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Chapter 1: The Village

Kagome pulled her water bottle out of her bag and found it empty. "Hey Inuyasha?" she squeaked.

"What do ya want?" he snapped back rather rudely.

"Don't be so mean. I only want to know if there's a river nearby. I'm thirsty." He glared for a few moments but sniffed the air so he didn't get a meals worth of sits.

"Lucky you." He pointed north. "The river is that way." Kagome nodded and they changed their course. Upon arriving at the river, Kagome knelt down to fill the bottle and everyone else (except Inuyasha) kneeled to get their drinks as well. But something was off about this. "Hold up a sec."

"Why?" Shippo said slightly annoyed. But Inuyasha gave the kid no reply. Instead, he just kneeled over by Kagome and almost stuck his head in the water as he sniffed it.

"C'mon Inuyasha," Kagome said. "What gives?"

"Not quite sure," he whispered. This managed to get an annoyed groan out of everyone. Inuyasha's eyes flicked to them then back to the water. "There's no fish in this water…" he stated to no one in particular. The sent was off slightly…almost like it wasn't actually water. Finally, he got to the point where his nose was unable to tell him what this foreign sent was so he licked up some water. It tasted wonderfully sweet… and in an instant he wanted to drink more. But, so no one got suspicious, he moved his hand on 'accident' so that he slipped and fell in.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled at him, more annoyed than worried. He was underwater only a few moments, but that was enough for him to drink enough water to quench everyone's thirst. Of course, no one else had to know. "So, is the water 'safe' or not?" They all more or less glared at him in annoyance as he clumb out.

"I still don't trust it. But if you wanna drink it, go ahead. As long as you don't come crying to me when poison tries to kill you." They stared at him in confusion. He wasn't the brightest person alive, but that had made almost no sense.

"Fine. We'll find a better river somewhere else," Sango said completely annoyed and wishing she could say sit and sit Inuyasha into the river half a dozen times so he would finally figure out that there was no poison.

Kagome sighed as they finally set up camp by the only other river in the region. "Water," she mumbled kind of weakly as she dropped to her knees and drank from this stream, which didn't get Inuyasha roused up so she was happy both ways.

"It's sort of odd that there's only two rivers around here…" Shippo said.

"Probably just a dry area," Miroku said, more than ready for bed. His hunger was the only thing he stayed up for. Inuyasha nodded as Kagome cooked some Ramen for all of them.

Once dinner was done cooking, all Inuyasha did was stare at his food. Maybe poke at it a little bit here and there, but mostly just stare at it. Even though this would normally instantly catch Kagome's attention, everyone was falling asleep while eating so it took them a good 15 minutes to notice (actually, what made them notice was the fact that they were done and he hadn't taken the first bite).

"Hey, Inuyasha, what's wrong?" Kagome whispered as she crawled over to him.

"I'm jus not hungry," he mumbled as he sat the bowl by the fire.

"Ramen, an you say no? You sure your alright?" She smiled as she jokingly put her hand on his forehead. The joking smile quickly faded from her face as she realized that his forehead was hot. "Inuyasha…" He locked eyes with her and she could see the pain behind his emotionless face. "You're sick…."

"I doubt that…feh." She glared at him.

"You have a fever!"

"Probably the water, like I said." Kagome backed up a bit as her hand dropped. He must've swallowed the water when he fell in.

"So…it really was poison…"

"Would I lie when it came to your life?" She looked deep into his eyes as he sat back and looked into hers.

"No." She smiled as he closed his eyes. "Well, the fever isn't that bad…right now that is…"


By the time he woke up, Inuyasha was greatly regretting the water he had had the day before. "Ka-go-me…" he mumbled as his eyes popped open. That in itself caused a problem because the sun was already up.

"Hey Sleepy," she replied. "How ya feelin'?"' He glared at her for a moment. "What? You had…" She put her hand back on his forehead. "Have a fever."

"I'm fine," he now snarled out, causing Kagome to back up.

"Inuyasha," she whispered. Her slightly scared gaze turned completely sympathetic.

"Whats your problem!"

Why are you so mean today?" Inuyasha blinked a few times. He hadn't even realized that he was snapping at her.

"I…sorry." He looked away and down at the ground. He expected a sit or two, but none came.

"It's ok. I can start acting the same way sometimes when I'm sick." She smiled and reached over to rub his back. "Wanna rest a day so you can get better?"

"I'M PERFECTLY FINE!" He slapped her hand away and stared into her eyes while she backed up.

"Inu…Yasha…" She gulped. "YOU ARE NOT PERFECTLY FINE! YOU HAVE A FEVER!" He backed up, surprised at her loud voice. "Now, are you gonna keep yelling and get a big ol' s-i-t, or are you gonna be a good boy?"

"I ain't a dog…"

"That wasn't the question. Your sick. You gonna be a good sick patient or get a few big s-i-ts?"

"Uh…" He answered by relaxing and just closing his eyes calmly.

"Good half dog." She giggled as he let out a low growl. Everyone sighed as Kagome got the thermometer out and took Inuyasha's temperature. "Wow…101 and your still up and talking?"

"I ain't normal, remember?"

"Yeah…I know." She smiled and ruffled his hair (and ears…kinda hard to miss the ears…). "You really should rest today, though." She smiled at him as he glared at her.

"As long as we start walking."

"Walking isn't reeeesting," she sang out. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at her before he noticed the bike behind her.

"That 'bike' thing?" She looked over her shoulder and nodded.

"Sure…" Inuyasha smirked as he got his way. Kagome just giggled as she dished out breakfast to everyone.

By the time the group stopped for lunch, Kagome was horribly tired. Inuyasha, on the other hand, was fast asleep. "You are so mean," she whispered to him as she stopped the bike and, with Sango's help, moved him to the ground. He surprised everyone by not waking up.

"Is he ok?" Shippo asked a little loudly. But Inuyasha still slept.

"I'm not so sure now…" Kagome got the thermometer again and took Inuyasha's temperature for the second time that day. This time, her eyes went wide. "W…wow…it sure went up fast…"

"What is it?" Sango said looking over Kagome's shoulder.

"104…that's definitely bad. I shouldn't have let him do this…I knew he needed rest…"

"Don't take it out on yourself," Miroku said to console her. "It was Inuyasha's poor judgment that brought this on."


"No." Kagome looked up at them with hurt puppy eyes then back at Inuyasha. "He'll get better. Don't you have your medicines? This is a strange poison. Normally poison would cause him to go cold, not get a fever."

"Yeah…" Kagome heard a faint rustle in the bushes. "Hello? Who's there?" A young girl popped her head out of the bushes. "Hey, don't be afraid. We don't bite."

"I know," she whispered. "I've been watching you. You friend drank from the river, didn't he?" Everyone stared at her a moment.

"How could you tell?"

"The strange poison. No one knows how it's possible. But the victims get a fever instead of becoming cold. It's a strange river. A sweat taste that makes everyone want more, but it poisons them and kills them. No one has survived more than 2 days after drinking from the river. But I know a couple who might help." She was talking in a monotone voice that sent chills up Kagome's spine, but Kagome pushed that aside. If the girl could help Inuyasha get better, that was all that really mattered.

"Where are they?"

"You're nothing but questions, aren't you? Well, they live in my village. That's not to far from here."

"Amazing that a village could live in such a dry area," Miroku said.

"Yes, isn't it?" They pulled Inuyasha onto Kirara's back and followed the young girl to her village. She couldn't have been more than 8, but she was so serious. They walked into the village and they saw everyone doing their chores, but even the young children were quiet. It's as if they didn't know the meaning of fun. "Auntie Karaka? Uncle Kiru? You home?" Kagome finally noticed a change in her monotone voice when she said that.

"Kara?" a woman's voice sounded. "Where have you been? You had us worried." Kagome could hear the emotion in Karaka's voice, but it was barley there.

"Yes, child," Kiru said. "Who are they?" The two now looked the whole group over.

"Their friend is ill," Kara said. "He drank from the Poison River." The lady nodded and led the gang in while the man stood politely at the door.

"Here, lay him on this bed," Karaka said sweetly. As she went about getting the medicine ready, everyone waited in the room with Inuyasha. "We need some of his blood and some blood of a willing, healthy, volunteer."

"I will," Kagome said before everyone else. She stuck her arm out for them before anyone could say anything. After getting the blood they needed, the couple went about fixing two different potions. Kara went out to the village for something, but came back and waited quietly as Kiru and Karaka finished.

"Here, have him drink this one," Kiru said.

"And you, girl, drink this one," Karaka finished. Kagome was confused about the whole thing, but didn't want them to get angry at her so she did as she was told. After they gave Inuyasha his medicine, the three left the gang alone.

"This is a strange village," Shippo said.

"I have to agree," Sango added.

"Yes," Miroku agreed. "That girl, so young but so quiet. I don't sense any strange auras…in fact…I sense nothing."

"This whole place seems dead…like a ghost village."

"Ghost town…" Kagome whispered. "Just like in those messed up American westerns."

"American westerns?"

"What are those?" Shippo said in a childish voice.

"I can't explain…it's just something I know from my era…" Everyone noticed how dead her voice was.

"Are you ok?" Sango asked.

"I feel a little sick…but I guess it's just that potion…" She smiled. "I hope I don't turn into some monotone zombie like the rest of them." Kagome started coughing, but that subsided. After about an hour, she was feeling a whole lot better, as was Inuyasha, who finally opened his eyes. "Hey Inuyasha."

"What the hell happened to me?" he whispered, finding his throat quite sore.

"You were sick," Kagome crooned. "You feelin' a lot better?"

"Yeah…" He sat up, but dropped back down his hands on his head.


"Yeah again." He closed his eyes and let out a slight moan of pain, but Kagome was satisfied that at least his fever was well on its way down.

"As long as your getting better."

"Hello?" Kara squeaked from the door.

"What is it?" Sango said sweetly.

"My aunt and uncle want to know your names. They can't just keep calling you 'the people in that room'." Kagome giggled a little bit.

"I'm Kagome," she started. "That's Miroku, Sango, Shippo, the cat is Kirara, and this…" She paused to tug Inuyasha's ear. "This is Inuyasha."

"Of course, I am Kara, my aunt is Karaka, and my uncle is Kiru." She bowed politely and left.

"That was odd," Miroku said.

"This is an odd village," Sango said.

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha said as he sat up slowly on his elbows.

"Everything around here is, well, dead." Kagome nodded.

"Inuyasha, do you smell anything out of the ordinary?" she said.

"No…" He looked around the room and his eyes set on Kagome. "You ok?"

"Yeah." She looked up and her face filled with life again.


Breakfast was brought to them the next morning so Inuyasha could stay in bed and get the rest he still needed. In the middle of her meal, Kagome sensed that there was something else in the room, but she couldn't tell what. "Kagome?" Sango said.


"Your just staring off at nothing…you sure your ok?"

"Uh…yeah." Everyone gave her a confused look but went back to breakfast.


The group left before lunch and turned around soon after because Kagome forgot her things. Getting to the place where the village was, they found only a graveyard. Walking around, something was up. They saw some old rotting buildings, but nothing more. Kagome walked up to two graves in front of the largest house. "G…guys…" she said, her voice shaking. "Come look at this…"

"Whats wrong?" Inuyasha said as he walked up behind her.

"Grave one: Here lies Karaka, the Potion Master. Two: Here lies Kiru, the Magician. Nothing about the girl." Shippo, who was perched on Inuyasha's shoulder, began to shake.

"I didn't see any other kind of grave written for Kara either…" Everyone stood above the graves trying to think up a reasonable explanation, but no one could. Kagome looked up at the house.

"Inuyasha…will you go into the house with me? My stuff is still missing." Inuyasha sighed, still believing that this was all some big trick.

"Fine." They walked into the room where she had left her bag and they found the yellow thing. But it was dusty and ripped and shredded. And everything inside looked, well, old.

"That didn't happen in a few hours."

"You're right on that. Everything here even smells older. Even your stuff."

"So…actual some sort of time spell?"

"I'm not sure…"

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