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Chapter 8: Naraku

Kagome was feeding the child and Sango was inside with her. Inuyasha was sitting outside the hut with Miroku and Shippo.

"So…Inuyasha…" Miroku started.

"What is it, monk?" the hanyou replied slightly coldly.

"Where did Kagome take you in her era?"

"To a his-pit-tell thing. It smelled horrible…"

"A hospital?"

"I don't even want to know how you know that." Inuyasha looked at Shippo as he played with Kirara. Someday, his baby girl would join them.

"Why were you gone so long?"

"My leg was broke. Kagome wasn't going to let me come back if I couldn't walk." A scent filled his nose and he was on his feet instantly.

"Who is it? A demon?"

"Yeah." The hanyou took a step back as the whirlwind stopped in front of him. "Koga."

"Mutt," the wolf replied.

"Koga…" Miroku and Shippo said as they stood up.

"Koga?" two voices echoed from inside and the demon slayer emerged, soon followed by Kagome carrying Mahou.

"Kagome and the rest of Mutt's friends," he said dully. He didn't notice the child in Kagome's arms yet.

"What are you doing here?" Miroku said, since it was obvious Koga had a reason other than to just see Kagome.

"While you've been off on your little vacation, Naraku has been quite busy…" He paused as he saw the bundle in Kagome's arms move. "That's the kid?"

"Yeah," Kagome whispered weakly. "Mahou Akumu…" Inuyasha glared at the wolf. If that wolf started flirting with Kagome again…"Calm down, Inuyasha." He looked back at her in surprise…Until he realized he had been growling.

"Right," he replied and stepped back so he was at her side.

"As I was saying," Koga continued, "there have been many incarnations that that brother of yours and I have had to kill off. But now…Naraku and his remaining incarnations have become a bit strong…"

"You saying that you're too weak?"

"No…" Koga glared. "Well…yeah…"


"Are Kagura and Kana dead?" Sango asked.

"No…surprisingly. Their the weakest of all yet they somehow manage to stay alive…that kid brother of yours is still out there, too." Sango smiled a bit at the comment.

"So…" Miroku said. "If we all work together, this just might lead up to the final battle." At that moment, everyone's eyes hit Kagome.

"I agree…" she said but became uneasy as the stares continued.

"Kagome…" Inuyasha whispered. "What if we don't live? Who will take care of Mahou?"

"Guys, I've gone all the way with you…I've been here since…Well…Since I broke the jewel. I'm not leaving now." Everyone nodded.

"Shippo," Sango said. "You should stay here…Look after Mahou with Kaede." Shippo nodded as they took the baby girl to the old priestess.

"Looks like its back to finding Naraku." Everyone gathered their weapons and were off.

"Take care," Kaede called out. "Remember, Kagome and Inuyasha, there is a little girl here who wants her family to come home safe and sound." Both miko and hanyou blushed deeply, but they said nothing. (Koga went to get Ginta and Hakaku)


They traveled all day, but found nothing. Now, at sunset, Inuyasha picked up his brother's sent.

"Inuyasha," the shadows seemed to say as the yokai stepped out.

"Sesshomaru." Everyone stood around now, just watching. It wasn't long before Jaken, Rin, and Ah-Un showed up.

"Your back to following Naraku, it appears."

"Yeah…" There was a very awkward silence that followed.

"You should be more focused on taking care of that girl and her child than following Naraku." Inuyasha glared.

"We'll kill Naraku this time. With or without your help." Sesshomaru stared for another moment before turning to leave with his group at his heels.

"That was strange, to say the least," Miroku said.

"Yeah," Kagome and Sango agreed. Miroku looked over his shoulder and realized a slight steam was coming through the trees.

"Is that…?"

"That what?" Inuyasha asked. He didn't smell anything…other than water. That's when it his him. "Hot springs?"

"Hot springs!" the girls squealed as the ran to investigate. Sure enough, there was the hot springs.

"Sango…" Miroku said, and earned a slap. Even though they were engaged, they had both agreed not to let on.

"Not a chance."

"Will you two ever change?" Kagome giggled. "Boys, goodbye. It'll be yours when we're done." The boys both grumbled a slight bit (for completely different reasons) as they walked off.

In an instant, the girls were in the hot water. "This feels sooo good…" Kagome whispered. "It feels like forever since I've taken a bath in hot springs."

"And in the middle of winter, no less," Sango giggled. Smiling, they enjoyed a nice, hot bath.

After around an hour, they heard the loud complaints of the waiting boys and got dressed.

While the boys were bathing, they made dinner. "So, Sango…How'd you guys do while we were gone?"

"Pretty good…Miroku…" She cut herself short. She'd almost spilled her surprise.

"Miroku what?"

"Was his usual hentai self, I had to slay a demon for a near by village, and Shippo was quite depressed…but nothing out of the ordinary."


"What about you and Inuyasha?"

"Well…Inuyasha was a good patient for the doctors…Well…as good as we can expect him to be."

"No…not that…"

"Oh…Well…Inuyasha…he…" Kagome blushed as she remembered the kiss they shared. "He kissed me."

"He…wow…Go Kagome!" The two broke into giggles.

"Don't bring it up though…"

"Why? Does he not remember or something?"

"N…Yeah." The miko decided not to tell her friend about the 'accident' bit. "He was drugged." Sango heard the disappointment in her friend's voice, so she changed the topic.

"This is going to be the toughest battle yet…They should relax while they have the time."

"I think Inuyasha has had more than his fill of relaxing. He spent over a week in bed."

"That's unusual…"

"Of course…With his broken leg, there was no way he could walk around." The boys chose that moment to walk into camp, and Inuyasha was, to say the least, not to pleased that they were talking about him.


They traveled in the direction Koga pointed out for days, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Inuyasha didn't pick up the scent, Kagome didn't sense any jewel shards, and, strangest of all, no demons attacked them.

Six days after leaving Kaede's, they finally caught sight of Kagura on her feather. "What a nice surprise," she said smoothly. "Where did you disappear to these past few months? You left us that boring wolf and your older brother…"

"Where's Naraku?" the whole gang said at once.

"Always to the point…I can't tell you." She glared at them and flew higher, just enough so they could see something in the distance behind her. "But he did leave you something to do to pass the time."

"Kagura…" Inuyasha sneered as he pulled out his sword while she flew off. Everyone readied their weapons as the large demon came near. "Any jewel shards?"

"None…" Kagome whispered as she concentrated a little bit harder, but the results were the same.

"This should be perfectly easy, then." Inuyasha smiled as he used the wind scar on it, but everyone did an anime sweat drop when it barley phased the demon. "Gimme a break…It's been a while since we battled…"

"True," Miroku said as Sango used her Hirikotsu on it. Strangely, that phased it more than the wind scar had.

"But that made no sense right there," the humans said in unison as Inuyasha leaned on the tree with his eyes wide.

"That…my…I…" He looked almost ready to pass out from the shock.

"Uh…Maybe we should try something else…" Kagome said as she looked over her shoulder at the still very dazed hanyou. "Inuyasha?"


"Pay attention!" He shook his head before stepping up to her side.


"Maybe we could use what we used on Menomaru."

"Wind scar and your arrow?" She nodded, and then he nodded. "Let's try it." Kagome wanted to do this more to test herself than to see if they could beat the demon.

Sure, Inuyasha would be weakened from five months of not fighting and a kinda big battle, but she doubted his wind scar wouldn't have killed the demon…Or at least nearly fatally wounded it.

She let her sacred arrow fly and he let out the wind scar for a second time. The demon took a lot more damage, but it didn't die. Either this demon was much stronger than Menomaru (which she doubted), or they had really weakened.

"Positive there's no jewel?" Miroku said as he moved his hand to his wind tunnel.

"Almost…" the miko whispered.

"Almost?" Inuyasha said as he stared at her.

"Well…I'm actually starting to doubt my powers right now…" Sango nodded as she used the Hirikotsu again. Miroku used is sacred sutras, Kagome shot off another arrow, and Inuyasha finished off the job with the weakened wind scar.

"Go check." Kagome walked around the remains again and again before she saw a faint glow. "Well?"

"Maybe…right there." She pointed at the spot and Inuyasha cut the creature open. Sure enough, there was a jewel shard in it. Kagome picked it up and then looked up. There were many poisonous insects above their heads.

"Their here for the shard." They quickly killed off all but one, and that one retreated. The gang followed it

Like the last time they followed one of those bugs, it dropped from the sky, dead. "That was pointless," Miroku said as they looked over to Kagome. "What's wrong, Kagome?"

"N…nothing. Nothing at all." She smiled at them and added the shard to the small set she had around her neck. "One more Naraku doesn't have."

"Right," Sango said encouragingly. "Maybe we should set up camp…" They looked over to Inuyasha who had already made himself comfortable in a tree. "I take it that is a yes?"

"Feh," he grumbled. A quick glance at Kagome told her that he wanted to talk about something as soon as she was done.

So, as soon as dinner was cooking, she announced that she was going for a walk and the hanyou silently followed her.

"Something's wrong with us," he said, startling her.

"I noticed that," she replied as he walked out of the shadows.

"Think it's the potion?"

"Has to be…We can't fight Naraku if we're weaker like this…"

"Just what I was thinking." They stared at each other for a while before Kagome sighed and dropped to the ground. "But you said that one of the villagers had talked to you…"

"Kara's mom. Why?"

"Maybe…just maybe…she and the other villagers will be able to help."

"You mean, you want to go back to the village?"

"It's the only way we'll know for sure." Kagome nodded and looked over her shoulder. "I told them that's where we'd be if we didn't come back, so don't worry."


They were at the village around midnight, and without a flashlight. The place was still as dead as ever, but as they walked through the old house, the noticed that Kagome's things were now gone.

Out back at the traveler's graves, they found everything, once again in peak condition. But it was near two new graves…A closer look, and both Inuyasha and Kagome jumped back. Engraved on the stones were their names.

"No…We won't die," Kagome whispered. "Kara, Mahou will put to rest. We will live on." A faint glow came up from the writing as they saw what they had missed.

Both of them stared at it but said nothing. "So…we'll live?" Inuyasha asked as his eyes read over the writing. 'The ones who lived.'

"I…don't know…"

"That because you survived," a familiar monotone voice said.


"Yes. Kiru and I were the ones who gave these travelers graves so they could move on. But you lived. You had a child and survived."

"We made a special stone for you," Kiru said.

"Uh…thanks?" Kagome offered. But they shook their heads.

"Just finding a way to free our niece from the hold evil has on her will satisfy us."

"Free…" Inuyasha started. "So…she's not evil?"

"Only since she died. The cover on her death…She was wonderful. She cared about us." Karaka whispered.

"But somewhere…something slowly pulled her into the darkness," Kiru finished.

"Come to the dark side," Kagome whispered. "We have candy." She looked up. "What? It's something I heard somewhere before…can't remember where exactly."

"To the point," Inuyasha said as he looked back at the couple. "Why are our powers so weak?"

"Probably just an after effect of the potion. With training, you'll reach your original strength," Kiru said.

"With training? We're about to go into the biggest battle of our lives!"

"Here," Karaka whispered as she and Kiru turned. "We will help you. No tricks." Kagome and Inuyasha followed them, but were still uneasy from the last time they trusted these two.

"What are you going to do?" the miko asked.

"You have magical powers, don't you girl?" Kiru said. "We can give you a temporary burst of that energy."

"And you, hanyou," Karaka stated, "I might have a potion that will help you."

"Now know this: Our magic might have lasting effects. But these effects aren't bad ones. If anything, they'll make your overall abilities slightly better."

"So…" Kagome started, but the two hushed her. They were told to wait in the main room while the two spirits worked.

"Think we can trust them?" Inuyasha said.

"I hope so…they're our last chance right now. If their magic doesn't help, we'll have to turn back and strengthen ourselves for who knows how long…That will give Naraku even more time."

"Right." Karaka handed Inuyasha a potion, and Kiru had some sort of magical thing set up in a separate room for Kagome. Inuyasha waited uneasy for the whole thing to be over.

In the room, Kagome sat opposite Kiru, a line of 5 candles in front of them. The way the candles were set up reminded her of an Olympics award ceremony. The biggest in the middle, the smallest on the sides.

Kiru lit the candles while chanting something. Suddenly, there was a bright glow coming off a necklace Kagome hadn't seen before. It was pure metal, and had a strange design on it.

The miko closed her eyes and bowed her head slightly as he put a second necklace around her neck. It glowed green (while his was glowing blue) and soon Kagome could feel the strength it was adding to her.

"Now," Kiru said, "that will only last for about 5 battles. But, if your body adapts to the magic, you just might be able to use it forever. Don't over use it." Kagome nodded as she stood and joined Inuyasha again.

"So…that's it?" Inuyasha said.

"Take care of your child and save Kara…" the both said at once. "That is the only thing we wish for in return."

Inuyasha realized how much stronger he truly was when he ran back to camp. He was running much faster than he ever could. They were back in the middle of breakfast.


Late in the afternoon, both Kagome and Inuyasha felt on edge.

"I sense the jewel!" Kagome said suddenly.

"I smell Naraku!" Inuyasha said at the same time.

"I guess that means the final battle is almost here," Miroku said as he laughed a bit. He and Sango clumb onto Kirara as Inuyasha picked up Kagome, and they were off. This was going to end, today.

As they went on, out of nowhere, they all got thrown back. "Heh…Could've expected on of his damned barriers," Inuyasha snarled as he pulled the tesusiga out and made it turn red. In an instant, the barrier was gone and a, needless to say, pissed off Naraku was there. Kagura and Kana and a new incarnation fought for a bit, but the new one was killed off fast.

Kana's mirror was broken, but Kana didn't die. They wounded Kagura severely, but did not kill her. With the weakest incarnations useless, Naraku was now on his own to fight.

"This is where it all ends," Inuyasha snarled at the demon. At that instant, Sesshomaru showed up. No sign of Koga.

"No fighting!" Kagome, Sango, and Miroku all said at once as the yokai opened his mouth to tell of his younger half-brother. For some reason, the inu-sama listened to them.

"We all have our reasons for killing Naraku," Sango started.

"And we'll all get revenge together," Miroku added.

"So you two can get along for once," Kagome finished. Both brothers looked at them, but didn't argue.

"How touching," Naraku said in his normal mocking manner. They all glared at him for a moment before Naraku made the first move.

The fight was on.

Naraku had increased in strength immensely, so he was quite a match for the newly gained powers of Kagome and Inuyasha.

All Naraku did was laugh at them for the most part, his smaller, more personal, barrier protecting him (the one he got when he left the mountain, for those who haven't seen the episodes after the band of seven).

The whole group was getting fed up with what was going on. Naraku managed to, somehow, wound the entire group at once. It was then they noticed the last incarnation behind him. A large demon, it looked almost like it wasn't even there. No wonder they had missed it.

Kagome, Sango, and Miroku had barley gotten scratched (like a gash in the shoulder), but both brothers had wounds deep in their chests. "Kagome?" Inuyasha said as he looked over at her.

"And you just got all better from that last battle with all those demons," she said loudly. Inuyasha smiled at her, always thinking about everyone else…Even with her shoulder bleeding so openly.

Kagome jumped on Kirara's back and motioned for Sango to follow. She had an idea. "What is it?" Sango said as Kirara took off.

"You weaken it, I'll kill it," Kagome said. She had a bit too much confidence at that moment. "Even if I don't kill it…It'll still be a whole lot weaker."

"Right." Sango threw her weapon and Kagome shot off her arrow as the boomerang bone returned. When the glow died off, they saw almost no trace that the creature had ever been there.

"That worked well…"

"A bit to well…" They landed and Naraku just continued to smile.

"This is just a little bit…strange." They all stared as the smaller demons now attacked, Kohaku joining them.

"Kohaku!" Sango yelled as she grabbed his wrists. "Not this time." The rest off the group killed off the demons quickly, and then Sango managed to knock Kohaku out without severely injuring him. After giving the kid to Kirara to take him out of there, she rejoined the group.

Naraku still wasn't worried.

"What is with you?" Inuyasha said. "You're going to die today and you're not even slightly worried?"

"Who said I was going to die?" Naraku snapped back. All five watched as his body changed. Not to a spider like thing (like in the 2nd movie), but into something that looked like the old Naraku.

His vine-like arms whipping around, they had a hard time getting out of the way. Inuyasha cut one off, but the miasma was much stronger than ever before. As the protected themselves, more miasma filled the area.

Soon, they were all feeling sick and dizzy, even Sesshomaru. Inuyasha, as well as everyone else, was completely tired of this. "Kagome?" the hanyou said.

"Yeah?" she replied.

"Maybe we should all put our attacks together…" He looked over at his brother, then to Miroku and Sango.

"That would work. Separate, we can't do this…"

"But as a group," Sango started.

"We just might win," Miroku said. Sesshomaru glared, but lifted his sword as if in agreement.

They stood in line, starting with Sesshomaru on one end and Inuyasha on the other, Kagome in the middle. Sango threw her boomerang bone at Naraku, then Miroku added in his sacred sutras. After that, Sesshomaru used his swords full power.

Kagome nodded to Inuyasha before letting one of her arrows fly. Inuyasha smiled as he set off the wind scar (still not trusting his abilities enough to use the back last wave).

They all watched silently as the joking face Naraku had had on turned to once of worry. Then, the attacks more or less blew him up. All five were blown back in the explosion, and separated.

Sesshomaru wasn't blown very far, but, as his body made hard contact with a cliff, he was thrown unconscious.

Sango and Miroku were blown off in another direction. Luckily (in their minds), they were together.

Last, Kagome and Inuyasha were blown off in a third direction, but still together. Everyone was left unconscious.

If you really like my pathetic story (I honestly think it's pathetic), then I'm writing a few others right now. I like the thought of finishing then uploading...that way I'm never behind if I can help it. It's all finished pre-upload so I won't have to really worry about falling behind on writing (because I'm still busy writing a few originals for fictionpress).

So, I'm asking what you think about the next one I'm think about putting up here:

Crazy Reality

What would Inuyasha do if Kagome was acting just like him from the very beginning: Rude, bad attitude, and all around outcast. What makes this reality worse? If the show we know is a TV show in her world (that she worships with all her heart).