Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Angst
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, and Voldemort being weird.
Summary: Seventh year has begun and Remus comes back completely different. He is cold, distant, depressed, and uncaring. Something happened to him and the Marauders are determined

Notes: Yay! Epilogue! Finally, we get some fluff and the only depressing part is the beginning and a little bit after that where Remus is like "aw man, life sucks" and all that jazz. So, here it is faithful people.


It was a surprisingly sunny day for the events that were going to be taking place. Well, Remus guessed the heavens or the universe didn't give a flying fart in space about John Lupin's funeral. Remus was feeling the same way, but he stood silently as the priest prattled on about how good a man he was and a caring husband and father. Remus bit his tongue at the praises the man got. He still hated the man, even if he knew it was all his mothers doing now. Looking at the coffin next to his fathers, he frowned and continued to brood.

What made this day worse?

Sirius had yet to say sorry to him and ask him to be his boyfriend again.

Remus bit his tongue at another speech that went by, in which he promptly tuned out. Releasing a long and weary sigh, he yawned, stretching his aching bones and muscles, earning surprised and displeased looks from his relatives. He almost gave them the pleasure of ignoring them, but instead, flipped them off. Hey, he was pissed right now, and their gasps of horror sort of made him feel better. He supposed the third thing that made this day suck was he had stupidly insisted on going to this place alone. Dumb idiot.

"As John's closest family, would you, Remus Lupin, like to give a speech?" The priest said, giving him a pointed look that clearly meant he couldn't refuse. Standing up, he walked up to the front of the crowd, tapping the coffin of John Lupin with his fingernail. Clearly his throat, Remus began to speak.

"I will somewhat miss him," he said simply, bowing briefly before sitting back down in his chair. They were still looking at him. What, did they expect a heart warming speech from the abused son? Hell no! Remus didn't trust saying anything else in all truth, because he knew something nasty would end up spilling out his mouth.

"Th-thank you Mr. Lupin, that was very…er, inspiring," the priest said. Remus resisted the urge to flash a sarcastic smile. He was pissed off; couldn't anyone in this cemetery see that? He hated the man, and knew, with great satisfaction, that he was burning in hell. Well…good. Snorting, he looked towards the other headstones, gazing at them softly. He bet those people had a loving family, and died with their deepest love. I bet their kids had cried very hard. Remus already did that though, and that was all the man deserved.

Closing his eyes, he let the sun gently hit his shut eyelids with brief satisfaction.

"Remus! Hey, hey, hey, hey, Remus! Remus! Hey, hey, hey, Remus over here! Look at me!" An annoying voice floated up to Remus like a fly and very sleepily, he whipped it away with his hand, hoping that the voice would go away. A snort and disapproving grunt came from the voices' direction and he was suddenly being straddled by something bigger than him. Opening his eyes in a lazy attempt at a glare, he noticed it was Sirius sitting on him.

"What do you want? Can't you see I was sleeping?" Remus asked irritably, the funeral still running through his head. He felt a bit guilty for how he acted, knowing that it wasn't his father that had been truly doing those things to him.

"I needed to talk to you Remus," Sirius said, smiling a bit. Remus was all ears now.

"Okay, shoot," the younger murmured.

"Dumbledore informed me that it was your fathers own wand that cast the Avada Kedavra," Sirius said softly, feeling a bit sheepish for him being the one to relay the information. "Apparently when the curse hit your mom, it killed him too."

Remus sighed, flopping back down. "Fascinating, you really got my attention," he said sarcastically. Sirius scowled.

"No need to be pissy about it," he informed, crossing his arms in front of him. Remus glared at him.

"I don't care how he died, as long as he's dead," Remus spat, closing his eyes again. "Her too." He added as an afterthought.

"They were your mom and dad Remus, your family," Sirius tried to coax.

"You saw what they did!" Remus hissed softly, trying not to draw attention to them in the common room. "You know how horrible they were."

"You still miss them though." Sirius meant it as a question, he really did, but it came out more as a statement.

Remus remained silent, blinking at the flames crackling in the fire.

"You're right," the young werewolf sighed at last.

"Geez Lily, you really know how to get things done," James joked, watching the red head clean up around the classroom. She sighed, stopped, and turned to face him, a gentle smile on her features.

"I can do more than this, I assure you," she whispered, eyes gleaming. James' mouth curled into a smirk.

"Man Lily, we're about to go on our first date and you already have those thoughts," he said approvingly. She laughed.

"I like to tease you James, but I'd rather keep my virginity thank you," she replied. "Besides, instead of feeling me up you should be checking up with Remus, everyone can tell he's upset."

"Sirius talked to me about that," James said after a moment of silence.

"And?" She asked, genuinely curious.

"Well, the second reason why I wanted to ask you out tonight was because I wanted to give them room to talk," he revealed, scratching his head nervously. Lily nodded, moving a stack of papers onto McGonagall's desk, as told. More silence, until she sat in one of the chairs, leaning back lazily.

"Remus never did come from the best family, he once told me. Said his father was mean, but he misses his dad no doubt," she said, looking worried. James walked over to where she was seated, taking the seat next to hers.

"That's why Sirius is talking to him," James replied, still noticing the uneasy look on her face. "Oi, Lily, its okay. Sirius knows how to coax these things out of Moony."

A bright smile lit up on her face. "They should really hook up again," Lily said, giggling softly.

James nodded. "They need each other, no doubt."



"So Potter, do you believe in fate?" Lily asked after more silence. James looked at her, unsure how he should answer the question. Leaning back into the chair, he balanced on the back two legs of the chair. Glancing at her again, he noticed that her vibrant eyes were looking at him critically. Okay, now he felt a little pressured.

"Not really, no," he admitted. She let out a knowing breath of air. Reaching up she twirled both of her hands in his messy locks, bringing their faces close. Kissing James deeply, she closed her eyes, losing herself in the intensity. She didn't like to admit it, but this would be her first real kiss. James responded immediately, dragging her close, resting his hand on her back, prodding her bottom lip for entrance.

Hesitantly, Lily complied, shivering at the new sensation. James lifted her up onto the table, their lips still tightly sealed. Exploring every nook and cranny was a tedious task that only James Potter was capable of doing, he decided, breaking off to stare into emerald orbs. Nibbling on her bottom lip he breathed deeply, taking in Lily's soft scent.

"Do you believe in fate now? Like it was fate that blinded you and opened up those feelings for me?" Lily asked, breathless. He nodded.

"I do now," he responded.

Laughing softly she grinned. "Good," she hissed.

"I feel so stupid! How could I miss that bastard? How! He hurt me, raped me, made me a fucking pet and still I feel like I should be crying over the loss!" Remus rampaged, pacing the dorm room in a frantic rhythm. Sirius sighed, watching him go back and forth, repeating the process over and over again.

"Even though he did those things Remus," Sirius began, effectively cutting the younger boy off. "He was still your dad, and it is natural to feel sorrow, even though you feel he doesn't deserve it."

"He fucking made you deaf and James blind!" Remus said loudly, almost yelling.

"Your mom actually," Sirius felt obligated to point out that fact.

"GYAH!" Throwing his arms in the air, Remus crumpled to the ground, muttering angrily to himself.

Sirius sighed, knowing Remus was about to burst out something again. And he was right.

"My whole family is screwed up!" He finally yelled, slamming his fist into the bed behind him, muttering an 'oops' when he heard wood crack. Sticking his tongue out at the bed, he proceeded to pout, looking positively adorable.

"I think just your fake mom was," Sirius supplied. Remus shot him a glare.

"But my father went along with it!" Remus snapped, quickly getting up and pacing with new found strength. Sirius let out a long sigh.

"Actually that was forced too," Sirius replied. Remus' eye twitched.

"I still hate him," he whined, falling unceremoniously on Sirius' bed, right next to the boy himself. "So why do I miss him too?"

"Like I said before, he was still your father," Sirius responded, wrapping his arms around the smaller frame. "Even though he did all those awful things, you now hold the knowledge that he really wasn't behind it, while still holding the feelings of a child that lost a parent." Remus stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

"You know what would make me happy?" He asked, making sure to keep his sly undertone in check. Sirius either didn't catch it or ignored it. Remus grinned, all anger draining him at the new goal ahead of him.

"What would that be?" Sirius asked, truthfully expecting Remus to say something like bring his father back from the dead somehow and then killing him all over again.

"You apologizing and then getting back together with me," Remus responded, feeling a smirk pull at his lips.

"We broke up Remus," Sirius sighed.

Remus turned around, staring at Sirius intently. "Because you couldn't understand me in my moment of grief, I know. We could work on that you know, and besides that was not my fault anyway." He stated.

Sirius scoffed.

"It's true," Remus whined. "I made it so even you lost faith, I did that on purpose you know. But I love you Siri, I really do."

"I…I understand…that is…er, what I meant is," Sirius was at a loss.

Remus waited, still staring at him.

"You don't have family anymore Remus, so you have to stay with someone," he started, liking where this choice of beginning was going. "So you can stay with me, forever if you want, and I can think about getting back together with you. Give me some time."

"Oh, you'll come back to me in time," Remus snickered, turning back around so his back was to the other behind him.

"I know, but I like to think I have a chance against your sexy ass," Sirius sighed, feeling thoroughly defeated. Remus stuck his tongue out at him, turning back around so their faces almost touched.

"I'll go insane if I don't get at least a good make out," Remus said softly, hands already busy running over Sirius' chest. Tucking a hand in Sirius' hair he winked playfully, loving the way Sirius tried to fight his desire. It clearly failed, for the next moment Remus was pressed underneath a rather warm body and his neck being thoroughly ravished.

Gasping when Sirius licked the hollow of throat, he felt his whole body melt, making sure to keep any moans from coming out. He didn't have to worry long as Sirius' mouth claimed his own and he immediately allowed entrance for the other boy. Sirius made a low growl in his throat at the compliance, hands traveling up Remus' shirt in less than a heartbeat.

"S-Sirius, we can't…Nngh…go that far…ah…unless we're dating," Remus gasped out, reveling in the fact that yes, he had just won that battle. Sirius slumped on top of him, letting out a pathetic sounding sob of misery.

"Are you kidding me?" He gasped out; scowling at the shrug Remus gave him. Bowing his head in defeat, he rubbed at his head, taking deep breaths. "Fine…you, me, shower."

"Not that either."


"The astronomy tower, a very cliché make out spot," Lily sighed, looking around. James snickered from behind her, going to sit on the ground in the only patch of moonlight.

"Relax Lily, we aren't going to be making out," he sighed, stretching out as she came to sit beside him. "I brought you here to talk."

"Really James?" She asked, rather surprised despite herself. He smiled, nodding his head.

"Even though I've stalked you since first year, I really don't know that much about you," he said, shocking himself at how calm and collected he sounded. Looking over at Lily, she was wearing the look of complete melt down. Did he do something wrong? Lily jumped, shaking her head wildly as if she understood his mental question.

"This is really sweet James, thank you," she said softly, sincerely.

"Your welcome then," he responded, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and drawing her close. "So, what's your favorite color?"

"Black," she sighed.

"Really, I always took you for a green person," James said. Learn something new every date he guessed.

"No, what about you, your favorite color?" She asked.


"The poop color," she laughed.

"No- well, yeah I guess it is, but brown has always been my favorite," he said. "Favorite food."

"Pot roast," she replied, smiling at the moonlight. It felt so good. "You?"

"Any form of meat, I will devour it," he answered, laughing at weird that sounded. It was true, but he always saw Remus as the bigger meat eater, especially around the full moon. "Weirdest moment."

"I was doing my homework late at night and saw a deer, dog, and wolf running across the grounds," she said. "The best part about that was…do you want to know?"

"Yeah," he said numbly, still surprised someone had seen them.

"I knew it was you, Sirius, and Remus," she said, looking up at him. He laughed nervously, scratching his head again. Clearing his throat, he looked at the moon up above, avoiding contact with Lily.

"How could it have been us Lily?" He asked.

"Because I know how loyal you are to your friends, to Remus especially, he being the werewolf and all," she said, hoping to get trough to James that she was indeed accepting of the idea.

A long moment of silence before James finally responded. "How did you find out about that?" He asked nervously.

She smiled. "I noticed his pattern, did some research, then saw you guys that night, it all clicked," Lily said softly. "Ever wondered why I always copied the notes for him when he was in the Hospital Wing? It was my way of helping him, knowing that if I told him I knew, he would get scared and run."

"I see," James said at last. "Thank you Lily, from me and Remus, I think."

"No problem," she grinned. "What about you, weirdest moment."

"When I first walked in on Sirius and Remus snogging their brains out on Sirius' bed," James said sheepishly. "I think their relationship was under wraps because when they noticed me at last, they sprang apart so fast I thought a tornado had struck. So the whole was more awkward then weird, but that is all I could think of."

"I found out about them early on too," she confessed, looking sheepish. He stared.

"Where are your sources and can I use them?" He asked mockingly. She stuck her tongue out at him, grinning.

"If you observed them, you would know," she said smartly, winking at her boyfriend for good measure.

"Whatever Lily, I'll discover your source someday," he chuckled. "So, what is your…hum, favorite book?"

"Don't have one, all of them are favorites," she said. "Do you know what video games are?"

"The muggle things? Yeah," James responded.

"Have you ever played?" Lily continued to ask, looking intent. James nodded.

"Only briefly," he said.

"What's you favorite video game?" She asked.

"That one ball eating the white dots," he said.

"Pac man? You're a fan of the classics, I myself currently love Kingdom Hearts," she said.

"That's good to hear."


"Hey Lily?"


"I really love you, thank you for coming on this date with me," James said, hoping he sounded as sincere as he felt. Lily smiled, gently kissing him before snuggling up to him and falling into a peaceful slumber, James soon joining her.

Dear father,

I don't think I can ever forgive you for what you did to me all those years, but now I know that it really wasn't you. It still is a little shady in some areas, but that is okay, because I have the rest of the school year to think about everything that went wrong and see what I can do to correct those things.

I admit, I'm really sad and frightened that you were right there in front of me, and then suddenly, poof, you were gone. Was that why I cried? Was it because I could have easily said I'm sorry or a simple I forgive you before you blew both you and mother to hell? Or heaven. I hate to say this but I don't think you quite made it there.

I suppose that's it.



Remus set the quill down, glaring down at the page as if it were the cause of all his problems. He didn't even want to write the stupid thing, but Sirius, in punishment for being denied sex twice, had forced him. Well, that's what Remus thought Sirius' reasoning for this was.

"Do you feel better?" Sirius asked from behind him.

Remus nodded sharply. "Sort of, yeah, like I was able to let some stuff out."

Sirius nodded his head, going back to his stack of cards that was sitting on his bed. Pulling out one in the middle, he grumbled when they all fell forward onto his foot. "Damn three's," he murmured.

"What are you doing?" Remus asked, sitting down on the bed directly across from Sirius. The other boy glanced up at him before promptly ignoring him again. Remus scowled, huffing before lying down, staring at the top of his (soon to be) boyfriend's bed. Sighing, he continued to stare at the freaky picture of some cartoon guy from some muggle movie. He recognized the blob as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Why would Sirius want to wake up to that?

All thought was knocked out of him when Sirius finally tackled him, tearing his shirt from his body in one fluid movement.

"Sirius, no sex until we are dating," Remus warned, hoping his body didn't betray him.

"We're back together then, you are just too sexy," Sirius growled, trailing tender kissed all up the trembling abdomen and chest. Remus moaned, reaching to pull Sirius to his lips.

"That's all I ask," he whispered feverishly.

"That's not all you'll be asking," Sirius responded, before going back to his job.

Remus had a feeling Sirius was right.


What a way to finish the epilogue! Yay! I thought that bit of fluff was good. Sorry for cutting off the sex scene, if some one else wants to write one, then go ahead, just ask. Thanks for the reviews!