A Song Never to be Sung

Note: This is somewhat of a alternate ending to RENT, where Mimi doesn't survive.

"You can see it in my eyes," Roger confessed. Mimi looked at him longingly one last time, then closed her eyes, and her grip on his hand went limp.

"Mimi!" He cried out in agony. He hugged her lifeless body to his, and sobbed into her hair. No, he insisted in his head. NO! He slid off the table, down to the floor. No…

Maureen ran around the table over to the rock star to try and comfort him. Collins stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. She looked over at him, then stepped back. Collins sat down next to Roger, put his arm around hi, and helped him up.

"C'mon, man." He encouraged, "let's go for a walk."

The cold New York air his Roger hard and unexpected.

"You're shivering," commented Collins as he put his jacket over Roger's shoulders as Roger had done for Mimi just a year ago.

You're shivering

It's nothing they turned off my heat…

Her words haunted his ears. Silent tears slid down his unshaven face. He looked hopelessly at Collins.

"Why?" he asked. "Why Mimi, when she tried so hard?"

"She gave up, Roger." The professor said gently.


"Because she didn't know that you loved her. She thought it was a one-way thing." Roger fell silent, thinking.

"I should have told her sooner," he said after a pause.

I should tell you, I should tell you…

They reached the Cat Scratch club. He looked up past the door, and saw, not ten feet away, the dealer. The one who sold the smack to Mimi. The smack that killed Mimi. He killed Mimi.

"You bastard!" screamed Roger, lunging at the man. Not a second too late, Collins grabbed Roger's arm and held him back.

"You killed Mimi!" he shouted, still in Collins' grip.

The dealer smiled at Roger's rage.

"Mimi?" he asked. Getting right in Roger's face, he asked, though he knew the answer, "Which one was she?"

He turned his head to look in the window of the club. Roger followed suite, and saw another girl, a blonde this time, doing the handcuff dance Mimi did before. A twinge of pain shot through Roger's heart. It must have shown on his face, because the dealer turned to him and confirmed his suspicions.

"Oh, the one who Laura replaced? A sweet girl, wasn't she? Young."

"You killed her!" Roger screamed again. "You killed her!"

"I didn't kill anyone," he said smoothly. "She knew the consequences. And she paid, I didn't ask questions." He smiled and turned to walk away. Just as he did, Roger broke free of Collins' grip, grabbed the dealer's neck, and thrust him up against the wall.

"You disgust me," Roger spat in the man's face. He threw him back on the ground and walked away.

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