The Birth Of A Prince

Also titled Silent Reverie

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The lioness Sarabi was soon to give birth.

She had always been Mufasa's favorite. She had been his since the pride began. In fact, together they had formed the pride. She never had to work to win him over like the other females; she just knew he would always love him. Now she was carrying his cub. She was proud to. The other females envied her. Her cub would become the king of the savannah.

The birth was close at hand, so much so that Sarabi had had trouble sleeping. Finally, at midnight, when she could bother with it no more she trotted out of the cave. Even her simple, nonchalant walk made her stomach sway. She grumbled and settled down in the dirt near the mouth of Pride Rock. Sometime after that, Mufasa rose and noticed Sarabi was gone. At first he was a bit alarmed, but he had learned to contain himself. He came out of the cave with a more quickened pace than usual.

He sighed with relief when he spotted her, the same beautiful face. The sun had a while, a few hours at least, to rise. Sarabi smiled as he nuzzled her and they both purred. Sarabi sighed, relinquishing her head from his soft shoulder. She made an inward groan. Her water had recently broken around her.

"I'll have this cub by morning…"

Mufasa nosed her reassuringly and smiled. He knew she was right.

"I know, I know. Just don't worry…"

Sarabi yawned and stretched out flat on the rock.

"I don't think I'm worrying, much."

She took a deep breath and tried to smile. Mufasa was watching her closely, especially when the contractions seemed to intensify for her.

Sarabi lied still with Mufasa for a long time. Eventually he had lied down beside her and turned soothing when the pains became hard. Sarabi had already had several instances in which she was forced to grit her teeth and dig in her claws. She sighed. The time to push was coming soon. It was still dark, but she knew the sun was just under the horizon. Sarabi snuggled nest to Mufasa and grunted as she pushed. The pushes began small. Sarabi dug and clawed at the earth and yowled out in pain. The cub had just begun to crown.

Mufasa sat near and held her close. He continued to nose her soothingly. Sarabi's stomach heaved with a heavy contraction. She pushed and clawed with deep, consuming breaths. As sun spilled over the horizon the cub slipped out with a final push from the lioness. She wiggled forward to help the cub the rest of the way out.

She peered around and saw the tiny babe lying behind her. It took its first few breaths. Mufasa smiled and pushed him to Sarabi. She licked him clean. The lionesses had begun to come out of the cave to see the new cub, and all the animals across the land had heard.

They were flocking to Pride Rock, to meet their future king.