Two Months Time

Chapter 1: Should he dare to dream.

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His parents were going to be in England for two months starting in about an hour seeing as they were on their private jet at this very moment, he would have the whole house to himself. He knew that his parents would not call him; they would be too busy to even think about the son they were leaving behind. Hell, he could probably get away with skipping school for a week or so if he wanted to. That or a few parties, he was sure the maids wouldn't mind; they were used to his ruthless flirtations with girls that didn't even come close to his parents expectations and the occasional party containing loud music and a few kegs.

His life was not complicated in the least, and he knew that he should be more than happy, what with the family riches at his limitless expense and his parent's long absences, but he wasn't. Not in the least bit. Because every time his parents decided to go half way around the world he was stuck in the castle of a house suited for about fifteen people all by himself and whenever he was alone in his own home all he could do to pass the time was grab a beer or two and watch as the minutes added up on the grandfather clock standing proudly beside the fire, and hopefully his mind would slow its constant thoughts around midnight and he would be able to sleep that night.

He grunted and sank deeper into the leather chair, the cold beer bottle resting between his thighs.

No, he would not skip school, even if that meant he wouldn't have to deal with all of his Chilton 'friends' for a few days. He wouldn't skip school because of his quiet infatuation with a certain girl. He smiled slightly as even just a thought of her brought up a silent picture of her in his mind. There was something about her that made him want to be a better person, to try harder in life. She made him ache with lust and at the same time she was a vision of light at the end of the dark tunnel he was trying to find a way out of. She was his infatuation, his only love. He needed to have her as his own, and no matter how badly he wanted to have a claim over her he knew she was out of his league. In her presence he always felt as if he was being knocked off of his arrogant throne. She brought him back down to earth and out of his bigheaded ways with just a glance.

Tristan smiled softly to himself as the blanket of sleep overtook his senses and sent him into a light sleep full of dreams containing a certain brunette whose name he longed to hear roll off his tongue in moans of pleasure and deepest love.

Fridays were one of the worst days of the week because they seemed to drag on for what felt like forever, because you cant seem to wait for the weekend to start and every time you glance at the clock you find that only five or ten minutes had passed since the last time you checked.

Tristan sighed and willed his eyes to stay open. His history teacher was probably the most monotone person he had ever met, he instantly took on the resemblance of the teacher in Ferris Buhler.

The only perk about this class was that Rory sat right in front of him. He smiled softly as she quickly pushed some hair behind her ear to keep it out of her eyes as she dutifully took the notes everybody else was to lazy to take, consequently leading to the whole classes failure to pass a test, with the exception of her of course.

The pencil in her hand ceased its movement across her paper as she looked up and he automatically tuned in to what the teacher was saying. "…So you will be assigned a partner to work on this project with. It will be forty-five percent of your grade this semester so I strongly advise that you work hard on this and remember to turn it in on time." He looked around the room to find that everybody was staring at the teacher with pure hate. They did not like what the teach was talking about. If only he had been listening to everything the guy had said. What exactly were they doing a project on? He looked up when he heard his name paired off with Rorys and his breath caught as she turned around with disgust.

"You better keep your act together Tristan, or I'll make sure you don't get any of the credit. I'm not going to give you all the answers and do all the work."

"What exactly are we doing?"

She merely scowled and turned back around to take more notes on the new poster project they would have to do on the renaissance.

They had only one week and out of those seven days only a mere three days of in class time could be worked into the busy schedule. That meant they would have to work on it after school. Tristan fidgeted in his chair. She would have to come over to his place, and he would have to go over to hers.

He would have to deal with memories of her petite form hovering over a book or writing something, and scolding him in his own home. He did not want to have to deal with something like that. He did not want to enter a room and remember her being there. He would not enjoy working with her, even if a part of him would enjoy it all, the other part of him would surely loathe it. He would loathe it because he would never get to have a normal conversation with her, he would never get to kiss her perfect lips. He groaned inwardly and tried not to picture kissing her on the lips, or anywhere else for that matter.

He watched as Rory shoved her books back into her bag before turning around to face him again with those stunning blue eyes.

"Today after school we will need to go to the library, we need books for tomorrow, and tomorrow we need to either meet up at my place or yours"

His stomach dropped and he stacked his books up to hide his discomfort. "I can drive us over to the library in Hartford today if you like. Its up to you on where we are going to meet up tomorrow." He held his breath as he awaited her reply.

"It would be more convenient if we meet up at your place on Saturdays because my mom will most likely be bored and in the mood for bugging somebody so if we need quiet, and we do, I suggest someplace that isn't my house."

"My place it is then." He glanced at the clock above the door, five minutes left to the last class of the day. "Um, do you want me to pick you up on Saturday?"

She nodded. "I would appreciate it."

"What time?"

"Around one. I should be semi awake by then."

"I'll be lucky if I get any sleep." He mumbled to himself.



The bell rang and everybody filed out of the classroom, including Tristan and Rory.

"I'll follow you over to your locker." He said and when they did arrive he leaned against the locker beside hers and waited for her to finish. He silently let his eyes roam down her body. His fingers actually itched at the thought of even running his hands over her lush hips. The sound of her locker closing made him force his eyes away from their unconscious roaming. "Ready to go?"

She nodded. "Sure."

He lead her through the school and out to the parking lot where his convertible sat. He would put the top down or the temptation to find out what her lips tasted like would become too great. He didn't want to ruin this. If he could keep from being an ass and be polite maybe they could at least become friends of some sort.

Rory had gotten about ten different books on the renaissance and it had taken her about an hour to get them all. Finally he had been able to take her home and then head back to Hartford himself. Her house had looked well lived in from the outside, it looked welcoming, and homey. If only he could have the same thing. She was lucky.

He turned on his stereo and, after stripping down to his boxers, fell onto the king size mattress that was his bed. Coldplay came on over the many surround sound speakers he had carefully placed around his room and he closed his eyes to let the music take over his mind and hopefully help him at least relax. He knew that sleep would not come to him tonight.

He looked back on the one night his mother had come down the stairs to find him sitting before the fireplace, the red embers of the dieing fire casting shadows in the otherwise dark room. When she had found out that he was in fact still awake she had called the doctor to make an appointment. She had thought the doctor would prove her thoughts of his being an insomniac. She was wrong. The doctor had not labeled him as an insomniac. In fact the doctor had found that the endorphins that made you fall asleep were at a perfectly normal level, the doctor could not answer his mothers worried questions about why her son was not sleeping well.

Tristan had long since come to realized that he did not sleep because he simply could not. He was so tired most of the time that he simply could not sleep, and when he did sleep it was only for a short period of time. He also felt that perhaps he could not sleep because something was missing from his life. He didn't know what it was but he wished he did. Because at this very moment he would kill for that deep, dreamless sleep that others took for granted.

He opened his eyes and looked over at the digital clock on his nightstand it was only midnight. He stood up from the bed and went to his closet. He would go running. He had nothing better to do, and it would pass the time as well as take his mind off of other things.

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