment, all revolving around one John Lupin."

"You shut your mouth whore, I know that's a lie," he snarled. She grinned. That goofy grin that Anya used to make looked evil on this bitch's lips.

"Don't snap at me just because you let OUR youngest son be the next victim to Greyback," she said softly. "The poor thing, I'm surprised he didn't die, takes after you more than I thought."

"You would be happy to see him die," John snarled.

"Hardly, it's the other boy I despise, Anya never really liked Remus OR Romulus anyway," she sighed. He snarled, ignoring the itch to strangle her.

"What happened to Remus is a tragedy," he spoke softly.

"I call it a blessing."

John shuddered briefly at the memory, and he continued to work on the statue monkey. His body, though not his mind, over the years came under the dolls complete control. Its full intent was to make Remus and Romulus suffer, but now that Romulus was dead…John shook the thought out of his head. Even his mind was slowly being molded over to nothing but thoughts of hurting, killing, and even torturing his remaining son. John's hands continued to move. He had given up resisting what she did to his body a long time ago in fact.

"I wonder what Remus sounds like when he yells, and kicks, and thrashes around," she was speaking again.

"Shut the fuck up woman," he was so tired of pointless name calling towards her. She swiveled around to him, a beautiful smile on her face to anyone but John.

"He is turning out to be beautiful, like his father," she said, turning back to fiddle with the vase on a little stand. "Too bad that he believes whatever you tell him, such a loyal little bastard."

"My son is an honorable young man with a bright future, it would do you good to butt out woman," he snarled. She laughed, the sound going through his right ear and out the left, he was too used to hearing it after all.

"He'll run away eventually, I hear Sirius Black is his boyfriend now, you should read his diary, it's fun," she snickered. "A fifteen year old completely smitten with someone of the same sex, I can't wait to find out how THAT one turns out." John twitched.

"You won't be finding out much now will you, it is his life and his alone, nothing you can do about it," he spoke. "Do not even try to mess with his love or I will finally kill you."

"You can't John! Get that through your head," she snapped. "Remus' love life is a whole other ball game for me to play in and I intend to be the home team." John remained silent, looking at his hands, not finding much else to do.

"I thought I locked you in that dog house of yours," he said pathetically. She walked over to him, running her hands through his hair. He couldn't stop the shiver of dread.

"You can't keep me in there forever," she said. The caressing hands seized and he looked over to find her fishing out something from a bag in the corner.

"What are you doing now wench?" He asked half heartedly.

"I bought something, the perfect punishment," she said, setting down three monkey statues. One was blind, the other deaf, and one mute. She grinned at him, fingering the mute one curiously.

"Don't you dare use this on Remus," he warned softly, knowing deep down that she was going to anyway.

"Only when he deserves it," she said.

John shook his head, his hand still working on the last monkey. He never thought she would be that cruel, her very essence seeping with malice. That night, when he had forced to magic the yarn around the mute monkey, crying desperately for her to stop. She smiled at him then, saying something about 'see no evil' or something. Why Remus? Why his precious son that had never done a bad deed in his life?

"That little filth can think he can run away and go to the police!" She screamed, causing John to turn away from the noise. He cursed the wench in front of him for catching his son in the act. Using his body no less. Now, she was making his hands wove something into the mute monkey. John was trying so hard to stop this but it was no good, she just, had a control over his body.

"Though I have noticed that you have been getting steadily weaker Anya," he bit out with a laugh that made her turn to him slowly.

"You won't be laughing John, the spell that connects us will bring you to the grave with me, perhaps sooner," she said, eye gleaming. He grinned in satisfaction at the fact that she only had one eye, a cause from giving up magic to the blind monkey. She couldn't make her voice work on occasion for the magic she put in the mute monkey, and she was deaf in her left ear for putting magic in the 'hear no evil' monkey. She had told him that now they could be conductors for anything she wanted, and her price was small.

"It will be a blessing when I die, for the pain my son has gone through," John said, biting his lip.

"Now isn't it just great that it was pain you caused," she bit out scathingly. John choked, though the hands continued to move. His eyes began to leak tears. "What's better is that he'll forever think it was you."

"What do you have against my son?" He screeched. She turned to face him, her eyes dark.

"He is a bug that needs to be squashed John, a threat to my existence, both of them still are," she snarled.

"Romulus," he murmured numbly.

"That pesky boy, even after death, he refuses to leave me alone, continuously trying to warn his stupidly oblivious brother," she snarled. "I promise to destroy them both!" John shook slightly, though his hands continued to work. With a stifled sob his hands finished with what they were doing as she sighed in accomplishment.

"Why does he have to suffer?" He asked meekly as she shoved a piece of silver in his hands. "Why Remus? He hasn't done a thing to you."

"I hate him, this entire family," she spoke, watching as he stood up and left the room.

Gods he was walking towards the sobbing, it was getting closer he was going to hurt his son again, why won't he stop? Slamming the door open he cried mentally at Remus, crouched on the floor, crying. Why was he yelling at Remus?

"No papa! Please don't!"

This was by far the worse thing a parent would ever have to go through. He was crying so hard even though Remus couldn't see it as he shoved the silver onto his throat a second time. If his body kept this up then…he would be mute. He didn't want that! Why wouldn't his body stop! Was he…casting a spell? Remus was sobbing pathetically on the floor, trying to speak.

Gods he took his sons voice.

Why did he do that?

Why was he walking away and leaving him so broken? Why was that THING smiling like it was the best thing in the world?

Why did he keep hearing Remus' crying voice in his head?

The work was done; all of the statues in front of him were woven with magic even he didn't understand. She was standing in the corner, sighing in boredom. Smiling at him she walked over, placing a hazel ball in the blind monkey.

"James' sight," she said.

John shuddered.

"Sirius' hearing," why was she doing this to them?

"And finally, Remus' voice," she spoke. The little blue ball floated gracefully into the statue, without a struggle. He watched with despair.

"If these things are destroyed," he said. "Then everything will be normal." She frowned.

"Now I would hate to have someone do that, these were expensive," her voice carried an undertone of fear, something he didn't miss. He couldn't help but let out the laughter, something he had been wanting to do to her face for a long time. She only smiled back at him.

"It's passed midnight, dearest John, we should go to bed," she said. "The Malfoy's are coming over tomorrow, and Remus is going to be the guest of honor, with a few friends of course."

"Friends?" He asked. She smirked.

"Of course, Sirius and James. Wouldn't want our dear boy to be lonely when he dies," she said, relishing in the pained look he gave her.

"Please don't do this," he whispered pathetically.

"And you John," she said, ignoring his plea. "Are going to be the one that does it. The one to see him look at you when he finally dies."

John whimpered, walking out of the room and into bed. She was right behind him, getting into bed too. He shivered at the thought of tomorrow, hoping and praying time would stop before the dreaded day.

Anya what did you create?

A pained sob filled his head before he was sent off into the world of dreams.

Remus couldn't remember the last time he felt so much panic. Probably, when he was first bitten but this was worse. This was…indescribable. The only time he stopped was when he saw Sirius lying a few feet away, unconscious and not moving. Why did he look so pale too?

Remus reached forward, taking the boy into his arms.

Don't worry Sirius; there is no way I am going to screw up this time.


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