Title: Hands

Chapter: Demon Diary

Summary: Drabbles, each set in a different fandom. Chapter 3, Demon Diary

Disclaimer: Eclipse and Raenef belong to Kara.

Words: 115

The first thing you ever offered me was your hand.

We had spoken before and you had been watching me for a while, but it was your hand you gave me first, a promise of freedom, of greater things than life as a thief.

To look at, your hands are pale and elegant, with long, slender fingers and perfectly curved nails. To touch they are surprisingly callused and in places scarred. You have had a long life Eclipse, and although your face may not show it your hands do.

When you praise me you place a hand on my head or my shoulder. I couldn't ask for more.

And when I forgot all else it was your hand reaching out in friendship that I remembered first.