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My Chosen one

Watching as the sun goes to sleep

And the moon wakes

Darkness fills the lands

Laying here in the Goshinboku

Wondering if what I choose was right

Here, in my arms;

Lying and listening to the beat of my battered heart

My second love sleeps

She sighs in relief

I sigh in frustration and guilt

Her in my arms my second love sleeps

Yet lingering above

I see reminders

That I once had another love

Was it wise for me to make the same promise to both?

Is it fair that I must only choose just one?


But I did

It is the beauty laying in my arms

Listening to my battered heart

Listening to the heart that now belongs to her

A sigh of relief escape from my lips

I take a deep breath and smell the sweetness that the beauty in my arms lets out

Some guilt still lingers

but a small smile creeps onto my mouth instead

I know why I chose her

I know why she is my chosen one

It's because I love her

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